Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced its future plans for the iconic Colossus coaster. The self proclaimed “Thrill Capital of the World” is planning to converting the classic woody into  Twisted Colossus, a world–record–breaking hybrid coaster with a four–minute journey through nearly 5,000 feet of track and two lift hills.


Twisted Colossus is the next generation of the beloved wooden roller coaster that thrilled millions of guests in its 36–year reign at the park. What it is transforming into will be a unique technological marvel combining an iconic wooden structure with a state–of–the–art Iron Horse Track. The advanced technology, available exclusively at Six Flags, provides ride experiences never before possible on wooden coasters, such as over–banked turns and inversions. Twisted Colossus will feature numerous exciting components including a “Top Gun” element, the western hemisphere’s first “High Five” element, and a Zero G Roll.

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“At Six Flags, innovation is in our DNA and with Twisted Colossus, innovation will go to an extreme level with record–breaking elements, faster speeds and steeper banks.  This cutting–edge technology marries the best of both classic and modern coaster designs. It is definitely a twist on a traditional wooden coaster experience,” said park president Bonnie Rabjohn.

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Utilizing the Iron Horse track, perched atop the wooden Colossus structure, Twisted Colossus will feature:

  • “Top Gun Stall” — an inversion where the train slows down upside down
  • Western Hemisphere’s first “High Five” — where two trains pass through an overbanked turn facing each other with the illusion that riders can reach out and “hive five” each other
  • Zero G Roll where track twists 360 degrees
  • A staggering 128–foot drop at an amazing 80–degrees
  • 18 airtime hills
  • 2 lift hills
  • Four minutes of thrills on nearly 5,000 feet of track — longest hybrid coaster in the world

Twisted Colossus will retheme the area and is calling it the “Back Alley,” where as SIx Flags words it, “guests can expect the unexpected through whimsical experiences in entertainment, food and retail.”

Take a look at the video above and let us know your thoughts. We certainly can’t wait to give this new attraction a whirl and hopefully a high five as well.

  • mkyears

    I don’t know how to feel about this

    • jcruise86

      I’m a psychologist specializing in helping people cope with theme park changes.
      I can help.

  • I can’t wait for this!!! Absolutely amazing.

    I’m not in the Six Flags demographic, but I’ll make a special trip for this!

    • jcruise86

      ^ ^ Hopefully they’re broadening their target demographic.

  • mkyears

    The High Five part looks cool and the inversion just have to fight off that part of me that hates change.

  • SRGFernandez

    Actually pretty cool. I just wish Six Flags wouldn’t become Ad City. This is interesting in the concept that it’s not the former dualing coaster as it’s all one track and not two tracks. Can’t wait to ride this!

    • It appears to still be a dueling coaster to my eyes. Watch that video. Every scene shows two trains dueling each other.

      • Disney Analyst

        It’s one continuous track now, with two lift sections. So you are duelling with the car that went before you kinda thing.

      • Malificent2000

        From the way I see it, it looks to be one continuous track now, as it has two lift hills. So that means you will be racing with the car in front of behind you on the track. Look at 1:21 and you can see the car races on a curve before meeting up with the lift hill and another set of cars making their way up the 1st lift hill.

      • TacAlert

        But let’s be honest. SFMM will never be able to get the cars to race each other.

  • SafariRob

    Bring it!

  • mikedoyleblogger

    I wish Six Flags Great America had had the guts to do this in Chicago. Instead, this year we got an anemically short hybrid while our own giant legacy woodie, American Eagle, continues to operate/rot in place, and next year we’re getting get three kiddie rides returned from the vault. Pathetic.

    • Kenny B

      RMC is still working out the kinks with this “hybrid” style coaster. They did Iron Rattler, and New Texas Giant – Then, from scratch built Outlaw Run, then Goliath. They’re getting incrementally bigger and more inventive with each coaster.

      Twisted Colossus in 2015, and Wildfire in 2016(Sweden) – the future of roller coasters is a bright one.

  • Kevi1990

    Can’t wait I haven’t been to magic mountain is a couple of years but I really want to go for this

  • JiminyCricketFan

    It looks like a very fun coaster. It will be a hit with the teen crowd, for sure. I missed when the hope to have it opened. I am sure that this is MM’s response to Potter at Universal. I wonder if Disney is thinking like this at all.

  • jcruise86

    Eighteen airtime hills sounds nice. I think it’s smart since most member of a thrill-seeking family could probably ride. It doesn’t seem like something just to make teens uncomfortable, though I’d rather have nothing over my shoulders than a loop.

    Worst case scenario: Knott’s Ghostrider shaking with Disneyland Paris Space Mountain ear smashing.

    I’d been hoping for a 400′ hill. Wah, wah. Poor me.

    • adoborocks

      Have ridden Goliath at Six Flags Great America and it is smooth as glass so this should be a really enjoyable ride.

    • JWhiz

      Also I’m assuming you haven’t ridden one of these yet because they do not have over the shoulder restraints, even with the inversions.

  • Algernon

    Too scary for me…

  • Ryan120420

    Nothing to complain about, looks absolutely phenomenal! This will be a top 5 or at least top 10 coaster in the world.

    I haven’t been this excited about a coaster in a long, long time.

    “18 moments of airtime”


  • Kennyland

    I had a feeling they were going to do this. Six Flags already has already converted two of their classic wooden coasters in Texas like this. The “Iron Rattler” in Six Flags Fiesta Texas and the “Texas Giant” in Six Flags Over Texas. Huge improvement. Can’t wait.

  • toemblem

    It looks amazing.

  • indyjones

    This is going to kind of be a load/unload nightmare as they are going to have to keep things moving along very quickly in order to unload a train, load it, then dispatch it such that it hits the lift hill as the other train on track is reaching the second lift. They will effeminately have to have an equalizing lift like the one use on Dueling Dragons. IE variable speed lift that syncs the two trains. A duel loading station would also help. Going to be interesting to see how they manage that as Magic Mountain is notorious for under staffing their coasters and having agonizingly slow turnaround time on some of their rides.

  • DebG

    When I first heard that Six Flags was closing Colossus I was truly sad. I feared what kind of ride would replace that beautiful wood structure. But this looks awesome.Other than the zero G roll this is my kind of coaster.

  • Chernabog

    I can’t wait for this ride.

    However the “Back Alley” land sounds like somewhere you’d go to pick up a meth-head hooker.

    • MrTour

      Let’s face it, “theming” at Six Flags is a loosely used term. It just might mean they are repainting the old Colossus County Fair theming.

  • MrTour

    I thought if they combined the two sides the ride would be over 8,000′ long? I think Twisted Colossus is jipping us 3,000′!

    • JWhiz

      A part of the track was in the out and back from the station to the coaster structure, so with only one trip out, that is a loss that is no big deal. But yes, as those who remember Colossus (ah, memories, it seems like only a few weeks ago), it was a double out and back for each track. This time it seems that there is only one out and back before you transition to the other side of the track.

  • Ravjay12

    INCREDIBLE!! Going to be good!!

  • DuckyDelite

    Guesses on length of time before SF turns this into a one train operation with 10 minute dispatch times?

  • tooncity

    If SFMM would ad The Battle for Metropolis dark ride, it would challenge Disney to finally build a Marvel attraction. I don’t know what they’re waiting for…….oops! I forgot it’s Disney. They don’t have to bother building new attractions.

    Maybe someday, when harry Potter kicks their buns.