In this Disneyland video from the MiceTube, Sarah visits the Disneyland Resort and reports on Cars Land, lower crowds at Disneyland, a new Disney Gallery exhibit, Glow With The Show World of Color ear hats, and even a brand new mountain ride at Hong Kong Disneyland. We think you’ll agree that Sarah is terrific.


  • Susan Hughes

    It’s actually kinda sad that Disneyland looks like it does in the off season. Everyone is just too excited about Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. Will it eventually even out? Probably towards the end of the summer would be my guess.
    But I’m happy DCA is finally getting the enthusiastic interest it was supposed to have generated in 2001 when it first opened. It was 11 years too late. But better late than never.

    • fasspasser1

      Interesting to see Disneyland with low crowds during the summer (I face large crowds almost all the time when I visit.) I’ll take in the “new experience” when it’s offered. DCA owes me. I went there when it 1st opened and took tons of photos (almost everything has been changed now). Its like a completely new park.(I still have nightmares from “Superstar Limo”) Finally it is up to par with Disneyland.

      Sarah, I can’t see your July 12, 2012 video segment from the “fun”-“Video” method. Every time I click on the “Recent from Micechatter category” panel, all I can access is the Communicore weekly vids! What’s going on? (Maybe that’s why there is few comments?)

      Keep up the good work, Sarah…

  • Great as usual !!!