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Published on August 30, 2014 at 3:00 am with 3 Comments

George: Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the latest Marvel Blu-ray release and it might just be the best one, so far. Maybe. Seriously though, like every Marvel release we’ve covered, Winter Soldier is a spectacular ride that’s so much more than your average superhero film. There’s no lack of Marvel action, but there’s plenty of story and character development to keep everyone engaged.


Jeff: The film itself is probably the most mature out of all the Marvel films so far. It’s definitely more a political thriller, with high paced action sequences thrown in, crossed with a buddy cop film (with Cap and Black Widow teaming up). It really impresses with its smart story and plot twists.


George: As with most of the Marvel films, we highly recommend that you add them to your personal collection. Winter Soldier doesn’t disappoint in any way (except the film could’ve used more Johanssen) and entertained everyone in my family in the theaters and during a second showing at home. The trademark Marvel humor is there and there are some amazing actors, like Robert Redford, that bring some amazing performances.


Jeff: I was super impressed by the caliber of action sequences in this one, as well. It seemed to be some of their biggest, and most practical. In a lot of ways, it was more “edge of your seat” than The Avengers! They really pulled out all the stops on this one, for Cap’s first big solo outing after being brought into the 21st Century. His team up with Black Widow was pretty spectacular, and seeing the two of them play off of each other like a couple of old friends made for some great on-screen chemistry. And throwing The Falcon into the mix? You have a mini-Avengers right there!


George: Falcon was a very unexpected character that really added so much to the film. Instead of just having a gaggle of muscled-up heros, the Falcon was (almost) a normal human and added an element of realism to Cap’s universe. I really hope to see the Falcon in a few of the upcoming films. So, what about the extras?


Jeff: They had some really great behind the scenes featurettes. The first looked at the practical set and action pieces of the film. It really showed off how much work went into the making of it, and how much of the stuff was real. Hardly any CGI fight scenes here! It was super cool, from a filmmaking perspective, to see how much hand-held camera work they did for the film as well. The others included some deleted scenes, gag reels, and a short featurette about “Cutting the Check.” That one needs to be seen to be understood, but it’s quite funny.


George: There was one MAJOR disappointment that we have to address in this review. Sadly, there was no Marvel One Shot included (unless it was really well hidden). The Marvel One Shots are a great way to expand the Marvel Universe and include back stories, minor characters and offer new storylines (also meaning the next One Shot would be on Guardians of the Galaxy). Seeing as how the One Shot inspired Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and upcoming Agent Carter ABC Family shows, I assumed Marvel would produce more One Shots, since they’ve been awesome.


Jeff: That was a bit disappointing. But that’s OK, because on its own, the movie is super strong. The extras are a little lackluster, with the real standouts being the one major behind-the-scenes one and the director commentary. Did you know the directors used to direct episodes of Community? IT’S SO CRAZY!


George: Great. Now I can’t get the image of the Dean dressed up as the Black Widow out of my head.


Jeff: That wouldn’t be the Darkest Timeline, though. Maybe the Grayest?


George: Probably. Regardless, the film is spectacular and it’s safe to say that it might be one of the best Marvel films, so far.


Jeff: I think this may just be my FAVORITE Marvel film. Well, after Guardians of the Galaxy now. But then definitely this one.


George: So, everyone should buy two of them?


Jeff: Or clone it. Either or.

So, what did you think about Captian America: The Winter Soldier? Is it the best Marvel film so far?

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  • Ravjay12

    This movie and Iron Man 3 are the best Marvel sequels out so far. Far surpassed their originals. I’m having high expectations for Avengers 2. Should be really good.

  • Randman

    If I read your review, I can tell it’s of Captain America. If I just look at your pictures, I would think there is a new Black Widow movie out.

    “Winter Soldier doesn’t disappoint in any way (except the film could’ve used more Johanssen) ”

    So, apparently, you made up for this in your photos? ;-)

    But seriously, agree, a great film.

  • eicarr

    Like Winter Soldier, the sequels have been better. The original was great, but suffered from having to tell his origin story. Thankfully Disney just announced Ant-Man will be the last origin centered movie… so from Doctor Strange etc.. they’ll focus on a cool main plot where we don’t have to sit through learning where they got their powers anymore.

    It will be amazing watching it between the corresponding Agents of Shield episodes. I’ve never heard of a tv show linked to a movie before. With the amazing new cast additions to this seasons SHIELD, Marvel is doing an amazing job of building its universe spanning tv and film. Disneyland however needs to make better use of Marvel, currently featuring Disney’s most popular characters.

    The 3D was amazing for Guardians, so although it wasn’t reviewed here, I’ll chance it and buy Winter Soldier in 3D(saw it 2D in theaters). I know it was a conversion but…