Disneyland Half-Marathon races through Anaheim over the busy Labor Day Holiday weekend

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Published on September 01, 2014 at 5:05 am with 23 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Susan Hughes

    It was cute seeing the little kiddies with their RunDisney kid’s medals. They were all so proud to show them off. They were adorable.
    And the Town Square East Guest Flow Corridor entry point so close, yet so far. It’s just behind the tarp, but there’s still a lot of major construction going on. The majority of the work is for relocating the existing structures. No signs of any theming to be seen for quite a while.

  • LoveStallion

    The digitization of photo distribution is long overdue and a really astute business move, whether to rake in an extra $1 from each guest or just have free marketing for the park. I do wonder, however, what the resolution will be on the images (i.e. printable if I were to send the jpeg to Costco?), or if they will be sorta low-res like on Buzz without much utility outside of scrappy Instagram posts.

    • jood34d

      I was lucky enough to be there the day they were free! The image is 1208×1608, so not too bad. I think it’s a great idea! I’ve only bought one or two ride pictures from special occasions, but I wouldn’t mind paying .99 for a digital of it. 🙂

  • sean317

    It does not surprise me that the shade structures are taking so long. This is what Disney is famous for.

  • eicarr

    What kind of rprofit would they be making if one out of 40 guests(who already paid $100 to get in) jump through a bunch of hoops to buy a 90’s era attraction photo for $1 or $5? My phone is iChat-only so I couldn’t even buy one. I would rather they remove the distracting flashes at the top and the video screens at the exit that make me feel like I’m at Six Flags.

    • LoveStallion

      No Apple phone is iChat-only.

      • daveyjones

        you can indeed use an iphone on a “go phone” plan that is only text / voice, and no data.

    • jood34d

      It just started and is being tested, they have to make some distractions to get people to actually see it so they can figure out how many people would use the service.

  • amyuilani

    I appreciate that they’re finally offering a digital option for the photos. I haven’t purchased a Splash photo in years, mostly because of that price point. Personally, I’d have some fun with my photo digitally, like photoshopping the strangers out and adding characters or celebrities in. 🙂

    The RunDisney events look like so much fun. They’re inspiring me to run!

    • wedfan

      I’ve run all 9 of the Disneyland Half Marathons to date, and it is such a rush from the time you cross the Starting Line to when you cross the Finish Line! There are bands, cheer squads, mariachi bands, Hawaiian dancers and classic cars all along the route, not to mention the Cast Members and Characters cheering as you run the 3 miles inside the parks. And then there’s the thrill of running through Angels Stadium with people in the bleachers cheering you on, and a camera catching you as you run by and putting your face up on the big screen overhead. When I started running, for the first marathon back in 2006, I hadn’t even run a mile. I joined one of the charity training programs, and it was amazing. I would recommend the experience to anyone and everyone. And, if you can’t run, then walk fast. As long as you can maintain a pace at or better than 16 minutes per mile, you’re good. When they put that medal around your neck after you’ve completed the 13.1 miles, you know you’ve accomplished something. 😉

  • Haven

    I think I own two attraction photos: The first: Me on Viper at SFMM when it opened around 1991 (also the time that these photo services began appearing) and one on Splash Mountain circa 1992. I think they were a good idea back in those days, but the world has moved forward and everyone has cameras in their phone at hand (and very good ones at that) and the photo feature may go the way of compact discs and those things that people used to read on paper…what’s that word again? Oh, book. Cause everybody’s living in a selfie world, I am am a selfie girl. Sorry Madonna, had to use it…

    • sixalex

      Nice Madonna reference and a savvy update of her lyrics!

    • sixalex

      Nice Madonna reference and savvy update of her lyrics!

    • daveyjones

      ditto for the viper photo! i also have a few from the non-US disney parks. DL paris had one for pirates, which i thought was odd. it’s me and a bunch of strangers in a boat.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Great update, Andy. I loved the picture of the spoon full of sugar.

    I feel that on the splash pics you have to charge something when you are charging such high prices for the printed ones. For 99 cents it is a great deal.

    • sixalex

      About that spoon, is it a real thing? a collectible thing? or simple plastic?

      • dizneedoll

        And does anyone know the price for the Spoonful of Sugar? It looks cute but way too small which is why I’m wondering what they are charging for that. A collectible Mary Poppins spoon would’ve been smarter.

      • @sixalex – The spoon is just a plastic spoon and is not collectible in any way. It is not a merchandise item, it’s a small dessert.

        @dizneedoll – The price, as noted in the blog, is $3.29 each.

        Thanks for reading,
        Dateline Disneyland

      • sixalex

        Thanks Andy. You are supercalifragi…well, you know.

        BTW ~ Very nice report this week. I can hardly wait to see if you got any good pix of Oswald’s homecoming.

  • sixalex



    Oh yeah.

    Maybe Tuesday night’s AP Special Event for a debut?

    The reality is I like the Oswald cartoons (the originals) so much more than any of the other later Disney shorts and always have. Mickey and I have been friends for a really long time and we are close pals.

    But Oswald is someone I have been waiting to meet since his return to the family. At age close to 60 it seems a little weird to me to be so jazzed about this prospect, but…dude. It is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Surrealism rules!

    As to the LARP style games. meh. I am not the target market for these things. In my opinion they take away from the charm of the “land” they take place in. They are not well integrated into the vision and sight lines. We ate lunch last week at Zocalo and outside there was much screaming and bullhorn shouting and really stupid looking jail cells and none of what I have personally always enjoyed about sitting at the periphery of the hacienda.

    That said, man, were the players having a blast! So in the end, it is not about me, but the fun the other guests can have. I’m okay with that. I still had fun other places in the park.

    As to the fastpass for Haunted Mansion; I am really not sure why some folks are hatin’ on that fastpass, but not on others. What I predict for Haunted Mansion is that the corporate rulers will one day be looking at a map of the park (I’m pretty certain they would never see that area if, by mistake, they actually ENTERED the park!) and say to themselves, “Why look! There is no merchandise/food stand within ten feet of this underused, potentially profitable space! Let’s sell something here!”

    At that point we will lose another little bit of charm as the statue garden around fastpass Haunted Mansion gets festooned with Duffy and Frozen bric a brac, or nostalgic postcards of the Court of Angels.

    OR…it will become the new home to a LARP style Haunted Mansion game that you can play on your cell phone! “Find the ghosts” or some such thing that will make the wait in line more fun without having to actually add anything physically to the queue.

    What looks like progress to some, looks like loss to me, but I am not the future. I am a simple annual passholder who has enjoyed the last ten years immensely and watched many changes happen, some working out beautifully while others still seem to need time to work out.

    What I have also enjoyed immensely for the last years is MiceChat and the way cool information and pictures that you folk present. One day I hope to meet some of you kind fans in the park as well. Maybe while we wait in line for Oswald’s Meet and Greet!

  • Larry Parker

    The submarine lagoon looks gorgeous! It’s a great view looking from the monorail loading area across the lagoon with the Matterhorn in the background!

  • MickeyMario

    What’s the schedule for the rest of the Fantasyland dark rides to receive updates?

  • gimackenzie

    Love the digital-pic-directly-to-phone idea. They could still monetize it and have it be a great treat, too. $1 at a kiosk to register by scanning a QR code, then have QRs posted at each attraction exit next to each monitor. A guest just scans the QR on the monitor where their pic is and that image is automatically sent to the phone they used to scan the registration code. Fast, efficient, labor minimal and greatly appreciated by guests who now get their ride pics in a good quality image. No brainer if you ask me.