Just a quick rumor update for you from the MiceAge crew:


The plan to install Frozen into HollywoodLand that we told you about in the last Miceage Update has been expanded further. Now the Frozen fun will also be taking over the Disney Animation attraction across Hollywood Blvd. The Fastpass-only character meet n’ greet will move into the Turtle Talk lobby, the Animation Academy will be drawing Frozen characters almost exclusively, and the video clips playing in the lobby will be cycling through lots of Frozen material. A brand new musical stage show will be installed in MuppetVision, and Frozen-themed ice skating will go into Stage 17. DCA’s HollywoodLand will become FrozenLand this holiday season.

We’d like to recommend that you listen to the latest show from the MiceChat Podcast Crew. Join Doug, David and Dusty as they stroll through Disneyland and take you on an audio adventure. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the parks, you’ll find yourself transported with the Disney Dudes as they explore Fantasyland and honor the Haunted Mansion. Be sure to stick through to the very end for a little surprise.

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  • eicarr

    Great News!! Being able to capitalize on CURRENT Disney hits is essential to expand attendance at a growing DL resort with rising prices. The tired Alladin, Toy Story, Mermaid and Lion King well is running dry. Stockholders should be upset they’re failing to capitalize on Marvel, Star Wars, and current crowd attracting animations like Wreck-it-Ralph, Tangled and Frozen.

    • Gyoza Dog

      The references to stockholders makes me think you’re being sarcastic but I can’t tell because what you’re suggesting is such a good idea. Current Disney successes should have far more presence in the parks. I hope the current generation doesn’t have to wait decades for attractions based on their favourite movies like we did.

      • KittyKatta

        There’s a sad trend with Disney lately. They learned from Frozen Summer that you don’t have to spend money to get guests.

        While thats bad news for guests that are noticing the huge disparity on “Rising Prices vs Things to do” at Disney parks, it is good news in getting new franchises a larger presence.

        Frozen is Disney at its worst. But keep in mind we also did get Captain America meet and greets timed very well to the Cap 2 movie. And Guardians taking over Captain EO for a bit was a nice experience. Big Hero 6 is already coming! Sure, we DESERVE better stuff than overlays and quick costume meet and greets but at least these things are relevant. Cheap and quick franchise turnovers is nice and I’m not slamming it, but I just don’t want it to be what the “Disney Experience” turns into.

      • PLAZAINN1

        All I can say, I am so sick of these meet and greets. It’s the cheap way out for Disney, while still raising prices and as a consumer/guest, is that worth the price increase. Heck no, it’s not. Build an E Ticket attraction. Why is this company so scared to do that. I just don’t get it.

    • Anonymouse

      I have to disagree with my loudest typing keystrokes here.

      Rising prices should be a result of NEW attractions that are developed with long term planning and goals in mind. Cars Land. New Fantasyland and even… (groan) AvatarLand. These are destinations that will last for decades and so prices will go up because they were created with brilliant minds (and lots of money). It hurts to pay more, but its understandable.

      But what exactly was Frozen Summer? Old unfinished CGI renders of Olaf? Cardboard cutouts of those same exact 6 poses in the Frozen mediapack? Redressed floats? That.Darn.Song…. That was Disney taking rushed and uninspired concepts in order to cash in on a fad. Frozen may be popular but that’s hardly the spirit of Disney that we’ve been seeing in the last decade. So to have it once again happen here is stomach churning. Disney fans, Frozen fans (and Imagineers) deserve better than regurgitated footage and overlays.

      I’m not anti Frozen, but I really wish Disney would just let the franchise rest for a good long while.

      • PLAZAINN1

        agreed with everything you said.

      • Marko50

        Firstly, you can’t judge Frozen’s presence in HollywoodLand before it’s even there. Secondly, while it may have been a cash grab for Disney, that doesn’t rule out Diz giving the people exactly what they want! And finally, be glad I just didn’t retort, “Let It Go”.


      • Susan Hughes

        I don’t blame Disney in the least for what they’re doing. To be honest, even Disney had no idea how “out of their friggin minds” the public would become over this. And from what everyone has told me, it’s just an “okay” movie. So what the hell is going on people?!
        If The Disneyland Resort only relied on their solo meet and greet to satisfy the psycho hunger of the guests, there would be hell to pay. I once again bring up the example of the crazed Passhole who smashed the window the meet and greet because she didn’t want to wait.
        And as the obsession over this continues to grow, Disney has no recourse but to expand Frozen as much as possible, whether it’s done cheaply or not. I don’t blame you Disney for what you HAVE to do. I blame the public for their rabid addiction to this so-so movie.

      • stevek

        Passhole…again. Thanks for playing.

        And no, I don’t condone anyone doing damage to anything in the resort. But your distaste for passholders is tiring at best.

  • FerretAfros

    If the meet & greet is moving into the Turtle Talk lobby, does that mean that there will be no more Turtle Talk show? Or will they be able to jury-rig a guest flow that uses the TT exit as both the entrance and exit?

    And will the stage show in Muppets be ready by the holidays? It seems like it would take a while to convert the cinema venue into any sort of proper theater, since there’s no real stage to speak of (not to mention lighting rigs and other backstage equipment)

    • wishyouwell

      By stage show maybe that will be just the low budget singalong they are doing at DHS. Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

  • dland_lover

    Too. Much. Frozen.

    • Petchaurus

      Agreed! Ugh.

      • PLAZAINN1

        Second that!!!

    • jluvsdisney

      Third agreement! Enough of Frozen!

      • Amy VandenBoogert


  • ghosty4

    This article makes me think MiceAge needs hits and adding Frozen related content will remedy that.

    • plzstandclear

      I tip my hat the you.Brilliantly played.

  • LoveStallion

    Ick. I love the Animation building. Don’t bastardize it.

    • grizzlybear55

      I’m devastated. The loop in the Animation Building is one of my all-time favorite attractions in either park, a brilliant experience that captures the heart and soul of the Disney tradition. And my entire family feels this way. We always take time with every visit to wander in and sit in the dark with the music and the imagery that we love. Frozen is great, but enough is enough already. How about you just add it to the loop, and/or make it permanent over in Fantasyland somewhere. Such terrible news.

  • Alexshow

    I’ll belive it when I see it. If its true, Its not a good idea..

  • rstar

    I had to stop and think, this isn’t April 1st, right??

    I use to love to see the new Disney movie in the theater, then go to Disneyland to see the stage show, parade, or other entertainment they installed at the park at the same time. Why did they stop doing that? Now, if they do anything at all, it’s a year after the fact….

    Although they did put a touch of Frozen into the World of Color last year.

  • CThaddeus

    I don’t mind seeing Turtle Talk eliminated, but I’m really tired of seeing Muppet*Vision get the shaft every time they come up with some new overlay. I guess I’m the only one who still thinks it’s a great attraction. Why couldn’t this stage show go in the old Millionaire building and actually ADD an attraction back to the area? And why not put the meet n’ greet in the truly boring Mad Arcade? I’d prefer they just brought back Flynn’s Arcade (real video games!), but at least if they feel the need to stick in yet another blah meet n’ greet, they should put it in someplace that is already blah. And the Mad Arcade is truly the most boring (and usually dead) arcade I’ve ever seen.

  • Lakerfan3224

    The musical stage show in Muppetvision, is that the Frozen sing a long still or will it actually be a stage show like Aladdin?

  • pjhorton21

    We were at DHS this summer, and the Frozen experience made me think how thankful I am that this was not at the Disneyland Resort. Cheesy and cheep. The only good thing about it was that it was Air Conditioned.

  • Krillinish

    Is everyone else missing the part about ice skating in Stage 17? I think that sounds neat.


      Wow, ice skating. Awesome attraction , worth the $96 admission price. So original!!!

      • Marko50

        Yeah. Because they have so much going on with Stage 17 now.

      • stevek

        Not sure why you would complain about an addition to a building that is sitting there unused. For some, I’m sure it will be a fun add on to their day. Disney does nothing, people complain. Disney brings in something new temporarily, people complain. It’s no wonder the Disney fanbase is looked down upon by so many.

  • Klutch

    The problem with the ice skating is it will be a very small patch of ice and it will cost extra. It’s not there are no other places to ice skate in Orange County. Why pay extra to skate on a tiny patch of ice at a theme park?

    • stevek

      I’m not sure what the problem is. Nobody is forcing anyone to do it. People that think it’s a value or of interest will pay for it. I won’t, no biggie.

  • garyman

    Personally, I think this is a good idea. This will help pull more crowds over to DCA alleviating some major congestion in the Fantasyland Area. The Fast-pass idea for the character Meet n Greet is also a good idea. Again moving the crowds around.

  • the702senior09

    Talk about Frozen overkill. They act like it’s the most amazing Disney movie every created. It was good but there’s been a lot of good things out of Disney in the past years and nothing has come close to this mania. I’d be really disappointed if they suspend Turtle Talk for this, and I dislike the idea that the Animation Academy will be mostly Frozen characters. The ice skating sounds expensive.

    The only think I think is okay is the Mupets being pulled for the time being… it’s kinda lost it’s luster for me.

    • Let me put it into perspective. Frozen is the biggest animated film of all time and the 5th biggest film of any type. It has generated $1.27 BILLION dollars worldwide. Guests in the park wait hours just to see the two Frozen princesses. This is a franchise far from being tapped out. If anything, the parks have waited too long to address guest demand.

      While I liked the film, I think it is far from Disney’s best. But there is no doubt that this film has legs. Big giant frozen ones.

      • red barchetta

        Only if you don’t adjust for inflation, in which case, it’s not only matched by other Disney movies, but even greatly exceeded, such as by the Lion King, and I’m sure many others.

        Impressive still, but it’s not like Disney’s never had the same success before.

      • PLAZAINN1

        I saw the movie and it was good, but nothing memorable for me. It is no Snow White, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, etc.. Those are the classics with memorable characters and songs. There are too many animated features, featurettes and characters that have been neglected or ever introduced to today’s Disneyland public, from our time. I do think this is overkill on a not so awesome movie in my opinion.

      • AaroniusPolonius

        Agreed: like the movie or not, it’s insanely popular. Disney SHOULD capitalize on the film. I think the question is a matter of HOW. Which is to say that if the DCA Frozen experience is an update of the DHS Frozen Summer, than it’s trading on Disney’s brand legacy for a quick buck, rather than developing an immersive world to explore.

  • Peoplemover Priit

    I don’t really understand the logic here. Why turn over the Animation Building, that’s one of the best things in the park, to Frozen? It’s imaginative, original, and exciting as it is, celebrating (mainly) classic animation, nonetheless, and it always seems popular when I visit. What a sham that this “corporate synergy” and all important dollar speak louder than actual creativity. So disappointing.

  • lnsemsf

    The popularity of Frozen is not Disney’s fault, it’s the general public. Disney trying to give people what they want (and make money off of it) is exactly what they should be doing. If there was much more public demand for another Disney movie then it would likely be featured, but right now this is what people want. Will the craze die down? Quite possibly which is likely why no major permanent attraction is being built. Space is at a premium in California’s parks and doing more of a “try before you buy” approach to movie/attraction tie ins isn’t a bad idea. I just really don’t get why people constantly complain, it really grows tiresome. I’ve heard a great deal of people complain “Everything in the parks is Pixar, Pixar, Pixar” and now “Everything is Frozen Frozen Frozen!” Basically it seems that each person who liked the parks enough to post here thinks they should be in charge creatively of what is installed and removed, and just because something is popular to the great majority of visitors doesn’t make it right or good enough. I personally liked the movie, didn’t think it was amazing but it was a nice few minutes killed one night. Others really want it, and they want to see those characters featured, and that’s what they’re going to get. I really don’t see what there is to complain about, except that there isn’t much else to complain about and you guys don’t want to get rusty.

    • stevek

      Excellent. Spot on.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I love Frozen and think it was a great movie. It is a worthy addition to the great Disney fantasies. However, I think that it deserves more than a temporary overlay to a few attractions. It deserves its own attraction. They should be designing and planning that. I would rather wait a year for a great attraction, than a meet-and-greet with a fast pass. Disney is looking only at the short term not the long term benefit for the park. This is very sad.

    • JiminyCricketFan

      May I add that Frozen is the perfect story for a new attraction. The snowy kingdom is filled with magic and would be a great immersive environment to produce. In a hot climate, a cold, twinkling world be charming for kids to experience. It would be a welcome relief to Florida and California in summer. The cute characters that cannot be a meet and greet like Olaf, Sven and the Trolls would make a fantastic experience for whole families.

      • DavePurz

        How about a new ride, based on Mystic Manor technology, but themed to Frozen? The way Indiana Jones and Dinosaur are the same ride with different overlays.

    • Marko50

      Why do you and lnsemsf assume that they’re NOT designing and planning a permanent attraction? Does Diz usually let you in on what they’re doing?

      • tooncity

        Why do you assume they are???? The current Disney trend is to be stingy with build attractions. They are very slow to develop new attractions/rides from hit franchises. Why build when you can get them in the gate with a low cost Meet N Greet Rubber-head experience. Attractions last GENERATIONS and are long term cost effective because of Amortization tables. Puppet Show, Rubberhead Meets and overlays from stuff we found at Home Depot, have ZERO long term value as an investment.

      • lnsemsf

        I never said they’re not developing something, it would be a good idea to start getting a working plan together. However, building a new huge multi-multi-million dollar attraction without proven long term drawing power is a bad investment. Like I said, try before you buy. See at what level the popularity of the movie settles at, and if it’s high enough pull the trigger on your investment. If it wanes quickly, then you did a quick small short term investment, reaped some benefits, and got out without being stuck with a huge waste of capital.

    • stevek

      Totally agree that it likely does deserve a permanent attraction. These things take time and Disney was kinda caught with it’s pants down, not having a clue how popular this movie would be. I think it’s great that they are doing something and it would not surprise me at all if there is more in the works, perhaps something more permanent. The challenge is going to be where to put it and if it’s worth making the investment now when it’s likely that significant capital will be used to build Star Wars land.

      • JiminyCricketFan

        I think that is key. The money that is being allocated for Star Wars and the lost money for My Magic+ means that that there is not much left over for a new attraction for Frozen. Disney has not show that they are willing to do attractions unless MERCH is the reason. Cars Land was green lit because Cars was such a big seller. Star Wars is being designed because it also is a money machine for merch. Disney has shown to be stingy about creating new attractions and Star Wars and Marvel will be getting the money for new attractions because of the sales potentials.

  • Ortizmo2000

    Shoot me now.

    • stevek

      Guessing you don’t have kids.

  • tooncity

    I really dislike FROZEN. It’s too much DreamWorks and FOX animation. Yes, I’m a hand drawn animation lover, and Frozen is really far away from that. I find the animation to be jarring, in order to exaggerate what can be done with the computer program. Rather than just showing emotion through drawing the line. The animator is lost and degraded in this process. Pixar is King in the Computer Animation world, not Disney. Thoughtful character movement, emotion and style is owned by Pixar movies. Disney Feature Animation is playing catch-up. Disney Feature Animation use to be the standard before Eisner ruined it. They’ve fired all of their legacy animators who learned the crafter directly from the Nine Old Men, and haven’t past to the new generation. It’s just the way it is.

    However, this is what the public wants. FROZEN has made lots of money and Disney should leverage that in every way possible in it’s parks. Frozen overlay is fine. But the problem is current Disney group think is to STOP at this. Where’s the attraction for a huge hit movie? A real attraction. A real ride experience that you can ONLY get at Disneyland. Let’s go to Disneyland, because you can go on Disney quality experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Meet n Greets are NOT special. It’s just some dude from Chucky Cheese in a Rubber Head. If people are standing in line for three hours, then build a flippin’ ride once in a while DISNEY!!!!!!! Wake up! Or one day your audience will just stop caring.

    • Indy Fan 1

      Go away

      • tooncity

        Need to work on expanding your vocabulary.

  • phruby

    I’m just waiting the Frozen Matterhorn overlay. Olaf could replace Harold.

    • tooncity

      Careful, don’t give’m any ideas! The thought is frightening.

      • AaroniusPolonius

        Hyperbole much?

        Global warming is frightening. Olaf in the Matterhorn is cheap. Appreciate the difference.

  • mathdance

    Being currently popular does not make it a good Disneyland attraction. If it did, Mr. Toad, Splash Mountain and even Alice in Wonderland would be long gone. It’s what kind of experience they can make out of it. The Pixar movies that are the least watchable (A Bug’s Life and Cars) have their own lands. And they work because of the immersiveness of the the experiences (though the rides in Bugs Land suck).

    The best thing about Frozen (though the music is incredibly catchy) is the personality of Anna. Kristin Bell’s voice, the writing and the animation combine to make the most human, likable princess in the whole lineup. And, when my kids put it on, I still chuckle, so I think it has legs, will be a classic and last a long time. I don’t think it’s a fad. But, because it’s really the personalities that have made it so popular, the meet and greet is not only the cheapest and fastest way to get “Frozen” into the park, it’s also the thing that people want the most. I don’t know that the “Frozen” environment, design, or adventure that will make the best E ticket potential, regardless of popularity or fadisheness.

  • Indy Fan 1

    Tangled is better than Frozen and that is a FACT

    • AaroniusPolonius

      Yeah…not a fact.

      What IS a fact is that Frozen cost less and made TONS more money than Tangled.

    • stevek

      It’s great when opinions become FACT. Ugh.

  • surfinmuse

    Let It Go Away

  • Jspider

    I thought Muppets was controlled by Attractions and not entertainment? Weren’t all the buildings and areas divided by department control? I’d swear I remember hearing that a long time ago.

    Turning the Animation building into a solid Frozen experience also sounds like a bit much. That said, I wouldn’t mind the animation academy temporarily doing some Frozen art lessons rather than the traditional ones. A Talk with Olaf instead of Crush might be cool as well (imagine a fun overlay that could run from November through February or something). I also wouldn’t mind a meet and greet in that area, I just hate the idea of a Frozen only loop which would diminish the charm of the building.

    The ice skating rink sounds fun but gimmicky and I suppose I don’t care as much about that one. I wouldn’t mind some sort of fun temporary thing I suppose but I just wouldn’t want to see it absorb so much of the land. I also find this questionable in general with the extensiveness being rumored here.

  • Jspider

    I thought Muppets was controlled by Attractions and not entertainment? Weren’t all the buildings and areas divided by department control? I’d swear I remember hearing that a long time ago.

    Turning the Animation building into a solid Frozen experience also sounds like a bit much. That said, I wouldn’t mind the animation academy temporarily doing some Frozen art lessons rather than the traditional ones. A Talk with Olaf instead of Crush might be cool as well (imagine a fun overlay that could run from November through February or something). I also wouldn’t mind a meet and greet in that area, I just hate the idea of a Frozen only loop which would diminish the charm of the building.

    The ice skating rink sounds fun but gimmicky and I suppose I don’t care as much about that one. I wouldn’t mind some sort of fun temporary thing I suppose but I just wouldn’t want to see it absorb so much of the land. I also find this questionable in general with the extensiveness being rumored here.

  • Tiny Mermaid

    Would rather see Frozen take over Fantasy Faire for awhile. Meet and greet opportunities, a Frozen stage show, Frozen treats … seems like a good venue for it.

  • Timekeeper

    I’m personally going to have to take this Rumor with a grain of salt, as wouldn’t this “Frozenland” affect the Mad T Party and the Red Car Trolley, geographically speaking? If this happens, I sure hope they have a Queue Master or Mistress to handle the long lines, not counting the Fastpass service for the meet’n’greets.

    I loved the storyline and the script was fab! But the execution of the theme park counterpart should have been a show at the Fantasyland Theater in Disneyland. As for Frozen meet’n’greets, they should have just refurbished the Skyway Station to Tomorrowland as a second Meet’n’greet location with Frozen Characters in One Part and have a shop/stand selling merchandise in the other part, then we would still have a Tangeled meet’n’greet in the Town part of Fantasyland, with the long line for Frozen slowly going up to the former Skyway station.

    But back to this rumor, I’ll wait and see if it’s announced on the official Disney Parks Blog.


    • Indy Fan 1

      Count me in on that

  • scarymouse

    I don’t see the big deal, you move the crowd. And something a little festive for that area of the park is a plus. I say give it a try before judging, lots was said of the haunted mansion holiday also. Its kinda what it needs for the holidays anyway.

  • Max LaZebnik

    I’d personally rather see Disney do more attractions with Nightmare Before Christmas at their parks. Retire the 13 year old HMH and do a Nightmare land that takes over Toontown. Such a beloved movie and has had a cult following for over 20 years! Give Frozen a rest and give Tim Burton the presence he well deserves!

  • Now We Lustre

    Frozen SUCKED!!!

    • Ravjay12

      Seriously? Frozen in my opinion is eons ahead of any Disney animated film they’ve ever done. Pixar films are still my favorite, though.

  • Baloo

    I don’t mind this frozen winter. But why not keep it in the Hollywood land backlot area. Are they trying to add clicks to Disney animation building by adding a frozen meet and greet?

    They could easily add snow machines in the backlot area and place lots of snowy decorations and turn that corner by muppets into a nice Frozen area for the winter. The muppets building alone has a huge space inside and outside the building for a met and greet and any kind of small frozen show they want to make

  • stevek

    I really have no problem with Disney bringing in a temporary addition/change to the park. Yes, it is being done to make a buck but I can guarantee you there are a ton of young girls and boys out there that are going to love every addition. Disney has been doing this for years, not sure why people are so bothered by it this time. I know we all want new, cool permanent attractions but a temporary investment that is optional and likely will not ruin anyone’s experience.

  • Petchaurus

    Assuming that the main drag of Hollywood land will be decked out in honor of Frozen, I will greatly miss the retro Christmas decorations that the street lights adorn. (Sad face)

  • DisneyGator

    With two daughter, I’m all for this. How could it be a bad idea? The Art of Animation building sits empty of people everytime I walk through it. This will get some people in there. The street will decorated and not be it’s usual old Holly self. Don’t worry, it will change back once winter is over. Adding a stage show is bad how? Shrinking the Meet’n’Greet line at DL is bad how? Adding ice skating to a blah area of the park is bad how?

    Frozen-haters….Let it go.

  • SteveColorado

    Good grief, some of you people think Disney should only stick with animations that were done and played out decades ago and that half of today’s younger generations have never heard of. Look, I grew up Disney in the 1960s but even back then, we were excited for new content and characters for Disney to come up with. There is only so many times you can milk Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella ( assuming if you thought they were good in the first place). Give the younger generation and us older folks something new and good, which many of the recent movies provide (esp. Pixar which I am a huge fan of) and not keep recycling tired, worn out classics like Pooh, Toad, Alice, etc.

  • Dereksdominance


  • phruby

    Looks like this Disney Park Blog has once again shot down this Micechat rumor. There is no mention of any of this and the rink will be at DTD again.


  • grizzlybear55

    Of course this decision comes from the same company that is spending years (and millions) to create a land devoted to Avatar, a less-than-legendary film that came out years ago with characters most people can’t name or remember (even the Big Bang nerds refer to “what’s his name and the blue chick” when speaking of Avatar).