Disneyland fans will be particularly interested in Alain Littaye’s coverage of Hong Kong Disneyland’s new Disney Paint The Night Parade. This parade is rumored to be similar to the Anaheim park’s parade offering for the 60th anniversary. ~~Rick

Disney Paint The Night Parade
New Parade Premieres at Hong Kong Disneyland
by Alain Littaye
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The highly awaited Disney Paint The Night parade, created by Steve Davison, has premiered at Hong Kong Disneyland. Thanks to Michael20183, we have the first video showing the full show. I think that Steve Davison and his team did a great job in creating what we could call the “Electrical Parade of the 21st Century”. You’ll hear the Electrical Parade theme music throughout the parade, albeit with a modern musical arrangement. There are plenty of great projection effects, plus a myriad of lights. Take a close look at King Triton’s face on the Little Mermaid float – it’s hard to tell in photo and video, but I’m pretty sure he has a rear projection effect on his face!

This parade is also rumored to come to Disneyland Anaheim for that park’s 60th Anniversary. One more thing about the interactive part with guests “painting” the parade with their “light paint” brush: It’s hard to see on the video how it works – or IF it works – but the parade is such a pleasure to look at and to listen to with its dynamic theme that it’s irrelevant.

I have also added screen captures of the main floats starting with Tinkerbell who opens the parade…












A last picture of the parade kit for the guests, which includes a T-shirt and a light brush!



Let us know what you think of this new parade folks!

Video: copyright Gilbert23059, Michael20183


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  • thejonesman

    This parade looks fun, and I love the music.

  • I’m in love with this parade. I hope the rumors are true that this is the basis of the Disneyland nighttime parade which is coming for the 60th anniversary.

  • Jachywalcott

    Wow, I hope this does come to Anaheim! I worry about the paintbrushes though, that seems rife with the potential to be misused…

  • vnormth

    really impressive…although the music just isn’t as “clappable” as Baroque Hoedown is, but man, what a HUGE improvement to DL this would be next year!

    • Mr. Disney

      Did you catch “Baroque Hoedown” right after the Beauty & The Beast part though? (Because if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it?) Genius. Love it, I hope we get something similar here!

  • Country Bear

    This really is a spectacular parade. You can see how they have incorporated many of the technologies from the previous nighttime parades into this one. It looks like a lot of fun.

    I wasn’t able to see what the “paintbrushes” actually did, other than change colors (much like the magic ears for World of Color). Do they somehow impact the floats as well?

    Would definitely love to see something like this at Disneyland.

  • Mandrini

    I love this parade, hope it comes to Disneyland, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Disneygayguy

    Can’t wait to see this next year!!! The music is so much better now instead of clapping along I’ll be bobbing my head and dancing. The floats are sooooo much better. expect DL to be packed at night next year.

  • Malificent2000

    Great parade. Im surprised they didn’t use the Glow with the Show ears with this. I wonder if this is brought to Disneyland, will it the ears work with this parade?

  • HollywoodF1

    After Light Magic, I kept saying that all the people wanted was Main Street Electrical Parade, Version 2.0. They may have hit it with this one…more than 15 years later.

  • Jabroniville

    Seems like a very cool show! It’s curious how some of the characters speak English, while others speak Chinese languages- though I guess Hong Kong WAS owned by The British Empire for years.

  • Marko50

    Um. I gotta say I feel sorry for Tinkerbelle. That looks just sooooooo uncomfortable.

  • Slaakker

    Sorry for the dissenting opinion but I think this parade is a train wreck. To me it just didn’t make sense and the flow was terrible. It is very pretty but it seems confusing. Too many of the support performers seemed to be in costumes that made no sense or did not relate in any way to the current float. My daughter age 7 liked it but she kept asking me questions as to what people were. Case in point, swans that are lit up with the Belle float? Also, what were the characters supposed to be in front of that float.

    I also didn’t care much for the soundtrack. The technology was awesome but I think they could do a much better job with the flow and supporting characters.

    That being said, I am looking forward to something along the same lines coming to DL. We need a good replacement for our beloved Electric Light Parade.