This week, we’re taking a look at the many construction walls throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. From the Tree of Life to the far end of Expedition Everest, we see that this is a park in transformation.  It’s a good thing too as many consider this a half day park and these changes should change that impression. Cranes hover near the Tree of Life as we wonder if the paths will ever return to their former glory.  We also see that a new #Disneyside is coming to his park.  What could it possibly be?

Welcome to Animal Kingdom!


As you can see, there are lots of construction walls out. This will be the theme of this week.

The walls create some pretty narrow walkways.

This construction wall at Discovery Island extends all the way to the tough to be a bug entrance.

More by the nearby gift shop.

Next up, Disney has started construction on the new Rivers of Light nighttime show, which will include water effects and a new seating area. These walls basically extend from Dinoland, past Everest, and almost all the way back to Discovery Island.

The walls at least get a theme once you get over by Everest.

Disney is claiming a new side of Animal Kingdom is coming.

The only place where you can see the construction is from the Flame Tree BBQ seating area.


Not sure I like seeing painting crews out during park hours, especially when AK is closing at 5pm this time of year.


Large crane working on the Tree of Life. Perhaps they’re finally reinforcing the tree so the nets can go away. Wouldn’t that be great?!


More walls.


Every entrance to the paths around the Tree of Life were blocked off with walls.


Down Avatar Lane, there is still nothing new to see.


Time to go!

That’s it for this week. What do you all think of this Animal Kingdom construction? Would you enjoy visiting like this? Let us know in the comments!!

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