Sometimes, things in life are simply meant to go perfectly together. When unique and separate elements are combined in the right way, the result is a truly unique experience, and everything just makes sense. Peanut butter and chocolate. Summer and barbeques. A boy and his dog… err… robot. You catch my drift. The newest pairing to this list is a combination of the creative minds at Disney with the science-technology leaders at XPRIZE. The result is the Disney Big Hero 6 – XPRIZE Challenge.


The premise is simple. Parent’s register their child on the website ( and then submit a video of the child addressing what he/she believes to be a grand challenge of the world today, a proposed solution to that challenge, and a description of the greater impact it would have on the world or even a specific community. When it comes to making the video, the sky is the limit. Any form of creativity is welcomed, such as drawings, models, acting, poems and just about anything a mind can dream up. That’s what the “Art” in S.T.E.A.M. is all about.

Just like the movie, Big Hero 6, kids are challenged to use science to solve an issue facing the world today. Also like the movie, 6 kids will be chosen to become the real life Big Hero 6! Contestants are divided into 2 groups; Ages 8-12 and ages 13-17 and 3 winners from each category will be chosen.

So what do they get if they win? Prizes include:

• Walk the red carpet at the premiere of Disney’s Big Hero 6 in Hollywood.
• VIP tour of Walt Disney Animation Studios to meet the creative minds behind Disney’s Big Hero 6.
• Enjoy a private tour at Walt Disney Imagineering.
• Experience innovation first-hand at XPRIZE headquarters.
• Receive a special littleBits NASA space kit and cloudBit starter kit.
• Free registration in the 2015 FIRST LEGO League competition.

Disney, along with XPRIZE, believes that innovation is the key to the future, and those with the most imaginative minds hold that key. Scientists, engineers, and artists shape the world of tomorrow so it would only make sense that we start tapping into that boundless imagination today, while they are still kids.

Registration ends October 12 so sure to register today! For more information and registration, go to and check out this video!