The Disneyland Resort is in auto pilot mode as the Halloween Time celebration rolls on. This week we update you on the ever-evolving refurbishment timelines including some that have not been officially announced by Disney yet.  The Mark Twain Riverboat is currently being given some attention, as are the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor and Coke Corner on Main Street.  The big reveal this week came in the form of the new First Aid and Make a Wish Lounge facilities that will allow the traffic from the eastern side of Main Street to flow through the yet to be opened alley.  All of this plus a pictorial; through Disney California Adventure and a check on those pesky gazebos on Paradise Pier.

Tomorrowplan Crowd Estimates for Disneyland Resort from Mouseaddict

October 10 – 17








  • Halloween parties on Friday and Tuesday mean a slight uptick for Disneyland crowds in the afternoon and evening.
  • These projections are geared toward the maximum crowd expected for the day. Guest levels will go up and down as the day progresses.
  • You don’t need Madame Leota to look into the future. Just activate Tomorrowplan in the Mouseaddict app and you’ll get two weeks of crowd projections for your Halloween visit.

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The week has seen a surprisingly large amount of guests hit the resort.  Wait times for the more popular attractions hovered near the hour mark all day.


In fact, you know it’s busy when the lines for Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean meet each other in New Orleans Square.




Main Street U.S.A Refurbishment

Main Street U.S.A. is festive with Halloween Time while portions of the street are receiving some care.   Beginning at Disney Showcase we can see that the Main Street Hotel marquee has been reinstalled, but the moniker has yet to be reattached.




Down the way, at Gibson Girl, the screens are still up at the moment.



It’s business as usual inside though, no worries there.


The same goes for Coke Corner. Open for bushiness, but under refurbishment.

Main Street Eastern Alley

The new alley that is being constructed along the eastern side of Main Street U.S.A. has reached a small milestone. At the far end of the street, near the Corn Dog Cart, the brand new First Aid and Wish Lounge Facilities have opened.

At the front of Main Street U.S.A.
At the far end of Main Street, near Plaza Inn and the Corn Dog Cart…
Two, brand new, sparkling facilities.
The First Aid building is even nicely themed.


Stained glass fixtures flank the door.



Next door is the wonderful Wish Lounge, for those guests from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
This is the path leading to the alley way that will be used during flex periods.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Well, like it or not, the hideous railing in front of the Castle is here to stay.  Gone are the cozy benches too. We can see now in the shrubs near the castle that they are already prepping for the Christmas Season.








On A nicer note, the hanging baskets of mums that surround the Partners statue are now in full bloom.  They now resemble gigantic pumpkins.  How clever is that?





Pumpkin Carving

Speaking of pumpkins, those versatile gourds that signal fall in a variety of gregarious tones, we have more wonderful carving pics for you.

Right now they are currently working on Hero from Big Hero 6.








Outdoor Vending in Fantasyland

And still no progress at the Outdoor Vending Location in fantasyland.




Mark Twain • November 28th

The Mark Twain Riverboat is closed for a major 3 month refurb. (and if you haven’t read the article we posted last weekend, Disneyland Paris is on the verge of losing their Mark Twain to wood rot and neglect, so we are very lucky).




Space Mountain • November 3rd

it’s a small world • October 20th-November 6th


Big Thunder Ranch – November 1st-November 6th


Buena VIsta Street

Called by many DIsney Park aficionados the most “friendly” entrance in any Disney Park, Buena Vista Street bustles with activity.  We share a few shots from one of our favorite spots in the park.










Luigi’s Flying Tires

Rumored to close after the end of the year is Luigi’s Flying Tires.  So, if you really enjoy this slow loading clunker, get your rides in now.







News Bits

Here is just a collection of mini pieces of information from around Disney California Adventure.

The Fountain at the Cozy Cone is still in a state of disrepair.
The Blue Sky Cellar is still closed. No news just yet on what will happen here.
Work on the planter in front of the Trattoria is taking place. Gone is the draping rosemary.

Rot Gate

The strangely protracted project to fix the rotting pergolas on Paradise Pier continues to baffle Disney imagineers.  This project has taken more than half a year. They could have removed the structures and rebuilt them from scratch quicker than this. What’s going on here?




Refurbishment Round Up

The Bakery Tour, Presented by Boudin Bakery October 21st-January 16th


There you have it.  The latest news and info from inside the parks at the Disneyland Resort.  Come back next week for more news and info from In The Parks.

  • jmuboy

    The length of time to repair the wood rot in the pavilions on the pier is baffling. Has to be a story here.

    New First Aid and Wish Lounge look GREAT. Blend perfectly. Outside at least.

    No update on Royal Court. Curious about all the work going on in here. Hope we get it back soon. (ie – DL’s consolation prize for loosing court of angels I guess.

    • OriginalMousekteer

      I heard from an RN I know at First Aid that they are thrilled with the new facility–bigger and nicer than before. I’m really pleased to hear that and the facades are really nice. Too bad they are cheaping out on the back alley. I hear there are three right angles in the path because they didn’t go straight through in front of the lockers. Sounds like bottleneck city.

  • Park Hopper

    I’m guessing the wood rot issue is budget related. It probably wound up costing more than they thought and now they’re having trouble finding the money in the operational budget to finish the job.

    But since the Disney fiscal year started October 1, we should start seeing some movement soon.

    Fantastic photos as usual. I was pleasantly surprised by the new First Aid station and Wish Lounge. I hope the rest of the new Main Street construction looks as good.

    I wish sometimes you would feature attraction photos, though. Last time I rode Splash Mountain, it looked like several of the lights inside the attraction had gone out and not been replaced. It was pretty dark in there.

    Again, thank you very much for all your hard work. I enjoy your updates thoroughly and look forward to them every week. It’s a great way to start my Friday!

    • knitster

      I read somewhere (or maybe heard on a Disneyland podcast?) that there are several dark areas in a few attractions (Splash and POTC were mentioned specifically) that will remain dark until they receive the OSHA regulated safety rails, and then work can proceed to have those spots renovated and relit. *sigh*

  • Susan Hughes

    They are working feverishly day and night on the Eastern Guest Corridor project. But still no signs of what it’s going to look like. 90% of the construction work is dedicated to finishing the buildings that had to be moved 20 feet to the right to make room for the corridor.

  • wave789

    The wood rot issue is almost definitely budget related. Like it’s been said above, it might be due to not having an allocated budget in the last fiscal year. Or, perhaps Disney has been planning something different for those spots and doesn’t want to spend the money to repair them now only to demolish or change them later.

  • bryanwal

    I’m devastated, DEVASTATED, I tell you! I just booked a trip to Disneyland for the 21st through 24th of this month and now I am shocked, SHOCKED that the Boudin Bakery Tour will be down for refurbishment. If only I had waited a day to book before I learned this disappointing news!

    • Kidgenie

      Sorry Bryanwal, but I think this attraction is really headed towards Yeasterland. I don’t think it will rise back up, especially after just as devastating dough such as this.

      • ayalexander

        Kidgenie, why do you say that? Several Restaurants at Disneyland Resort depend upon that Boudin Bakery. Some who work there tell me they’re just getting some upgrades and modernization.

      • unclemike

        I think it just kneads some TLC. I hope the workers don’t loaf around during the closure.

      • sixalex



    • jawknee


    • Susan Hughes

      Well, the bakery tour was never that popular to begin with. Across the way used to be the tortilla factory tour. A free, freshly baked tortilla was much more appetizing than a very small piece of sourdough bread. And when the tortilla factory was replaced by Ghirardelli…and it’s free chocolate sample, that pretty much sealed the deal with the public.
      If they want to bring in more guests, give away a much larger piece of bread, and maybe some butter or a piece of cheese to go with it. AND…get rid of that annoying and un-funny Rosie O’Donnell video.

    • bob1

      bryanwal Love the funny comment! Wish there were more like that! I was crushed, CRUSHED, I tell you, that NOS has an offset window. There are no words.

  • Ken Goldenberg

    “Mums the word!” – I always wonder how they manage to keep those round bundles of flowers watered and looking nice for so long! Maybe they are changed out every night? Who knows, but they look great!

    • Mandrini

      It’s MAGIC!!!

  • judearmstrong

    With the Luigi’s tires rumored to close, what will it be replaced by?

    • TacAlert

      Probably with some large planters and a new smoking area.

    • jawknee

      this was addressed in a previous update

  • cap10hook72

    Looks like they’re carving a Baymax pumpkin there, not Hiro.

  • Nemo123

    Are they getting rid of the bakery tour?

  • johntodd

    We’ll be at DL on the 20th for a week. You’re telling me Small World will close on the 20th?


  • ayalexander

    I highly doubt they are getting RID of the Bakery Tour, several restaraunts at Disneyland Resort rely upon that Bakery for their sourdough. Someone who works there told me they may be getting some upgrades and modernization. Too many restaurants around the resort use that bread, for them just to close it.

    • Kidgenie

      I did not mean to be taken seriously…. “yeast”erland:) the final dough…. punny.

      • sixalex

        Re: Kidgenie ~ You will knead a thicker crust if your gonna comment around here. Folks are very serious about stuff. They might even treat you rather crummy. Best to butter ’em up a bit before attempting humor.

        I’ll stop now.

  • scrappydawg

    I personally don’t mind the railings on the castle bridge. I certainly wouldn’t call them hideous.

  • Nitsud

    Hopefully they replace the wood pergolas with metal ones that look like wood.

  • BreakingUpTheBoy

    Oh, BOY! No bread samples for a bit? I LOVE that bread! I’ve always desired to purchase a loaf, but can’t imagine lugging it around for a better part of the day.

    Beautiful photos! I love the autumn florals and Halloween treatments in DL! To me, everyday is Halloween. Main Street is looking so sparkly! Over in DCA, The Blue Sky Cellar can come to an end in my book. Eh. I hope it’s being completely re-imagined. Take Luigi’s Flying Tires with you, BSC. It was a cool idea, but no cigar. I’ve still never ridden it, and still have no urge to do so.

    My beau and I are visiting the park tomorrow, if any of you scrooges wanna take a pic with us in front of the new castle railings! MUAH!

  • Jabroniville

    Those railings look great. Just not… on that particular bridge. They don’t MATCH. The castle and bridge look old/medieval and girly. The rails look sparkling, strong and modern. Doesn’t work.

  • vnormth


    are there sea gulls saying “Mine Mine Mine” in the lagoon yet???

    • Topsie

      Yep, the seagulls are back, and they seem more talkative than before.

  • animatronic

    Thanks for the update Norm!

  • Skimbob

    Seagulls again. Be still my heart.

  • Skimbob

    Seagulls again. Be still my heart.

  • BuckyRister

    Hoping the rumors re: Luigi’s Flying Tires going away are false, like the closing of the Nemo subs. My wife and her mother loved that ride, they had a ball (and no, not a beach ball…just a nice time with lots of smiles).