Orlando Parkhopper just acquired a bit of poster art that indicates what Universal Orlando’s next big attraction might be and when it may arrive.  Transformers: The Ride 3D has posibly been fast-tracked and  may now be under construction at Universal Studios Orlando.  The innovative, blockbuster attraction is a design wonder that creates an expansive ride experience with a relatively small footprint.  With a streamlined construction timeline, Universal could be attempting to get the ride up and running in a year and a half.  Is this a hoax?  Is this realistic?

Rumors began swirling when the building known as Soundstage 44 was suddenly demolished at the Universal Studios Orlando theme park.  So sudden was the demolition that a haunted House for this years Halloween Horror Nights was actually in mid-construction within the space when word came to demolish the building.  The building is now completely leveled, and Universal is about to put up construction walls that will reveal the new addition

The week of June 11th, walls suddenly shot up and the building was gone within a months time.

This week, cranes have taken up residence at the site.

We question, however, the wisdom of building Transformers so close to The Amazing Spiderman which has been celebrated as one of the best rides on the planet.  Spiderman, which has an identical ride system and similar track layout spread out on one level,  is always brought up and compared when considering Transformers.  There is hardly a review of the ride that does not mention the original use of the ride system.  Will this Transformers be a new, improved version of the attractions currently in operation in Singapore and Los Angeles?  Doubtful.  Still, we hope that they throw enough into the ride to make it seem fresh and different from the brilliant Spiderman attraction just steps away in Islands of Adventure.

So much for the rumors that Transformers was developed as a potential replacement attraction for Spiderman in the event that Disney and Universal come to an agreement to end Universal’s licensing agreement for the Marvel characters in Orlando.

With all of this big news, it is easy to forget that there is still another project that started quite a while ago, that will be done, long after.  The London extension of the Harry Potter Universe at the resort is currently under construction.

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We also see visible progress now on the midway games being installed in front of The Simpsons ride


Universal Orlando is certainly pulling out all the stops to be on the top of your list on your next Orlando vacation. Will Transformers and a brand new Harry Potter land get you to spend a day away from Disney?