In this spook-er-sized Halloween episode of the DoomBuggies Spook Show, we discuss the recent “Ghostly Materials” exhibition at Disneyland and speak with one of the artists, Bridget McCarty, about the opening day of this release of Haunted Mansion-related artwork. We also talk about the recent flood of Haunted Mansion merchandise in the parks, and the new Haunted Mansion-specific store called “Memento Mori” at the Magic Kingdom. Also, the Walt Disney Family Museum hosts a “Haunted Mansion Halloween” party, and we talk to an attendee, and hear from the musical troupe that performed at the special event. Next, the bride in the attic has long been one of the Mansion’s most mysterious residents, so we take a brief look at her history and possible origins. And finally – as a special Halloween treat – we take a rare audio tour through the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion that must be heard to be believed. Plus – a tour through some of Hitchcock’s haunts, and will the Hat Box Ghost return in 2015?

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