It’s almost show time at Grandmother Willow’s Grove. Find a spot on a bench in this 350-seat outdoor theater for Pocahontas and Forest Friends. The first four rows are reserved for children. Oh, you can’t bring food into the theater; there are animals and they might want your food. The 12-minute show features the title character from the 1995 Disney animated feature Pocahontas, a small menagerie of trained critters, and two talking trees—one very young, one very old.


  • I remember that show at Animal Kingdom! Grandmother Willow was imported from Disneyland after the Pocahontas show closed in the Wonder Bra Theater.

    It really wasn’t a great show, but it was better than nothing.

    Thank you Werner!

  • MiceChat Staff

    What a strange stage show. Leave it to Werner to lovingly document even the most peculiar of Disney past. Nice work!

  • beckramenoodles

    Pocahontas will be taken out of the parks on December 31. I had talked to a cast member about it last week, just for those wondering.