Disneyland has just finished another very successful Halloween Time season, with sell-out crowds for Mickey’s Halloween Parties and peak hotel occupancy keeping the parks jammed with locals and tourists alike. There will be two short weeks of “off season” while the Resort decorators rush to install all the Christmas trimmings before the holiday season officially kicks off Friday, November 14th. There are still many things Disney hasn’t announced yet, and in this update we’ll fill you in on how those projects are coming along and tell you what changes are coming to the Resort sooner than later.


Looking a year out, Michael Colglazier has tasked TDA’s planners to find a way to add an additional two weeks of Halloween parties to the 2015 fall calendar. In 2014 nearly every party sold out, often months in advance, and there were a lot of people still trying to buy tickets who were turned away at the ticket booths and hotel lobbies the day of the events. Expect to see an extra couple weeks of parties added to the September calendar next year, and perhaps an extra few parties added in the last few weeks in October.

But here in 2014, the biggest project TDA is currently working on is the frantic rush to get the Frozen initiative off the ground and opened by the very unusual opening date of Saturday, December 20th. We’ve told you in previous updates all that the Frozen plans entail, and why TDA is purposely waiting until the Annual Pass blockouts kick in for the Christmas weeks before debuting DCA’s new Frozen offerings.


The first signs of Frozen’s imminent arrival showed up this weekend with the sudden closure of MuppetVision. The theater will remain closed for seven weeks while they work to install a full performance stage over the animatronic penguin orchestra and dress the entire facility in wintry décor. MuppetVision has struggled as the least attended 3D show at the Resort, and the 575 seat theater has been under-utilized literally since the show opened at DCA back in 2001. MuppetVision routinely plays to just a few dozen people per show, and with more than a half dozen daily Frozen stage shows planned for the facility, the 575 seat capacity will likely fill up quickly and easily outstrip the average daily attendance at MuppetVision that’s often only 1,500 people or less. If the broader Frozen offerings prove popular, it’s the stage show that has the most chance of being extended past its planned May 3rd end date.

When TDA has secret projects like this, they give them a silly cloak-and-daggers code name in an attempt to keep the concept under wraps. The code name also becomes a status symbol in TDA, as folks rush off to meetings and name drop the code word with coworkers to prove how well connected they are. For example, the plan to bring Starbucks to the parks, another secret project MiceAge was first to break the news on back in 2012, was randomly code named Project Orange.

The Frozen project now has the code name Project Bridge, but that name was chosen specifically. The Frozen additions are thought to be highly marketable, and yet won’t be bundled in with the Resort’s annual Holiday marketing. And with the Frozen offerings wrapping up in early May before the 60th Diamond Celebration kicks off, it’s not going to be connected to the 60th Anniversary either. Instead, Frozen at DCA is considered as the temporary addition that the Resort will use during an aggressive winter rehab schedule to bridge from the busy 2014 holidays to the big 60th celebration in May, 2015. So if you know any TDA suits that mention they’re going to a Project Bridge meeting, you’ll now know what they’re working on and how cool they are. Whatever you call it, don’t expect any public announcement of Frozen until the week after Thanksgiving.


Meanwhile, the Imagineers continue to work feverishly on the plans to replace Luigi’s Flying Tires with Luigi’s Festival of the Dance, a dancing car ride built on the existing footprint of the Flying Tires. While the Flying Tires get set to go to Yesterland, the other spinner in Cars Land is about to be cloned around the world. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree has been much more successful than the Flying Tires, and its moderate capacity of over 900 riders per hour and very strong visitor ratings means it’s an attraction concept being shopped around to other Disney resorts by Imagineering.


While the parks in both Shanghai and Tokyo are slated to get their own version of the ride, another clone of Mater’s will also show up in Orlando. A copy of the ride, re-themed to Woody from Toy Story, will be one of three small rides being added to a new Toy Story Playland area, to be built where much of the shuttered Backlot Tram Tour currently is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The plans to directly clone Cars Land for WDW may have died at the hands of Orlando’s accountants, but at least one of the three Cars Land rides will make the trip to Florida, albeit with a different character and theme.

Crowd Flow Fun

As DCA preps all the Frozen stuff to open just days before Christmas, Disneyland will be experimenting with all sorts of new crowd control tactics this winter in preparation for all the major new entertainment coming for the 60th anniversary. The new backstage alleys, or “guest flow corridors” in Disneyspeak, are completed and now ready to be opened on the busiest days to alleviate gridlock on Main Street USA. You can expect the crowd control strategy on Main Street USA and around the Hub to change several times in the months ahead, as the operations teams test out different techniques and timing for the new corridors.


Fantasmic Fast Pass?

But the biggest change to Disneyland’s crowd control processes will be coming to Fantasmic!, as Vice President Mary Niven has tasked her Disneyland team to create and implement a Fastpass strategy for the Fantasmic! viewing area. And the sooner the better, according to Mary.


The plans are in their early stages, and very fluid at this point, but right now there are several unique ideas being thrown around. Instead of having one dedicated ticket distribution area, like the under-used Haunted Mansion Fastpass machines or the abandoned Splash Mountain Fastpass area near the Haunted Mansion used from 2003 to 2007, there’s a thought that they could decentralize and take over one machine from every Fastpass distribution area in the park and turn it into a Fantasmic! machine. This would spread out the crowds and allow people to pull a Fantasmic! ticket almost anywhere in the park. (That’s an idea that could also be used at DCA for World of Color tickets.)


There are plenty of logistical hurdles to jump as well, and right now they are up to at least 16 different assigned sections for ticket holders in the viewing area, compared to just the four sections that World of Color distributes tickets for. The staging area for thousands of people waiting to be let in to their various sections is also a huge concern. There would also be a massive education process to work through for both park guests and Cast Members, as Fantasmic! has been running in its current open viewing format for over 20 years. Remember that World of Color was an entirely new concept with a custom built amphitheater when it debuted with Fastpass in 2010, so the learning curve on Fastpass went very quickly.

There will be a lot of confusion initially over implementing Fastpass at Fantasmic!, but right now it’s a concept that is going full steam ahead with Mary’s team. Remember that when Mary Niven was at DCA she allowed her team to come up with the Fastpass concept for World of Color, as it was an idea that had never been attempted for major entertainment at a Disney park. That original brainstorming also invented Glow Fest as a way to entertain waiting Fastpass ticket holders, which then created a very lucrative new business model for glowy cocktails and wildly popular nightly dance parties that now continue indefinitely at DCA. So who knows what new ideas and park offerings may spring out of the current brainstorming to add Fastpass to Fantasmic! at Disneyland?

One thing is certain, they’ll be getting a lot of practice with Fantasmic! Fastpass this winter. Once World of Color closes on January 7th, 2015 for a major refurbishment and creative reboot, Fantasmic! will perform seven nights a week this winter and into spring. Fantasmic! has never been a nightly offering on off-season weekdays, but Mary Niven has convinced TDA that World of Color has now set a precedence for nightly spectaculars even on slow winter weekdays. The nightly crowds this winter will shift to Disneyland as the operations teams get all sorts of practice fine tuning their Fastpass strategy before the really big new entertainment arrives next May for the 60th Diamond Celebration.

DAS a New One

As if all that isn’t keeping the parks Cast Members busy enough in what used to be a slow season, another important initiative is being rolled out just before Thanksgiving. The plan to roll out an electronic version of the Disability Access Service (DAS) cards begins later this week, with a go-live date of November 19th. Instead of a paper card filled in by hand at Guest Relations kiosks around the park, the new DAS system will be electronic and linked to your park ticket or Annual Pass.


Guest Relations Cast Members with handheld scanner tablets at the kiosks will assign an entry time to every park ticket linked to the DAS ticket holder, and then Attractions Cast Members at the receiving attraction will scan each park ticket and confirm on their tablet that those guests are allowed to enter at that time. Once the tickets have been scanned at the attraction, the system would then allow the visitors to return to a kiosk for the next DAS attraction time.

The goal here is to eliminate the widespread DAS fraud and abuse that has increased dramatically at the Anaheim parks. The DAS system at WDW is seeing smaller levels of abuse and fraud, but the problems are rampant and at their most blatant in Anaheim. The new electronic version will force all DAS holders to declare in advance the exact people who are in their party, and then all of those people will have their ticket or AP electronically linked by Guest Relations to the person who has the DAS privileges. Each park ticket or AP will only be allowed to be linked to one DAS ticket holder at a time, thus eliminating the growing practice of families or groups of friends collecting multiple DAS cards and then rounding up multiple ride entries at a time for the entire group.


The electronic format will also prevent the growing practice of altering or writing in your own return times on the paper cards, and forging the stamps and code words used by Guest Relations on those cards. The rubber stamps themselves have even been stolen from the kiosks many times in recent months. The electronic DAS format is designed to put an end to that fraud and establish tighter control over the system. The separate Make-A-Wish program that allows instant access to attractions won’t be changed.
Okay, that just about wraps things up for this update. Are you ready for the Hollywood Pictures Backlot to freeze over this winter? Are the upcoming changes to DAS at good thing? Will Fantasmic Fastpasses help our hinder your viewing of the show? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • FerretAfros

    Getting a Fantasmic! FastPass from any FP location in the park? Electronic DAS? Golly, that sounds lot like MyMagic+!

    • Freddie Freelance

      Only without a multi-billion dollar price tag.

      • Instidude

        Bbased on how this is described, this is all part of the MyMagic+ infrastructure. Electronic tickets linked together, handheld scanners & iPads. Here is comes Anaheim!

    • heffalump

      Adding to the idea that fastpass for fantasmic is a bad idea, I don’t understand this column’s fixation with Mary Niven. Her claim to fame: she instituted fastpass viewing for the now passé world of color show. Hmmm, how can one ruin the charm of night time at Disneyland? I know. Requiring a fastpass for world of color so that families have to stand in line for an hour waiting to be herded like cattle into a pen to watch an infomercial (I mean world of color). Also, the mad t party (Mary’s other idea) is another turn off to families with young children. It seams that Mary has a unique gift for ruining the family friendly atmosphere at Disneyland. Please keep her away from fantasmic. The next thing you know she’ll have us filing into a stadium to watch fantasmic like Disney World.

  • Ravjay12

    Toy Story Playland for WDW? Seriously? This is horrible news..

    • toonaspie

      Ugh tell me about it. So much creative potential for DHS being wasted. But what else is new.

      Again I’ll be really surprised if MuppetVision comes back to DCA after Frozen’s run is finished. I suspect what will happen at least is that they bring back MV for a limited final run and then they will drag the Frozen stage show on for as long as it remains popular.

    • randlev

      I’m looking forward to hearing more about the big plans for the soon-to-be-former Disney’s Hollywood Studios! I’d definitely rather that park have Toy Story-themed rides than just cloning Cars Land (in addition to whatever other changes are coming to that park, cough, Star Wars, cough). If only there were MiceAge-style updates for Florida! I can dream.

    • BlahBlahson


      Ratatoille, Incredibles, Wall-E, UP, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Meet the Robinsons. Why hello there list of well-loved and completely-ignored-at-WDW films from the same era as Toy Story, which already has 2 rides+all the characters.

      HKDL, Shanghai, Paris…please something other than Toy Story Flat rides.

    • Darth Goofy

      Completely horrible news but expected. I am Surprised California Adventure doesn’t get Toy Story Play-land as well. Funny how this attraction/land is not “exclusive” in any Magic Kingdom park and it is cloned due to its cheap cost. I had high hopes for DHS. Orlando Accountants are killing WDW with their Grinch style pinching pennies management!!

      • jon81uk

        DCA got a Bug’s Land which has very similar simple rides themed to a Pixar film and there are also funfair type rides on Paradise Pier.

  • planetbogg

    I just want to go on a mini-rant about the last point. Who are these people that are continually abusing the disabled services? Do they have nothing to do with their lives other than to conjure up new ways to beat a system designed to help the disabled? And the cheats will probably figure out a way to beat this system too because that’s how they are and more time/money will be wasted on trying to fool-proof this system.

    • Carrie317

      Sadly if you had to come to HHN in Orlando this year, you would have seen crazy amounts of people cheating the Universal Orlando Guest Assistance Pass. Since it got you into the express line, people treated it like a free express pass and thus plucked up the line for people who actually paid for the privilege. The worst example being the Walking Dead entrance where you could barely navigate into the express line because of all the people waiting to have their GAP pass filled out.. it was NUTS. I wish there was a better solution to all of this because it rewards the cheaters and hurts the people who really need the pass. Sadly so many people lie that it is making it more difficult.

    • Susan Hughes

      “Annual Passholes” are the ones who exclusively abuse the DAS system. Not out of town guests or occasional visitors who have a legitimate reason for asking for one.
      Ask any Attractions CM and they will tell you it’s the local APs who are the abusers because they’ve learned how to cheat the system after continuous trial and error experimenting.

      • PozEmerald

        Sadly I agree, the out of towners don’t really put much thought into cheating because its a once a year trip. APHs (some) come all the time and can figure out how to cheat, becausr they are here all the time.

      • stevek

        Thanks again for your contribution to the discussion. All us Annual Passholes continue to appreciate your wit and insight.

      • Marko50


      • Susan Hughes

        Oh, and stevek…I’m pretty sure it’s those out of town guests who are the ones stealing the DAS rubber stamps from the Guest Relations kiosks. Local Annual Passholders would NEVER do something like that, right?

      • MinnieTheSmoocher

        Annual Passholes (LOL!!) who abuse the system should be called out, as should people who cut in line.

      • OriginalMousekteer


        No, please don’t call out alleged abusers. As a person with both a visible mobility impairment and non-apparent disabilities, I can tell you that is not helpful. I know plenty of cast members who have witnessed first-hand people abusing the system, but taking matters into your own hands is not the answer. There are many people legitimately using the system whose disabilities are not readily recognizable and I have heard lots of stories of how degrading and humiliating it is to have a temporarily able-bodied person question them about such a personal thing in public. The only possible solution is to let this play out, as imperfect a solution as it may be. I think it very likely will be a continual process of fighting the abusers and never completely solving the problem.

      • OriginalMousekteer

        Further to my above comment–

        If you really want to make a positive difference, one very dramatic way is to step foward if you ever see a cast member being verbally abused by a guest. I know cast members who have literally had their jobs saved by good-hearted guests speaking up when some jerk is being nasty. If you see another guest being abusive, tell them they can’t treat the cast member that way. If you feel the cast member is not at fault, take down the jerk’s physical description along with the cast member’s name, the location, and the time and report it to Guest Relations.

        To my knowledge this is one of the things that City Hall will listen to. It’s the only defense the cast member will have–otherwise they will get called upstairs days after the event and it will weigh heavily against them.

        Even if you don’t want to confront the other guest, still report what you saw–you could be saving someone’s job or at least preventing them from having a guest complaint on their record which would prevent them from transferring or getting promoted.

      • bayouguy

        dear me…so please explain to me how your insult to my daughter is all about abusing the DAS system?? She’s autistic as are many folks who you’ve insulted.

    • grizzlybear55

      My thoughts exactly! Who are these scumbags? Perhaps it is time for the powers that be to institute a policy mandating that if you are discovered abusing the system, you are banned for life. Period.

      • Susan Hughes

        Unfortunately grizzlybear55, the local Annual Passholes who abuse the DAS system are well aware that they will NOT get in trouble if they’re caught cheating the system because Attractions CMs don’t have the authority to detain them and call Security. They can only take their DAS card away. That’s how they learn from their mistakes and modify their scumbag methods.

    • disneyfreeek

      UGH! This is so disgusting to me. My mother has MS, one of those “you can’t see how sick I am” type illnesses. And not that I think you Ap’s are “passholes”, but she’s right. I haven’t been in 8 years, but I read about the park every week. I wouldn’t sit here thinking of ways to cheat the system, I would just want what’s fair for my mom as far as not having to stand in line for more than 10 mins, which is about how long she can stand without getting tired. There has to be a better way. Even this electronic link thing doesn’t sound totally fool proof. But seriously, shame on you that are actually stealing the stamps. With all the scary things happening in the world, can’t we have somewhere where people aren’t liars, cheats and thieves? If not Disneyland, I don’t know where I am supposed to feel safe.

      • Susan Hughes

        Well hopefully scanning their AP cards will scare them away because the abuse can now be directly linked electronically back to the abusers. It’s like roaches that scatter when you turn on the lights. Try and scan their cards and they’ll scurry back to the sewers.

  • rstar

    I think the Fastpass for Fantasmic! is a great idea. I hate waiting 3 – 4 hours to see the show, so I haven’t seen it since they put in Murphy the dragon! I still want to see that dragon! And I can see the stage for MV end up rotating shows of new popular films for many years, the way the Fantasyland theater use to at one point.

    • Freddie Freelance

      You’ll still be waiting 3-4 hours, it just won’t be 3-4 hours sitting on cold concrete in front of Rivers of America while strollers poke you in the back.

      It’ll be waiting 3-4 hours in a tightly packed, lightly themed waiting corral with overpriced snack food carts, non-alcoholic drinks, Fantasmic-themed balloons & glow swords, and a band/DJ/dancers trying to pump you up for the show.

      • Westsider

        I don’t think you understand how Fastpass works.

      • heffalump

        No, I think Freddie knows exactly how the world of color fast pass works. It’s not a fast pass at all but an invitation to stand in another line…during the show.

      • Jayce

        Eh it’s us fans that line up for things so dang early. If the people seeing WoC would all show up 10 minutes until the show they’d still get the same spot and nobody would be waiting an hour or more. Same with Fantasmic. I really wish they’d just sweep that area 30 minutes before the show (of people waiting not with a broom) and then let them line up.

        Meh we’ll see…

    • OriginalMousekteer

      You’re missing the point. The riverfront was not designed for Fastpass–the major walkway goes directly through the middle of the viewing area. This is why Fantasmic! is so monumentally difficult to manage already. Talk to any Fan CM or better yet, a Fan Lead or Trainer, and they will tell you it’s like accomplishing the impossible twice nightly.

      You’ll still be waiting hours for the show, even with your FastPass–except now you’ll be waiting in Frontierland for the entrance near Golden Horseshoe and Frontier Landing to open. You haven’t seen the chaos for the last month as they try to find a way to cut off the main traffic flow on the West side of the park to accomodate this. Cast members have been yelled at and even spat on by irate guests.

      One Saturday night a few weeks ago, they even gridlocked the Plaza in front of the entrances to Adventureland and Frontierland. All traffic flow in and out of NO Square and Critter Country was over the bridge in front of Pirates. Inbound went if front of Cafe Orleans and French Market and outbound was routed through the back of NO past the train station. To get to Big Thunder you had to go through Fantasy Faire and out the entrance to Rancho del Zocalo.

      I’ll be very surprised if this can ever work. The current procedures for Fantasmic! were arrived at after years of trial and error. The design for the raised viewing areas and various walkways was a carefully considered compromise trying to balance good show with the needs of Fantasmic! and very real safety considerations.

      Remember–it’s not all that unusual to have two of the five major attractions on the West side down at once. Even one of Pirates/Mansion/Splash going down in combination with either Indy or Thunder would make this a massive case of gridlock.

      The area management team was against this–but Mary Niven gave an edict. To say that she is unpopular in that area is an understatement.

      IMHO, this is potentially an epic fail on the scale of Light Tragic.

  • randlev

    Does anyone know if the Frozen additions will be impacting the Mad T Party at all, or will it just continue as normal while the Frozen additions are placed around it?

    • Princess Victoria

      I’m surprised they haven’t re-themed Mad T Party to Frozen already. I like Mad T Party, but I wouldn’t be sad if they finally decided to re-theme it, whether it’s to Frozen or something else.

    • phruby

      Why don’t they just use the stage outside for their stupid sing along and leave muppets alone? What happen to the new muppet movie idea that was talked about here? Why not take Mad T Party out and retheme it to Frozen? It would make much more sense. I still don’t understand why they need two skating rinks – one in DTD and one in DCA. There is plenty of room in millionaire building for both a rink and a sing along/stage show. This is either managers being dumb or a complete lie.

      • imagineer97

        Why must Frozen take everything over? Even the Lion King doesn’t have this many rides! How about Aladdin? C’mon people, you can’t go all in for Frozen.

  • Freddie Freelance

    I had an idea to help with the Halloween to Christmas changeover: put up most of the Christmas decorations, like the swags and light pole decorations, in September and cover them with black & orange cloth wraps that lace/zip up and Velcro closed in the back. Trim the wraps with purple & poison apple green, and attach hanging decorations like jack-o-lanterns, fright masks, witches, crows & bats, skeletons, etc. to camouflage the outlines of the coverings. Come the start of November just take off the hanging Halloween decorations, unlace the cloth wrapping & pull them off, add a few Christmas hanging decorations, put the snow on the castle, and Christmas is ready.

  • Nola ron

    Fasspass for Fantasmic is a great idea. Wonder if they,ll have dinner deals like WOC? Bye to the muppets, love the show but soooo old now.

  • Monoautorail

    I’ve been watching Fantasmic! since 1992. I can count the number of times I’ve waited 3-4 hours on one hand. If you go to the second show, you can’t wait that long, no matter how hard you try, and it is not at all difficult to get a good view and wait an hour or less. On summer days with a 3d show, you can always find an unobstructed view in the second tier at show time. The relief that one won’t have to wait 3-4 hours is so much rubbish, as it has never been required to do so to have a Fantastic! view of the show. The Fantasmic! viewing area does not lend itself to Fastpass! in any way. Imagine the army of CMs needed to police every single person’s entry to every part of every tier of the show–with busy walkways full of people running at all times before and during the show. World of Color viewing is essentially outside thoroughfares and has limited entrances. Fantasmic!, not so much. I’m confident they’ll force this on us, but the growing pains are going to be intense, if not insurmountable.

    • Marko50

      Then again, Fastpass is not really needed for the second performance of World of Color when there is one, either. Maybe it’ll be the same for Fantasmic!.

    • OriginalMousekteer

      The rumor is that they are budgeting an additional 18 CMs for Fantasmic! plus several more at Pirates (because the entrance to Pirates is impacted) plus the FastPass distribution. This is not a cheap proposition.

  • zeitzeuge

    I think the FP idea for Fantasmic! is great. I love the WOC FP and I think with some planning, they’ll work out a good way for it to work for Fantasmic! as well. I don’t see the show very often, because of the sitting in line for hours to get a decent seat. When we do see it, it’s on the fringes of the show and it sucks. I’m sure people will throw a fit like normal, but I’m all for the change. Regarding MV, it’s tired and old and never has been full since I started seeing it. I had heard they were updating it due to all the new Muppets movies, but I guess that’s changed. I don’t see Frozen fever dying out, so if it’s something that brings in people and gets them off of other rides and the streets to help with crowds, so be it. DAC problem? Just sad that people who do NOT abuse the system are being affected by people who do everything in their power to cheat it. They now have to get used to another way of doing things, but it sounds like this new system might at least reduce the risk of abuse. Again, all for it.

  • MikkiandtheMouse

    I love the idea of Fantasmic Fastpass, no longer having to wait or attempting after fireworks to sprint to Fantasmic in hopes of betting an OK view.
    I find the abuse of the DAS system very disappointing, it is a shame that some people feel entitled and ruin in for the people who truly need it.
    Personally, I like that they’re putting Frozen in DCA; love it or hate it, Frozen is an improvement to the Hollywood Backlot, which is often abandoned. The Animation Academy is a less than ideal meet and greet location, but it’s likely temporary and if once again Fastpasses remain sold out by 10am, we can expect a better home for Frozen. I also think it is smartly done at the end of December, to help crowds in other parts of the park.

  • napamaninsocal

    I think fp for f! Is a horrible idea. 16 seating sections?!?! So if where I like to stand to watch the show is section #10 in the line at 1030p, am I going to have to wait and keep checking back all day to see if that section has come up? I think if they do fp, only do it for the bottom section where people are always laying out blankets and blocking the walkway.

  • RBNeale

    I can see the FP for Fantasmic! idea as a good thing, admitting that the changeover will be very painful, especially for the Guest Services and frontline cast members who’ll have to deal with outraged, entitled guests. Hopefully, Disney will do a good job of communicating to AP’s what the change is. I don’t think there’ll be an issue with the “holding tanks”. Does anyone still have to wait in areas like that for World of Color?

    I’m not opposed to changing up MuppetVision, but making an additional space for stage shows seems like overkill to me. What should have happened (and could have considering it’s been a year since the movie came out) is that Aladdin should finally have been retired and replaced with a good, long Frozen show at the Hyperion Theater. I understand that would have been expensive, but it’s the right thing to do. It would pack in the guests and wouldn’t saddle Hollywood Pictures Backlot with some kind of ugly fake snow overlay for months to come.

  • Susan Hughes

    Glad to see some initiatives aimed at immoral, annoying, and uncivilized guests. DAS needs something to eliminate lowlifes from committing fraud (immoral). And let’s put an end to the “campers” who put their big ass blankets along the Rivers of America hours before Fantasmic (annoying). And blocking out the APs during the busy season is mandatory (uncivilized).

    • theEternalNow

      I’m sorry you are such an unhappy person. Does coming here and whining like a child temporarily relieve some of your constant, aching misery?

    • Marko50

      Nothing worse than “holier-than-thou”. Believe me. I’m an ex-smoker. 😉

    • tooncity

      Those people AP’s! I thought it was some kind free thing for homeless people. I could never figure that out. Why would people go to Dland to spread blankets out along the banks of the Rivers of America? Tacky!

    • tt92618

      I have to say I’m a little appalled at the annual passholder bashing. Is there some problem with people being, I don’t know, so craven and awful as to buy a ticket to a theme park so they can go whenever they want? You act as if we are extorting these things out of Disney.

      I pay about $2800 a year so that my family of four can go to Disney when we want. And we love it and feel blessed to be able to do so. Disney must love it too, or they wouldn’t sell them.

      You have a very narrow perspective if you believe that Disney should or would block AP’s during the busiest times. Disney realizes a huge percentage of their revenues from annual passholders. Every time an AP visits a park, there are sales of all sorts of merchandise. I can attest to this from personal experience; we likely spend more annually at the resort then most families of four visiting from out of town.

      It seems to me that you assume – e.g. with little or no evidence to corroborate your view – that almost all instances of behavior you disapprove of comes from AP holders. So what is really your beef? Are you simply angry that you cannot also be an AP?

      • ayalexander

        tt92618, Im not going to bash you, but i do want to explain the point of view of those of us that refer to passholders as “passholes” a lot of us were or are cast members like me, dealing with annual passholders every day, they don’t realize how entitled they act. Many believe that because they paid a fortune, that they should get prime treatment, or be allowed to act like they are better than everyone, there are only a handful of passholders that see their passes as a priveledge or blessing. Another thing is AP’s don’t make big revenue for Disney, they actually decrease revenue. The more the pass is used, the more “potential” revenue they lost. Passholders don’t realize everything about their trip is discounted. a $700 pass has paid for itself after 6 visits. And 20% off merchandise is I think half off the profit Disney could have made. Also recent news was out that the Disney Parks have the lowest profit margin of any theme park in the world, even though they make much more revenue, there is a smaller profit margin due to the costs of running the Disney Parks. The only way Disney can make a good profit off of an AP’er is if that person only uses their pass up to four times instead of 20 or 30 times. And another reason why Annual Passholes SHOULD NOT feel entitled is because the average day guest is technically spending 5-10 times MORE money in that day than an AP will, so the person who should feel really entitled is the family of John and Jane Doe from Middle-of-Nowhere, USA who are spending a thousand dollars on their one day trip to Disneyland. -That is why most AP’ers quickly earn the title of “passhole”

      • Susan Hughes

        Thanks tt92618 for the detailed and accurate explanation of WHY “some” Annual Passholders deserve to be called “Passholes”. And I will continue to use that term when the micechat topics directly relate back to them. DAS abuse is a perfect example.

      • OriginalMousekteer

        There are two sides to this–

        Yes there are, indeed, many Annual Passholes who act with arrogance and a sense of entitlement. I know one CM who had to deal with several who were blocking evacuation of the indoor queue at an attraction during a fire alarm–even preventing other guests from exiting the building through the only exit–until they got a “goodie” (readmission ticket). The list goes on and on.

        Conversely, I know CMs who have made friends with APs (some of whom are MiceChatters) and met many lovely, interesting people. There are some great APs who treat CMs (and other guests) wonderfully. I have seen APs go out of their way to help infrequent or out-of-town visitors enjoy the park more. It’s not that APs as a whole are bad, any more than all DAS users. It’s the bad apples who give them all a bad name. Look, not all CMs are perfectly friendly and helpful–but those that aren’t typically get weeded out fairly quickly.

        It’s easy to descend into wholesale AP bashing–I’ve seen some whoppers. But it’s not fair to the many great people who love Disneyland–many of whom are our friends and family.

  • Big D

    Finally! Thank god they have fastpass coming to Fantasmic. NO more stepping over people camping out at 2pm trying to get good seats (and ruining the ambiance of the best themed land at any Disney park)!

  • olegc

    my only thought on DAS is that you’re forcing the group to all visit the same ride at the same time. If they want to split up – they can’t (if it happens to be a group of decent size) since the electronic DAS, as described, would be linked to all group members’ admission media and tie them all together.

    • disneyfreeek

      Isn’t that the point? Your party should NOT be splitting up to ride things with the DAS, unless they have half riding with the DAS person, and half willing to wait in a line. I assume that even with the electronic link, they would be able to obtain a FP as normal within the window of any other rides, which as I recall, is 2 hours apart?

      • Jayce

        Exactly! the DAS like the GAC before it is a way to help those with a disability and their party have an easier time getting on a ride. It’s not a speed pass to get in as many attractions as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Indy Fan 1

    Muppet Vision will be coming back. It was Henson’s last performance as Kermit, and the Muppets are still highly popular. Based in early reviews, The Frozen craze is about to come crashing to a halt with Big Hero 6. This Christmas, Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are out and Hiro and Baymax are in.

    • 9oldmen

      “Big Hero 6” is aimed at a different demographic than “Frozen”. It will do well, but that 1.25 billion dollar worldwide gross from “Frozen” is not likely to be replicated. I’ve heard the claim that the (Frozen) characters are popular because of the movie being so new. Using that reasoning, there would have been “Wreck-It Ralph” meet and greets with people waiting for hours, all during late 2012, and most of 2013. I didn’t really care that much for “Frozen”, but, it’s almost like the “Snow White” of the 21st century…almost literally when you think about it. I just don’t see Anna and Elsa disappearing anytime soon.

    • BlahBlahson

      Yep, I think you’re underestimating Frozen too. I’ve been alive for almost thirty years and there has NEVER been a bigger craze for a movie than the one for Frozen, sans possibly Titanic or Avatar. It is the biggest Disney hit of my lifetime and Big Hero 6 is unlikely to top it.

      • Indy Fan 1

        Tangled was lightyears better than Frozen and nothing will convince me otherwise. Snow White was also better than Frozen. I honestly think that Frozen is somehow brainwashing people like in the live action Rocky and Bullwinkle movie when Fearless Leader tried to zombify the American public.

      • Klutch

        What you think of Frozen is irrelevant. Millions of people are voting with their dollars and they’re voting for Frozen. I agree Frozen isn’t nearly as good as many other Disney films, but the fact remains that this movie is a juggernaut.

        The Frozen costumes are so popular, they were completely out of stock for many months and going for large sums on ebay. Last Friday, I saw many girls wearing Anna and Elsa costumes for Halloween and this is a year after the film’s release. I never saw a single Rapunzel halloween costume at any time.

      • Indy Fan 1

        Well I still see tons of Rapunzel costumes in Halloween every single year and a few Flynn costumes as well. And if I were CEO, I’d push Frozen out and force Tangled in instead even publicly declaring Tangled is better.

      • Marko50

        Then I guess it’s a good thing you’re not CEO. You’d drag the company down just to suit your personal tastes. Kinda like…naw, I won’t go there. 😉

    • 9oldmen

      (from Indy Fan 1): “And if I were CEO, I’d push Frozen out and force Tangled in instead even publicly declaring Tangled is better.”
      I bet you would. And you know what would happen then? The shareholders would declare YOU to be neglecting your fiduciary responsibility as CEO, and they would eventually push YOU out, which I think kind of happened to Eisner.

      • Indy Fan 1

        And I would take away their ability to do that by taking Disney off the stock market and be privately held and the shareholders would have to sell back their stock.

      • Westsider

        While you are at it, make any guest who wants to enter Disneyland wear a Tangled wig. And only sell Tangled toys in The Emporium. That’ll teach ’em!

    • tooncity

      FROZEN is an Evergreen. It will be in the parks forever. When the numbers go big for this little show, the Muppets will be put into storage. There’s no champion for the Muppets, they don’t have a chance. FROZEN as a movie, is hard for me to watch. I don’t like the movie and I don’t like the fact that this movie has basicly killed any chance for hand drawn animation to ever come back to it’s home.

  • RD Sussmann

    The Electronic DAS system has been testing now since early September – as I was part of the first test groups for it in addition to the DAS card/paper forms used. Being paraplegic/pediplegic I’m unable to stand for long periods, and stairs are nearly impossible to walk up/down without great effort – and I see massive numbers of ‘handicapped’ guests using the current DAC system to bypass the lines – none of which is truly physically challenged/disabled/handicapped. The biggest issues with DAC’s electronic system is that they are timing it based upon the current waits – which are themselves difficult to track accurately, and you end up with a return time of 45 minutes… when the actual walk-up line is only 20 (I observed this at StarPort Seven Seven FREQUENTLY being the case.) However, in a lot of ways the system will still need refining to work properly on most of the E ticket attractions in the park; notably the mountains & StarTours.

    On a separate note about ADA access, I find the abuse to be worse on days when the locals are in the park – at some points, I was the only physically challenged person in a line of nearly 50 people for StarPort Seven Seven – none of the others had any disability other than to be permanently attached to their phones. If Disney really wants to get the ADA system to work right, they need to alter the ADA system to physically handicapped people – and those with documented cases of need – rather than to allow every person with a boo-boo or ‘issues’ to get the cards. Tightening up on this will really solve a lot of problems -both for the handicapped and for the parks themselves.

    • Marko50

      And how could you tell they were not physically challenged? Many challenges are not visible.

      • grizzlybear55

        And many (if not most) don’t warrant special treatment. My niece, for example, was told that she would qualify because she is diabetic. Her parents’ response was that there is no reason she and the 15 people joining her for a day at Disneyland need to be in the front of the line, and I would say that is the case for most people who have learned to game this system.

      • Marko50

        “And many (if not most) don’t warrant special treatment.”

        And you would know this…how? And who told your niece that she would qualify? I hope it wasn’t a cast member. Nor are anyone with a GAS supposed to have a party of more than six accompanying them. And a GAS is NOT a front of the line pass.

    • grizzlybear55

      I am disgusted by the abuses of this system — and the types of people who would do such a thing. As I said earlier on this thread, those found abusing it should be banned from the parks for life.

    • Susan Hughes

      You are correct RD Sussmann about the DAS abuse being worse when locals are in the parks, because it’s the local APs who are abusing the system. The out of town guests and occasional guests don’t know enough about it to figure out how to cheat. But the local Annual Passholes, who can come over day after day have the opportunity to find that perfect loophole in the system. It’s disgusting, it’s immoral, and there’s no way to police it effectively…and they know it!

      • tt92618

        Good grief, stop allready. Unless you have gone to the parks and personally interviewed these ‘disgusting, immoral’ people, you have know way of knowing if any of them are or are not AP’s. And that makes your declarations nothing but declarations of bias… and pretty ugly ones at that.

        I’m an AP. I’ve been going to these parks for a decade. In that entire time, I used a DAS once – when my three year old boy broke his foot and couldn’t walk.

        Your diatribe against annual passholders is simply unjustifed, and honestly it has me wondering why your so wounded an angry that you would stoop to such obvious bias. What happened? Did you come here on vacation and not get to go on all the rides you wanted? Did you think it was the AP’s fault?

    • OriginalMousekteer

      @RD Sussman–

      You raise some valid points. Like you, I have a lot of experience with accessibility issues. I think it’s important to note the limitations placed on Guest Relations and Attractions Cast Members both to protect the dignity of Guests with Disabilities and for legal reasons.

      When a guest goes to City Hall or CofC for a DAS card, the questions they are asked are very narrowly framed. Guests with cognitive or other non-apparent disabilities cannot be asked for medical proof–CMs have to take their word for it. What the CMs are able to d is to ask questions about what accommodation the guest needs and how that accomodation with assist them. The emphasis is on making the experience of visiting and enjoying the parks “accessible”, not necessarily faster.

      For example, the queues for all attractions in DCA are accessible now, so return times are not being issued at the attraction entrance. If you arrive at Racers or Tower or Soarin’ in a wheelchair or ECV and no DAS card, you will be directed to the regular queue and told that it is accessible to you (or to use the FastPass system).

      They will continue to chip away at the abuse through trial and error. Hopefully they can keep ahead of the abusers. But cheaters always find a way–that’s why they’re cheaters.

  • Skimbob

    I am glad to see that Fantasmic will be running nightly in January. With so many attractions closed for refurbishment during the busy Star Wars race weekend it’s nice to know there will be other things to entertain us even if it’s not during the day.

    Wasn’t there something a while ago about Newsies coming to the Hyperion. I can’t remember if it was rumor or fact.

  • Brisal73

    Adding Fastpass for Fantasmic is not needed and can only effect guests in a negative way. Most of those guests that camp out are guests that only go to the park for that show and will probably not be there early enough to even get a Fastpass.

    If they are trying to remove the fact that people camp out then, have those people wait in a designated area until it is closer to showtime and then let them into the viewing area. No need for a Fastpass.

    Then you have an issue when it comes to the second show. That show is never full… why would I need a Fastpass for that?

    • John69

      “If they are trying to remove the fact that people camp out then, have those people wait in a designated area until it is closer to showtime and then let them into the viewing area. No need for a Fastpass.”
      Do you know how small Fantasmic!’s viewing area is?

  • Gamertara

    It just disgusts me that there is STILL fraud with DAS. Is it surprising? Sadly no, when you think about the atrocities that were going on before DAS was enacted. I truly hope the electronic version of the program works, and helps stop as much dishonesty as possible. My only question is how will the guests know when to come back to the attraction. I know that they are told when their passes are scanned, but is there a piece of paper or app on a device to remind them or help them keep track? Because, depending on the length of time between the scanning and the return time, it may be hard to remember for certain guests.

    And, as far as FastPass for Fantasmic!, I don’t really see it working. I like being able to choose when and where I sit for the show. It might help ease traffic around the ROA, but my worry is the implementation and the learning curve for those like me who have enjoyed the show since the mid 90’s.

  • Gullywhumper

    I like the conversion of the former Town Square Cafe site to a livery. This harkens back to the early days of Disneyland, as seen on old park maps from the era. It’s also a clever way to disguise the large gates/doors needed to close off the space when not used.

  • theswillmerchant

    I feel like fastpass for the first show of fantasmic makes some sense (people camp out hours early) but, I would keep the second show first come first serve. I always go to that one and never have trouble getting a center stage seated spot. I just go over to the Frontierland rope drop area after the fireworks and wait.

    So, now instead of watching the fireworks from a decent spot and then going over to watch fantasmic, I would have to just stand in some random holding area during the fireworks to get a spot for fantasmic which will be chosen for me at random (depending on when/where I get a fastpass).

    In addition, it sounds like a logistical nightmare (16 sections!?) which usually ends up being a guest nightmare (and cast members).

    Who is complaining about how fantasmic has worked (without incident) for 20 years?

  • Charly871

    I think I read somewhere (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that Animation Academy over at DCA was going to be transformed into a “Frozen” area, that only Frozen characters were going to be drawn, and Beauty and the Beast was going to be turned into a meet-and-greet for Frozen characters, AND that the current loop of film shorts were all going to be Frozen??? Please tell me this was a nightmare I had and NOT reality.

  • mtbstack

    I am having issue with the slanderous remarks aimed at Annual Passholders. I would like to have posts using the term “Passholes” seen and treated as hate statements and removed by administrators from a blog site devoted to family-oriented entertainment. Myself, my wife and 8-year old son enjoy the privilege of holding Annual Passes. We respect the value and the accessibility it allows us to enjoy a magical place we have grown up adoring and honoring. We do not cheat the honest, the disabled, the far-traveling, the Cast Member who works hard and sincerely. Instead, we celebrate our time and memories together as a family in a place built and designed for the child in all of us. We use and respect all the systems in place. Are they all perfect? No, but at least there is a process in place for them to be evaluated by professionals, not armchair wanna-bes. I wish the voices of The Susan Hughes could be subdued by Annual Passholders who treasure honesty, fairness and sensibility.

    • The Shadoe

      It is a discussion board, and just like in real life you will encounter thoughts and ideas that may offend you. The purpose of a discussion board is not to shield you from being offended, especially by something so small. If you don’t like what someone says, then ignore it.

      • mtbstack

        I don’t desire to be shielded. I can respect the opinions of others, but I do not tolerate offending remarks, especially when the majority viewpoint is unvoiced and not represented on this site. I am becoming very disillusioned reading the majority of these posts. Honestly, if I was to value all the remarks I read here, I would never enter another Disney park. Instead, I will choose to view my experience through the eyes of my 8 year old whose world is a lighter kinder and more magical on a day that he spends at Disneyland!

      • susanna1021

        Name calling on an adult discussion board is “so small??”

      • susanna1021

        mtbstack I couldn’t agree with you more about being disillusioned with these comments. It’s a shame that some people can’t fully appreciate the Disney experience.

      • Marko50

        I agree, but although I used to reply back, I’m hoping that if I (and others) ignore her, she’ll quit whining about…well, you know. I don’t expect her to completely go away but maybe she’ll get stop her looking down her nose at others.

    • Susan Hughes
  • brianpinsky

    You can already see some of the new testing in play at Fantasmic!. They now have all Westbound traffic through New Orleans traveling along the train stations and down Front Road mandatory one-way until Royal Street running until the bridge at pirates and Eastbound following on the back half of Esplanade Road in front of the Café Orleans and the French market until Magnolia Park. Also In Fronteirland the have made the entrance one-way only now from Adventureland into Fronteirland.

  • susanna1021

    For the record, I also find the “passholes” term offensive. To blame/accuse us is just silly and childish. I take pride in being an Annual Passholder and proudly support Disney whole-heartedly as well as financially haha. To read such negative feedback here is disgusting. For goodness sake people, this is DISNEY!!! Who disses Disney?? They bring so much joy and magic into our daily lives.

    • bob1

      Well said. I have an AP as well and just enjoy soaking in the Disney vibe. I don’t like big crowds, but hey, I am one! But, I respect the rules and have fun.

  • Baloo

    i really think that they should just give out disabled cards to whomever presents a valid DMV disabled slip. All people in need of disability assistance should most likely already have a medical disabled record to allow them to carry a disabled placard or card. The DMV issues a paper copy that is required to be carried to show proof when using disabled parking spaces, the transportation system requires them in order to get discounted tickets so why cant Disney and any other theme park require it as well?
    obviously, if the person is in a wheelchair its obvious but most other people with disabilities carry something that shows proof.
    I dont use the DAS program at the parks because i find it unecessary if i take my time and take it easy but i do carry in my wallet my DMV proof if it becomes necessary and show it even if not asked because at first glance i seem fine

    • Timekeeper

      Agreed, if it’s within their (TDA’s) legal jurisdiction, I don’t see why not? A person who obviously is in a wheelchair is one thing, but a valid DMV disabled slip would probably help cut down the false-cases and save some money on infrastructure and re-training on a disabled access system that’s just barely one year old.

      My family only had to use DAS once for my sister back in May due to a rollerblading accident and to be temporally wheelchair-bound that was helpful, we went on most of the new rides which we had not been on before and my family followed the rules.


    • OriginalMousekteer

      That’s only half the problem. They also are obligated to accommodate guests with non-apparent disabilities. Trust me–you do NOT want to be in a 45-minute line with an autistic child having a full-on meltdown because they can’t handle crowds, noise, or waiting.

      Remember, the DAS time return system is designed so that guests wait the same amount of time–just not in the physical line. They spend that time transiting to the attraction and occupying themselves elsewhere. And they can’t get another return time until they have used that one. Yes, they can still use FastPass–but that’s only good for seven attractions in Disneyland.

      I think the biggest thing they need to do is drum into local guests, including APs, that the DAS card is NOT Willie Wonka’s Golden Ticket, and that’s what too many people think it is.

      • ayalexander

        When i was in Guest Relations that was part of our spiel “Again, this GAC is not a fastpass, it will not get you onto the attraction any faster, it may even take longer on some attraction, what it does is makes the waiting easier or more convenient for you” -but then that group of teenagers just grab the pass and go skipping and gliding down the stairs of City Hall. Nothing I could do, there was no way to prove they actually had a problem with lines. Then there was a guy in California Adventure who was mad at me because as he claimed “California Adventure isn’t ADA compliant because if it was, i wouldn’t have to wait in lines like at Disneyland!” -no amount of convincing could make the guest understand that “Yes Disney California Adventure is ADA compliant because it allows guests with disabilities to feel equal to other guests by allowing wheelchair access into the lines to wait with others.”

  • bumblebeeonarose

    Although annual passholders may abuse the system, I’m sure some do, I think traditional vacationers may too. Many families visit once a year, and they have their routines and plans. Lets say Son is autistic and Mom is used to getting him a card for the trip. They have their list of attractions they ride in a certain order, perhaps because son must experience them in that order OR perhaps because Mom likes things in that order. In the past the card allowed the family to see and do everything they wanted to in 2 or 3 days and their vacations were relatively well planned and fun. Now the world has crashed down for Mom as Disney implements a new system. Mom is angry and frustrated. She didn’t abuse the system before and doesn’t see why it needs to be changed. After reading about how the new system works, Mom has a clever idea. Daughter is fully functioning, but Dad could take her and pretend that she also is autistic. Now the family has 2 DAS cards that both allow a group of 4 to use the system. They can alternate getting return times and their day mirrors how it has always been. Mom doesn’t feel like she’s cheating the system because “this is how it’s always worked before!” Add on more families like this, as well as adults without children who do the same thing, and you have an epidemic. If this is the most common misuse of the DAS, then the new system will fix the problem as it only allows your pass to be associated with one DAS. In the example above the family would all have to be on one pass to ride together, having 2 passes would no longer benefit them. This will not fix the abuse where people simply claim to have a disorder and don’t, but it will fix the problem of families/groups having multiple passes to allow them multiple return times.

  • gimackenzie

    As someone who has an inherited, cradle-to-grave disability that goes from externally invisible on good days to entirely crippling on bad days, I find the DAS/GAC/SAP/Whatever to be a huge benefit and I am deeply grateful to Disney for offering it to people like me, as they certainly do more than they are required to. That they show such concern for those of us with disabilities is part of what makes the parks extra magical to me, and I must applaud them for that. I live in a world where the deck is stacked against me on a daily basis, and visiting Disneyland and having access to a “field leveler” is amazing. The pass allows me to ride an attraction, get a return time, and sit and rest and avoid injury while waiting for me return time, which saves me pain, expense and stress, which makes a vacation truly a vacation.

    That said, I do think that there is room to improve the system, and the electronic tickets sounds perfect. When my wife and I last visited I felt a little guilty for the cast members who had to constantly scribble times and sign their names all day for folks like us to use our passes. They have better things to do, so I’m glad this will remove some of that burden. I also wish that Disney would get over its ADA fear and require documentation of us. I have no issue at all providing my placard or physician paperwork, and I disapprove of any of my disabled peers who would. It isn’t discriminatory to simply ask us to verify our need, so let’s not be selfish about it. Last, and I am sure this is an oversight, they seem to have forgotten the logistics of the system upon returning to attractions at appointment times and instead of going straight onto the rides, we only went through fastpass entrances, which still necessitated a long, standing wait. This was most evident in Indy, for example: I got my return time at 2:00 and it said 3:00 due to an hour current standby time, so we returned at 3:00. Upon showing my pass and having the time scribbled off, we were shown to the fastpass line and let into the temple, immediately mingling with the standby time and waiting about 45 minutes, ultimately taking almost twice as long as the initial time and standing for so long that I was in a fair bit of pain afterward. If the system is meant to give a return time equal to the current standby time, which is the right thing to do, then upon returning the guest should then immediately board and bypass the line as the system is meant to be. Otherwise it’s defeating its own purpose.

    Anyhow, that’s all of my thoughts on the GAC. It’s a very generous service and I say again how grateful I am to Disney for offering it to me and people like me. They don’t have to and that they do makes all the difference in the world.

    • bob1

      I like what you had to say. Your comments are well thought out and expressed. Nicely done!

    • OriginalMousekteer

      You bring up an important point that I think is often overlooked and I have had several friends who are CMs raise this. Never be afraid to ask accessibility questions at the attraction entrance. Indy is a good case-in-point. In recent months I have ridden Indy several times both using my DAS card and simply displaying my very visible assistive device. On different visits the logistics were handled in various ways at points along the VERY long queue.

      1. If you need the shortest path of travel–bring this to their attention.
      2. If you have difficulty with the ramp up to the temple–mention that.
      3. Ask them what will happen inside–often there is a shortcut in the rotunda bypassing the switchbacks in the room showing the film.
      4. Be sure to signal the cast member to open the gate so you can use the elevator and ask where you will return–you may have to be let out onto the load platform to take the elevator back if you return to the far (right) side.

      At any attraction if you are unsure–ask at the front entrance. At some rides like Pirates, they may be a little harried due to the odd nature of their queue. At Star Tours things are often calmer because they have a more orderly arrangement of traffic flow.

      • OriginalMousekteer

        One additional point–the helpfulness and accuracy of information from CMs can vary. I have been told different things on different visits. Also, human nature being what it is, enforcement can vary. Sometimes CMs are bending rules for their own convenience and other times they may just have it wrong. Stuff happens. But most are helpful if you ask. And if something sounds off–ask someone else farther down the line.

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  • Susan Hughes

    UPDATE: Disneyland will start using FASTPASS for Fantasmic! starting December 12th. Tickets will be distributed along Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland. Let’s give a BIG HIGH FOUR to Disney for ending that annoying homeless camp along the river. Sorry Annual Passholes (they’re the ones who waste an entire afternoon/evening clogging up the river) you’ve just lost one more self entitled perk at the park.

    • Susan Hughes

      And for the record, there is a HUGE difference between an “Annual Passholder” and an “Annual Passhole”. The majority of Annual Passholders are a joy to have in the parks. Their love of Disney and respect for the Cast Members adds to the magic. If you’re one of them, then you should annoyed by what the bad ones do as well.