In today’s article, we take a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Micechatter Toby Johnson was kind enough to share his photos and report on his holiday. Toby has prepared a two part series for us. In today’s article we are going to take a look at the two hotels at Hong Kong Disney, and next week we will get some glimpses of the park with emphasis on Mystic Manor.

Here we start out with views that surround the park, the actual city of Hong Kong.

Welcome to Hong Kong

The world’s longest escalator, which is found near Central Station and crosses over the popular Hollywood Road.
Because of the recent protest’s, many of the cities streets were still closed. These provided some really unique photo ops by being able to just walk into the middle of usually busy and congested street’s.

Forever Blooming Bauhinia. A popular tourist spot near the Wan-Chai area.

Clock Tower Plaza in Kowloon near the Star Ferry
A great big beautiful morning

Hong Kong is such a beautiful city, full of hustle and bustle. Its very interesting to take a look at such an rich culture as it blends with a familiar American brand name, Disney. Let’s take a look at the hotels of Hong Kong Disneyland. We start with Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. This hotel beckons back to the glory days of classic Hollywood. The theming of the hotel is gentle, nothing too over the top, but just enough to push a classic theme.


We have a mock up of some famous California streets and highways, and some great muscle cars

Mickey is not on the 101 signs in California!



Where is Lightning McQueen?


Some photos from inside the lobby of the Hollywood Hotel. Lots of attention to detail here, well done HKDL!
Can you spot the DCA front turnstile gates?
Checking in?

Some beautiful views from the hotel

Here are some photos of the elegant Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Very majestic!
Looks very similar to an other famous hotel we might recognize


The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Pier, which interestingly has never been used since the Resort opened.


How about that view?

Some artwork from inside the hotel. Very similar to the art found in DCA depicting the glory days of the boardwalk.

Hey look, the pier!



Wonderful chandelier

“Lot 666 the very same chandelier that features in that famous disaster…”



Thanks again Toby for your report! Check back next week to see part two of the Hong Kong Disneyland trip report, have a fantastic weekend!

  • SRGFernandez

    I love how the Hollywood Hotel isn’t overly Hollywood themed. Like the exterior design is original and I can picture it as a real building in the hills of Hollywood.

    I’d love to visit HKDL someday. My dream is to go to every disney park in the world, so far I got all of California, Orldando and Paris, just Hong Kong and Tokyo and soon Shanghai.

  • IzzyInWonderland

    Love the personal nod to Phantom of the Opera! Would have had to be a much bigger chandelier though! 🙂 Man the Hollywood Hotel breaks my heart with how beautiful it is. I adore Art Deco and those touches and details are wonderful.

  • I’ve stayed in both of these hotels. At the time, the hotels were nicer than the park itself. 😉

    Though, Hong Kong Disneyland is finally coming into its own.

    Great photos and looking forward to part two!

  • phruby

    I hear you should be careful of the elevators in the Hollywood Hotel. People have been rumored to disappear from them.

  • DisneyDoll

    We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel last December & it was truly amazing. It wasn’t cheap but the room was wonderful with a balcony overlooking the hedge maze at the rear of the property & the harbour as well. It was fantastic seeing it in all it’s Christmas finery & the service was awesome. Walt’s Café was my favourite place to eat in the whole resort, just amazing.

  • Haven

    It will be nice when Hong Kong finally offers direct ferry service to the Disney dock, eliminating the need for the hour long and quite inconvenient subway trip around the harbor. Coming from Macau, you float right past Disneyland, only to have to circle back to it via two subway trains and much extra time spent. The property is looking very lush and relaxing!

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