Disneyland celebrates its 57th birthday and U.S.A. Olympic Volleyball teams on parade

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Published on July 23, 2012 at 1:43 am with 25 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • eicarr

    Cool update!! Cone lines look good. Sad that instead of updates on cool new lands and attractions I’ll have to be content with constant in-depth updates on a new sandwich shop and princess meet-and-greet area for some time to come. Just feels like xmas morning when all the presents are opened and realizing that that’s it till next xmas. Except in this case 2-5 years till we get a new ride. I guess the Alice update will be interesting to see unfold. Hey, but its all still interesting to read each week.

  • mratigan

    Thanks andy

  • Asylim

    Great update as always Andy.

    Can’t wait for September 16th to arrive. That’ll be the start of a week long trip to the resort and most likely our last one for five or six years, though we’ll probably get to Disneyland Paris and WDW inside that time.

  • jcruise86

    Thanks for the update!

  • jcruise86

    P.S. I’m looking forward to hearing the Scary Symphony inside of Oswald’s. I liked that making of video!

  • bamato

    Very cool update! Thanks so much!

    I’m a little bothered by the addition of handrail-sitting-deterrents though. I understand why they don’t want kids sitting and climbing on the handrails, but in a queue that has little shade and usually a decent wait time, it’s nice to park my bottom sometimes. Call me lazy, but I feel like any chance to lean or sit on something in a queue is a nice relief from walking around a theme park all day.

  • Gregg Condon

    I noticed the Cone Queues yesterday, but since there is no “entrance” or “exit” signs people were getting confused. Hope those get added.

    I like the “Bumps” on the rails. Would be interesting to see if these get implemented everywhere in the parks and even outside of Disney.

    Although, I will say it’d be a shame if the nicer wooden rails in the FL Dark Rides and older attractions got these. They work on the cheap switchbacks for Nemo, etc … but probably not elsewhere.

  • sucho23

    Thanks for the update. Its a shame that Mater’s is not getting more love. It is a decent ride that is worth going on more than once. I guess it looks like a kiddie ride but it reminds me of the Tilt a Whirl.

  • [email protected]

    Great update as usual Andy. I do have a couple minor thoughts ( like I could have anything else). Why does Otto have teeth ? looks a little creepy. Second, I have no disabilities, other being a little color blind. I have a hard time with blues and greens. I do not ask Disney not to use those colors in their color schemes. I do believe that people with disabilities should have good parking, good seating, short lines and whatever else they are entitled to. But I am against me losing my rights to benefit others, whoever they are. Segways in amusement/theme parks are a very bad idea. I have been hit by one before. I can tell you that it hurts. If you have a condition that inhibbits you from walking or sitting in a wheelchair. I am very sorry, but I have rights too. What is next ? No restaurants in the parks because of Bulimai Nervosa. Or maybe, No daylight park hours, there might be someone who has Photosensitivity. Sorry for the Non-PC rant. Oh, by the way, “Happy B-Day DL, and many many many more”.

  • DisneyDrums

    I’m just totally loving your DL updates, Andy. Thanks so mush for doing these.

  • Algernon

    Just think of a couple of thousand Segways among the crowds.

    Window washers always work around dangerous heights, with the possibility of falling. So they wear safety lines. It seems to me that all they needed to do to keep workers from falling was to make a modified ride car with a boom to attach a safety line to. It could be either driven out, or pushed out, when they need to go out there.

    I hope what other multi-million dollar plan they have come up with will allow the riders to feel like they are about to go off the side, as the cars ride the leaves down.

  • skoolpsyk

    So is the Disneyland Hotel refurb completed? I haven’t seen an update on it in a long time…

  • Dizzey

    I agree with Bameto – the bumps on the handrails are a drag. I’m kind of tall and like to flip one leg on the handrail to take a little load off my legs while I’m waiting. I see a lot of people doing not-so-smart sitting/balancing acts, though. Ugh.

    Also wonder about the wisdom of the S.F. judge that allowed Segways – actually is forcing Disney to accommodate Segways – in the park. I did a DCA Segway tour a few years back, and they are a very cool device. But I also saw two older guests run into each other by just leaning a little bit towards each other to talk. They both hit the deck and caused a panic among the C.M.s. There was also a guy that tried to back up a little too close to a wall and launched the Segway into a “back and forth” mode that kept whacking into the wall. I realize that we were all rookies, but just a little imbalance causes the machine to compensate, sometimes without ultimate control. Maybe they can make these so that they run with a joystick, more like an electric wheelchair, so that if the user just lets go, the thing will quickly put down feet and stop. Or maybe Disney can hold the judge accountable for injury and damages… yeah, right.

    As always, love these updates. They are the highlight of my Monday lunchtime.

    • Susan Hughes

      It bothers me when judges outside of a metro area are allowed to make rulings. So when a San Francisco judge makes a ruling on Segway use at Disneyland, you know it has to go “against” Disney.
      I’m bothered by this. Hell, they’re hard enough to use by none-disabled people, let along someone with mobility problems. They’re huge, hard to control and would only be a menace to the other park guests.
      Segways are a horrible thing to have in a crowded theme park. And would only lead to more lawsuits against Disney…when people are injured by them.
      It’s like the guy who sued Hooter’s because he said he had a right to work there. I just shake my head and say, “What the hell is going on?”

  • Spongeocto4

    Thanks for the update!

  • Bass Shakers

    With respect to the bumps on the handrails – never mind the sitting, don’t they look incredibly uncomfortable to put your hands on as well? They’re called *hand* rails, yes? Don’t these bumps defeat the purpose of having handrails at all?

  • Timekeeper

    Great Update, I have got to DCA some time; as for Alice, I hope what they have planned will not be intrusive to the rest of the area. As for the new bumps, they should have actually added seat benches like what they have over by main entrance of Tomorrowland.


  • jtamura69

    Thanks for another great update! I think those bumps on the handrails are a bad idea, it just looks like an accident waiting to happen. Aren’t the handrails there for holding so that someone doesn’t slip or fall? I can just see it now, someone slips, tries to grab the handrail and rips their hand on those bumps.

  • FriendlyMouse

    This Sunday was just too hot and humid in the parks. We left and went to dinner in seal beach and then made our way back in the evening when the parks were a bit cooler.

    I finally picked up the limited edition cars land CD from Ramones. It is nice to have the Mater songs from his Junkyard Jamboree and the full ride music for the Radiator Springs Racers.

    I like the bumps on the rails since you can still lean against them. The segway issue is a big one. Several people use the strollers, wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs as battering rams to get themselves through the crowds. With the the segway it is based on balance, what happens if they bump into someone while they are moving forward and lean back or to the side and ram into people that are in close proximity? Would Disney have their own segways where they can limit it’s speed.

  • silentcmh

    Any further details on Indy closing? Lots of people wondering about that on the forums (including me!)

  • TrueBlue

    Great report! Nice to see the rousing send-off for the volleyball teams.

    Regarding the Segway lawsuit, it should be noted that the 9th Circuit did not require Disney to allow the Segway, but simply returned the case to the trial court for further consideration. The risks posed by two-wheeled vehicles are obvious, but the claimant maintains this is the only way she can enjoy the park. However, she’s had at least three other lawsuits seeking access for a wheelchair or power chair and never claimed she needed to use a Segway. There are also likely “reasonable accommodations” available that do not involve a Segway, such as a lifting powerchair or those “mall cop” Segway wannabes. By the way, Judge Kozinski is based in Pasadena, not San Francisco.

  • Sleepy505

    Great update as always, As far as the handrails it just looks bad, when you are at the park all day and want to just relax and lean against one and your in line for 45 minutes it gives you some comfort to relieve the pressure from standing in line all day..

    The Segway really don’t they see that the park is always packed as is, Disneyland has always been very good with people that have a disability, but that is taking it to a hole new level, there is plenty of wheel chair access through the parks Segways seem to be more of a danger to people who walk around also getting your foot ran over by one would not be that plesent.

  • laurabhil

    Thanks for a great update again 🙂 would love to come here some time soon 🙂 woop woooop 😀 Tour America also has got a lot of information and some very interesting updates. Check their website for more!

  • WonderingAlice

    So glad to see they’re finally taking care of Alice. Is there an estimated completion date for the refurb? “Multi-month” doesn’t bode too well for our once-a-year visit in December, but one can always hope! 🙂

  • victoriaskitten

    I hate to say it but the bumps on the rails won’t stop a child from hanging on them it will just be a new challenge. When I used to have to stand I would lean on the rails to rest my hips in a long line. Sad, what is the reason for this new ugly addition anyway?