Nestled between a medieval castle and a frontier stockade, Yesterland has an old-fashioned, open-air dance pavilion with a red-and-white canopy roof.


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  • bob1

    I really enjoy visiting Yesterland from time to time to be reminded of the past history of Disneyland in particular. Your website is a treasure. Thanks for all you do!

  • fishinparadisepier

    While working for Papa Doo Run Run in the late 70’s – early 80’s this is was such a special place. Weekends, Holidays and Grad Nights. You had to back up the equipment truck down the back alley after they closed the gates between Big Thunder Ranch and Fantasyland. There was a tiny window onstage off to the side that looked like a picture frame you could look out.
    We were playing there the summer Space Mt. opened, it had an open air stage where the theater is now with another ‘house band’ that was a cross between DEVO and the Catina band from Star Wars but it wasn’t getting any traffic so we got called to switch over there for the rest of the summer, but returned to Plaza later.
    The best was the Saturday night dancers, “swing style” who were so use to gathering together weekly they would still show up and dance, Fun Fun Fun – Help Me Ronda, they adapted and had fun, we loved to see them. There was a very ‘senior’ couple that stole the show, and it was said that the cast members collectively got together and got them life time passes.
    So many local school kids performed there in choirs and bands & Music Days bands from all over the west would have their time at Plaza plus some even got to parade down Main Street. It was such a treat, and something they looked forward to and remembered for years.
    The sound of live music was so inviting from the hub, and it served as a nice break for multi-generational families, Grandpa’s/Grandma’s dancing with grand-kids, Mom’s and Dad’s rekindling treasured moments from years past.
    Small, quaint and with the railing around the outside, it gave the ‘wall-flowers’ the opportunity to be right in the middle of the fun, especially when they dimmed the lights and lit up the mirror ball, the sparkling lights reflecting off the walls and ceiling was just magical.

    • Disneymike

      I believe the “senior” couple were Rose and Dubby. They were a delight to watch and be around.

    • Disneymike

      The “senior” couple were probably Rose and Dubby. They were a delight to watch and be around.

    • Marko50

      I think Papa Doo Run Run may have played at my Grad Party in 1968. The “big” name that night was the Spats with their (local?) hit “Gator Tales, Monkey Ribs”.

      • Marko50

        Neither band was necessarily in Carnation Gardens, though. And the “hit” was “Gator TAILS and Monkey Ribs”.

  • almandot

    And let’s not forget Disney hosted some of their own shows there too.. Belle’s Bookshop, Roger Rabbit’s Toon-Up, etc?