A Carefree Day in Victoria British Columbia

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Published on July 28, 2012 at 11:09 pm with 8 Comments

Last week, we soared over Canada in a seaplane with British Columbia_DisneyGeek. This week, we’ll see what he found upon landing.                                    ~~Rick

Located on the southern tip of Victoria Island, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. A popular tourist destination, Victoria plays host to 500,000 day guests who arrive via cruise ships.

Line-up for the very popular Red Fish Blue Fish seafood shack:


Photos of Downtown Victoria:







The BC Provincial Government Parliament Buildings in the background:

The harbour walkway bustles with activity in the Summer:

The Undersea Gardens, the worst tourist attraction I’ve ever been to:


The Empress Hotel, a Victoria landmark since 1908:


Set-up for a wedding on the grounds of the Empress:


Vancouver Winter Olympic mascot Mukmuk takes in the sights:






Imported British candy, a personal must-do in Victoria:


Finally, a couple of shots of Coles Bay on Vancouver Island:


It isn’t a theme park, but Victoria British Columbia is a lovely place to visit. Have you been?

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  • Tomkuwahara

    I’ve been to Victoria a few times. It’s a wonderful trip up the coast on the ferry boat from Seattle. I hope you got a chance to go inside the Empress Hotel. It’s quite wonderful inside especially the conservatory. Also across the street from the hotel is a great museum including among other things collections of totem poles and a replica of a city street where you can go in various buildings to see the history of British Columbia. Also a full size replica of a ship and waterfront you can explore. Well worth your time and a nice respite from endless souvenir shops.

    I also remember having my first fried ice cream, yessssssss! And a trip to the Butchart Gardens either during the day or at night is not to be missed. Yes it’s touristy but the gardens are wonderful. One time we also did the high tea at the Empress Hotel, great fun. I highly recommend going to Victoria.

  • islandgal51

    What a fantastic surprise to find my home, Victoria, featured today! Yes, it’s an incredibly beautiful place however it is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, not “Victoria Island”. Both the island and the city of Vancouver (home of the 2010 Winter Olympics) are named after an early explorer, Captain Vancouver.

  • Bongo

    Actually surprised you didn’t go see the Miniature Museum in B.C. It’s a wonderful place to stop on by. I go there every time I visit.

  • Disneylandfan85

    I’ve been there once! I saw some of the same sights and I also saw Butchart Gardens.

  • madmaxx

    I lived on Vancouver island for many years, and we visited Victoria several times a year. There’s a 2 car train that runs (or used to) up and down the island. You can get on it at any stop (and can even wave it down in the smaller towns), and can tour much of the east coast of the island by train for a really great price.

    Our favourite Victoria attractions include the miniature museum (as suggested by Bongo), the Wax museum, and our #1 pick is the BC Royal Museum (http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/MainSite/default.aspx). We often go back to the Royal Museum a second day, as the kids love to wander through the large dioramas over and over.

    There’s also a castle tour (Craigdarroch) that isn’t a hit with the kids (but I always enjoy it), and a number of water tours you can sign up for in the harbour. Whale watching is always fun for us, though we prefer to rent a sailboat and do it ourselves. Also fun is the bug museum, which looks small from the outside but is really quite a lot of fun.

    Don’t forget about the many British pubs and restaurants in the area, and the regular old BC brew pubs (Victoria brews some of the best beer in Canada). There’s also High Tea at the Empress hotel that many people rave about, and a high-falootin restaurant there too.

    I agree about the under sea attraction: I’m surprised it’s lasted there so long (it’s been around since I was a kid). It was weak then, and I’m sure it’s weak now.

  • CatchAPairO

    Wait. Why is this article on this website? Isn’t the focus supposed to be on Disneyland and other theme parks?

  • RumRunner31

    I absolutely adore Victoria! The Bard and Banker is the greatest pub of all time.

  • RSoxNo1

    Mukmuk looks like Pedobear