Bidding princesses faire-well as Anaheim protests move to Disneyland

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Published on July 30, 2012 at 1:19 am with 24 Comments

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  1. I’m glad to see this article is a bit more accepting of the protesters and being respectful, unlike some of the comments I read in the forum.

    I understand them being outside Disneyland on a visibility basis, but saying Disney has control over the police is stupid. Sure they can call on them when they need some traffic control or when protesters are on their doorstep, but I don’t think can tell police to go around shooting people. I don’t think even the police department does that, this is all on the officers who did the deed.

    • I guess I’m one of those “disrespectful” commenters that SLUSHIE is refering to in the forum regarding the protesters. I’ll respect them more if they stop using divisive rhetoric (calling Anaheim’s finest pigs and racist, The Mickey-Nazi sign, etc.) and are actually residents of Anaheim. After hearing that the protesters have close ties with Occupy: LA, Anonymous, and race-baiting groups, my respect for them just diminished.

    • I’ll respect them as soon as they figure out that plurals have no apostrophes.

  2. Great article/photos. Boy, there is a lot of excitement here by writers about the new sandwich chain outside the parks with multiple weekly updates. If it was a Taco Bell…

    I was all excited about the wig-wag during my trip 2 weeks ago, but forgot to look for it and didn’t even see it (working or not) due to either it’s placement or too much cool new stuff to look at. Would have gone in Aladin’s oasis with something from the Bengle BBQ, but Aladin’s was closed when I went, so I guess it is only certain days.

    Great cause with the protestors. I might join in if I was down there, but my time in the parks is always short enough as it is. Tying it to Disney though only hurts support from many.

  3. Thanks andy
    Why did the replace the DCA plaque

    • Ditto, I saw no difference or change in lettering other than that the layout is more related to the plaque; and it’s a nice change, as the previous one looked like a sticker, which might have brought up bad memories of old DCA.


  4. In fact, I was a the park last night leaning against the wig wag waiting to reunite with my friends an the wig wag goes off before the read trolley arrives to the mini stop to load/unload passengers. It works for a few seconds and then it stops.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the protesters. I had heard about it from my brother because he is doing the Disneyland College Program and their apartments are about a block away from City Hall. Everyone was moved from the apartments this weekend because of more protests scheduled. I’m glad that Disney took their safety into consideration.

    As for the trolley wig wags, I know that the one at the Buena Vista stop has worked before. I remember seeing it move as the trolley was almost to the station. I think it was only a couple of weeks ago when I saw it.

  6. Is Disneyland Spokesman Kevin Rafferty, Jr. related to Imagineer Kevin Rafferty?

  7. I’m all for people standing up for what they believe in, but the protesters are sadly in the wrong by associating Disney with the Police for this controversy.

    On a happier note, great info about the parks as usual!

  8. Gosh, where to begin…. Well first thank you Andy. So happy to see the Princess’s evicted. I always thought that that area could be used for something with a larger customer appeal. The protestors ? well, they are wrong. True, Disneyland Resorts account for over 50% of Anaheims annual budgets (includng law enforcement). But to have a picture of a Mickey Mouse appear as a Nazi SS is ridiculous. Almost 40% of Anaheim residence have a tie either direcly or indirectly to DLR. Local, County, and State Governments will not allow anything to jeopardize the relationship with that CashCow.

  9. If I live to be 1000, I’ll never understand protestors at Disneyland.

    You have a good cause, you’re going about it absolutely the right way (civilly, non-violent, providing information when asked) and then some yahoo makes a poster with Mickey as a Nazi. And the people running this protest allow it??

    All my respect for the protestors just went right out the window.

  10. It’s hard to respect a protestor who doesn’t know how to correctly use an apostrophe . . .

  11. One of the local tv journalists noted last week that he recognized many of the protesters as being from the Occupy L.A. movement.
    First of all, it was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of when the protesters said Disneyland ran the Anaheim Police. So this leads me to speculate as to who is running the protests. Are they upset Anaheim residents, or the rag tag remnants of Occupy L.A. knowing that hitting a high value target such as Disneyland will garner more media air time.

  12. Thanks for the update

  13. Wish they would have moved the princess meet and greet to that area and NOT to Plaza Gardens! Think about it, they could have constructed little house/castles for each princess without much ado, that area serves almost zero purpose! Ugh! Was this area never thought of for that? Anyway, thank you for a great update!

    • I’ve seen old videos where the Small World Plaza was actually used as a Princess meet and greet area. They would have a ceremony with trumpets and the Princesses would arrive one by one on horse drawn carriages. So it’s not like they haven’t used it before.
      Also, for the past few years the Princesses have been going out to the castle several times a day. It isn’t mentioned in the daily show guide, so it’s a pleasant surprise for park guests.

  14. Interesting update and glad you included the protest info. The shot with the sign showing Mickey as a Nazi goon is a little shocking. Typical off-target rhetoric that makes a point about Disney as a corporation but I fail to see a connection with the police shootings. Out of control police response is a common problem throughout the country. When Seattle cops were responsible for repeated acts of brutality and violence nobody protested Starbucks or picketed outside Microsoft. Ridiculous.

    • I totally agree. The protesters have a warped sense of logic when they protest Disneyland for something completely unrelated to the parks or the resort. That’s why I don’t think genuine Anaheim residents are behind the protest. The ones running the show are from L.A. looking for some tv time.

  15. Could you stop using the phrase, “not much visible progress can be seen” when updating about a project that has well over six months before completion? That would be great.