Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to an entirely new
holiday experience from The Haunted Mansion to you!
We know you’re curious to see what’s inside.
It’s what happens when two holidays collide!

The old Gracey Manor had changed high and low
When the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, came long ago.

How did this Haunted Mansion Holiday begin
And bring to the faces of many big grins?
Halloween with Christmas may bring several doubts,
But sit back, “rest in peace,” and you just may find out…

This seems rather innocent, just another episode of “The Haunted Mansion Show” on MiceChat.com. But there’s a twist; this episode is a SCARY CHRISTMAS PRESENT! Based on the “Haunted Mansion Holiday” overlay at Disneyland Park, join Jack Skellington as he combines Halloween and Christmas with all of his friends at The Haunted Mansion! Scary Christmas and a Haunted New Year, foolish mortals!


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