Leaving comments on articles can really pay off. Toby Johnson was so moved by your kind comments on his Hong Kong Disneyland series that he sent us one last bonus article with nighttime photos of Hong Kong and Disneyland. Thank you Toby, we’ve really enjoyed this series! You can find the previous photos here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five.

The magnificent Hong Kong city skyline at night





The view from atop Victoria Peak


Hong Kong Disneyland shines at night!


A beautiful moon above Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.


Inside the park, the lighting is magical.

In celebration of the new “Disney Paint the Night Parade”, the sliver Mickey icon in the Hub is beautifully lit up.


In celebration of the new "Disney Paint the Night Parade", the sliver Mickey icon in the Hub is beautifully lit up.


“Disney Paint the Night Parade”

The world’s first all LED night parade. I loved the feel to this new parade. The lighting effects were so beautiful and the musical score was a lot of fun and upbeat as well. It feels like this will be the new “Electrical Parade” for the next generation.







Around the park at night.








Chinese lanterns in the Plaza Inn
Chinese lanterns in the Plaza Inn



My final thoughts on Hong Kong Disneyland-
Yes, some may say that the park is small. But sometimes less is more.
If it is your first trip to Asia and you have the money, a trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort is definitely worth it.
If in Hong Kong, please spend at least one day here. The beautiful and peaceful setting, the manageable crowds, and the great Disney guest service, really contribute to a relaxing time in this lovely park. The unique food offerings are enjoyable. The many live entertainment options and the ease of meeting many Disney Characters is a lot of fun too.  They also do a great job with their seasonal celebrations and special event offerings. There are similarities to the park in Anaheim; Main St., Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Space Mountain, etc.. But there are also unique offerings in this park; completely unique Adventureland layout, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, etc. are sure to please Disney fans.
Thanks for following along on my photo tour of Hong Kong and China’s first Disneyland Park, your comments have been very much appreciated and I hope to join you again soon.


  • thejonesman

    Gorgeous Photos!

  • mtbstack

    Thank you, Toby for sharing your wonderful photo journal of your time spent at HKDL. How nice it is to see the Disney Company honoring the original Anaheim park while working to keep the dream alive by continuing to offer innovative attractions to its park guests. I am hoping that after the dust finally settles on HKDL and the new Shanghai park that Disney will more aggressively turn its attention to its U.S. properties. Adding new animatronics to vintage dark rides and transforming attractions with vinyl banners and overlays (think DL’s Innoventions and WDW & DL Frozen Fun) is not innovation!

  • HausofMcKenna

    Hong Kong Disneyland was the first park besides the original that I had visited, so needless to say it holds a special place in my heart. But I think a lot of people write it off because it’s small; it is small, but everything about it is perfect. There isn’t one thing that did not excite me or let me down. I’ve been a passholder my whole life (and now i’m a cm) so I never had a “first visit experience” until I visited HKDL, and everything about it was magical. I really encourage everyone to visit this park because it really was a home away from home.

  • tooncity

    Nice to see what Anaheim Disneyland could look-like if they would have actually built new attractions. As it stand Disneyland is a wonderful thempark museum.