Here at Yesterland, there’s a ride that provides an overhead view of the intricate miniature buildings and landscapes of Storybook Land—not the water-level view from the Storybook Land Canal Boats or the slightly elevated view from the Casey Jr. Circus Train enjoyed by Disneyland guests. 

Read the YESTERLAND article HERE: Storybook Land from the Skyway

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  • Timekeeper

    Good article, agreed on the absence of the Beast’s Castle and Belle’s Village. If nothing ever gets installed or repurposed/reimagned with the Fantasyland Skyway station such as a dining or shopping or character greeting facility, I would demo’ed the building; I would close Storybookland and Casey Jr. for a year to year and a half to expand the canal to include properties that weren’t given such a presence elsewhere (in no particular order) :

    – The Great Wall of China, Mulan’s Home and the Palace of the Emperor (Mulan),
    – Hercules’ Villa & Gardens and the Temple of Zeus (Hercules),
    – Belle’s Village and the Beast’s Castle (Beauty and the Beast),
    – a view of the Lost City of Atlantis similar to the cave of wonders but with a waterfall obscuring the city (Atlantis: The Lost Empire),
    – Rapunzel’s tower and the Ugly Duckling (Tangled);
    – maybe Notre Dame with the Festival of Fools finery (Hunchback of Norte Dame),
    – Christopher Robin’s House (Winnie the Pooh),
    – Merlin’s tower (Sword of the Stone),
    – the village of Nottingham (Robin Hood)
    – Briar’s Cottage (Sleeping Beauty).

    I’m trying to not pick anything that was not too obscure (except in the case of Atlantis, SotS, and Robin Hood); Plus, having three castles (Rapunzel’s, Aurora’s and the Beast’s) in close proximity would be something that of an urban sprawl that would distract the viewer (and not give the narrator enough time to narrate each piece), thus the one castle (and one Palace) spread apart by foliage and greenery that would transition from scene to scene (and to hide the some views of the rest of the Fantasyland village.)


    • Geezer

      Good article and pictures……and a great idea to expand the attraction.

  • michael darling

    ^^^ great thoughts.

  • FerretAfros

    Interesting that the quilt was referenced as being from “Wynken, Blinken, and Nod”. I’ve always heard that it was supposed to be some sort of homage to the giant in “Lullaby Land”, but this makes more sense and looks a lot more like what’s seen in the actual short

  • Ken Goldenberg

    Speaking of the quilt: Why don’t they illuminate at night anymore? It always looked so nice at night, now it’s just a dark void. Any answers?

    • MyFriendtheAtom

      the newly added ‘Ice Castle’ lights up everything plenty at night

  • grizzlybear55

    I so miss the Skyway….

    • Algernon

      And the Peoplemover…and the Old Subs…and the Mine Train…and the Pirate Ship…and the park without safety railings…on and on it goes….where it stops?…someplace else, by the same name…

  • cornjob

    wasn’t there a pirate ship close to monstro? i recall it was sponsored by chicken of the sea. in my admittedly faulty memory, it was close to the whale…..

    • Werner Weiss

      Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship and Restaurant:

      The Pirate Ship is also shown in the current article, “Storybook Land from the Skyway.”

      • Marko50

        Yeah, I saw that. And heaved a big sigh.