After years of nonstop Disney California Adventure coverage, the tables are starting to turn back to Disneyland. Today, we have a wonderful potpourri of Disneyland news for you. The impending demise of Innoventions (and what of the PeopleMover), to make way for a new E-Ticket. Jungle Cruise with brand new safety nets and bumpers installed. Fantasy Faire Village construction, and questions about the painful new Matterhorn sleds.  Not to worry, we also bring you a quick checkup on DCA and Downtown Disney. We’ll finish things up today with a fantastic event we attended the weekend before last hosted by the Disneyana Fan Club, which we found to be fun and informative and nearly as polished as Disney’s own official fan club.

Inside Disneyland proper, wait times remain very reasonable and quite a bit easier than this time last year. Also, take a look at the wait times for everything else in comparison with the Matterhorn.  A month out, the ride capacity still does not seem to be aided by the new, more uncomfortable, bobsleds.  This is something that operations is painfully aware of as many of the cast members now lament the loss of the old sleds (they didn’t like them at the time, but the terrible new sleds make them look golden in comparison). Is there a chance things will change anytime soon? Not likely. Now, if folks start reporting their bruises and injuries from the painful new sleds, perhaps we’ll at least get some padding on the seats and in the zone where knees and shins are getting crunched.

The world famous Jungle Cruise reopened Wednesday after a very short refurbishment that saw the installation of new bumpers on the dock on the boats themselves.

A sign at the dock warns guests of possible wobbling.  ITS A BOAT!

The new bumpers are really not visible while the boats are against the dock.  To even see them you have to catch them out in action.

New rigging on the dock to hold the boats in position

The bumpers are actually a reasonable change for safety’s sake and don’t really impact show, as you don’t really see them from the queue and you can’t see them from the ride (except for glimpses at other boats). Unfortunately the netting added to the boats is an eyesore and makes is difficult for the young ones to see the show clearly.

We are still waiting to hear if similar treatment will be given to the even more unsteady Storybookland Canal Boats.

We’ve all known that Innoventions has been on the chopping block for a long time. Thankfully, this miserable excuse for an attraction may soon be slated for demolition to make way for a future E-Ticket, according to Al Lutz.  In retrospect, it now seems pretty obvious as to why the attraction exterior is being allowed to deteriorate slowly.  Another question that arises; What will happen to the Peoplemover track that laces through the upper perimeter of the building?  If they tear down the entire building, will the track go too?  If it does go, will that spell the end of any future attempts to bring that classic attraction back? or will it give Tony Baxter the incentive he needs to revitalize this beloved attraction? If  you’d like to see it come back, the time to lobby for it is right now, before it’s too late. We’d like to see your comments below and have you get your friends to do the same.

Not exactly bustling.

What will happen to the long ignored Peoplemover/Rocket Rods Track?

As a reminder, the Alice in Wonderland refurbishment is set for mid September, to finally address the exterior portion of the attraction. The tarps and safety rails will soon be history. But we’ve yet to see concept art of what will replace them. Will there be tasteful popup railings (to be seen only when the ride goes down) or will they place visible rails throughout the exterior portion which mar the view and theme of this classic segment of the ride. Not long until we find out.

Speaking of closures, the Disneyland website lists the Haunted Mansion as having a quick closure on August 13th and 14th, reopening, then closing again on Monday August 27th, and reopening September 14th to allow for the installation of the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay which will run through the end of the year.

At the Fantasy Faire Village location (the former Carnation stage area just to the North/West of the hub) the area has nearly been completely cleared for new construction to begin.

Earl of Sandwich
The new Earl of Sandwich location in Downtown Disney seems to be taking its own sweet time getting ready.  Who knew sandwiches took this long to make?  😉  The store is scheduled to open later in the Fall. The project has taken over the former Compass Books all the way to the news stand which sits between AMC Theater and the ESPN Zone.

Have you been to the Earl of Sandwich in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney? What do you think? Is this shop going to be worth the wait?

After the patriotic holidays, Memorial Day & July fourth, the bunting has been removed from Buena Vista Street.

DANCING WITH DISNEY (Dancing with the fuzzy-stars)
Ok, we really need to call time out on this terrible offering from the entertainment division.  While much of the staff here is mixed on the Mad T Party, everyone seems in near agreement on Dancin’ With Disney.  This is one of the worst things to be offered in this park since Mickey’s Dance Crew and Steps in Time. And that’s being generous. Time to put this dog to sleep.

Upon entering the oversized space, one is immediately hit over the head with saccharin-sweet pop melodies in a bubble gum color motif.  Guests enter, expecting immediate interaction when there is really nothing to pull them in but the recycled Disney Rocks stage at the far end of the room with a single “DJ” and his mac.  Parents and children alike were observed just standing, wondering what was going to happen.  Is this a show?  No, it’s a dance party.   Then why isn’t anyone dancing?

The only bright spot in this train wreck is the use of rarely seen characters, Clarabelle the Cow, Clara Cluck, The Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella.  These characters are used to goad guests, awkwardly, into dancing and cavorting in the expanse, while far off in the distance, parent sit on the recycled, white plastic chairs leftover from ElecTRONica.

Again, the performers rise to the occasion and really try to sell it.  But this a tremendous mis-step by Disney and we will be happy to see it go.

As an alternative, we’d like to see them move the classic characters like Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, Clara Cluck and the Three Little Pigs to Buena Vista Street where they belong. No dancing to today’s pop music, just good old fashion interaction with the kids. We think Disney could sell a lot of new plush and merchandise of these characters as well. Let Buena Vista Street belong to Oswald and crew and let Mickey and the Fab Five occupy the rest of the park. Can we hear an AMEN?

Things are really following a routine in Cars Land.  It seems the average wait times have settled into the following (give or take about 15 minutes)…

Luigi’s Flying Tires

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Radiator Springs Racers

We are a little late in telling everyone about the most recent Disney Fan event held by the Disneyana Fan Club in Anaheim, but better late than never.  We were invited to stop by and enjoy two of the events that DFC put on, the Pirates of the Caribbean dinner event and panel discussion, and the Show and Sale event the next morning.

We have to say that, for the price they were charging, this was a pretty impressive evening.  The night began with dinner amongst such luminaries as Bob Gurr, Alice Davis and Roger Brogee Jr.  We were then treated to a lively, and we do mean lively, panel discussion with the Disney Legends.

A silent auction was held too.

As the panel discussion began, the Moderator welcomed the guests to the stage and they got right to the good stuff.  If you want the same old, polished stories that Disney likes to have these folks share, go to an official Disney event and that’s what you’ll hear.  But if you want the real, unfiltered scoop, you might enjoy one of these Disneyana events.  Here, the imagineers shared hysterically funny stories about the behind the scenes goings on with the construction of Pirates of the Caribbean (one of the last attractions which Walt Disney oversaw the development of).

The moderator, left, with (From left to right) Roger Brogee Jr., Alice Davis, and Bob Gurr, all of whom had a hand in developing the attraction.

Alice, in particular was a treasure to hear. If you ask us nicely, we may find a way to tell you her slightly off color crotch related pirate stories. Yes, we said crotch. She was a costume designer after all.

The next morning, a wonderful merchandise event was held in the convention space of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Items ranged from high end boutique items to vintage postcards and more.

These monorail sets were produced in Germany and never really took off in the states.

There was a working monorail course with a switch track fully working.  COOL. We stood here forever watching the monorails go around and around.

We then got to see a preview of Bob Olszewski’s Fantasyland layout.

The King Arthur Carousel IS COMING.

As is the Skyway

The Storybookland Canal boats and Casey Jr. Train are also in the works.

Along with Small World Mall

Many of MiceChat’s favorites were also in attendance, selling their latest books: Bob Gurr, Jack Lindquist, Dave Smith, Sam Gennawey, and so many others.

What makes these events so much fun is the candor with which they are presented and the intimate setting.  While some of Disney’s big official events will give you a glimpse of your favorite imagineer at a premium price, Disneyana Fan Club lets you get up close and personal with your Disney heroes.  Next time the event rolls around we will let you know well in advance. It’s a lot of fun and you should consider joining us there.

That’s all that we have for you this week from the Disneyland Resort.  Don’t forget to return tomorrow for our coverage of Knott’s Berry Farm.

  • Capt Hook

    I happen to disagree with your respons on the Disney Dance party. I see alot of people and kids having a good time in there dancing with the characters and on there own. I have been in there about 4 times and if I knew how to dance I would be out there myself. I always have a good time with Drizella and some of the other characters. I hope it stays a little bit longer or as long as Mad T Party does.

    • Plum

      I second this. The dance party wasn’t really added to be the center of attention; they knew the new areas of the park would be very crowded this summer, so they attempted to add a few low-budget attractions to draw people to other areas of the park. Disney Dance Party means more character interaction and a few less people crammed into Cars Land! You’re looking a gift horse in the mouth!

  • Malin

    I kind of agree a little with having the rare characters appear on Buena Vista Street. But the space is not big enough to hold many characters. And I believe Mickey needs to stay since he’s a vital part of the storyline for the Street. But absolutely agree Dancin with Disney needs to go ….

    I don’t really remember much about the Orlando branch of Earl of Sandwich. But was fortunate enough to visit the location at the Disney Village in Paris. And the wait is certainly worth it. In fact Disney could be throwing away lots of $$$ in counter service meals. Since I feel a lot of the Park Fans will want to eat here for lunch and leave the park.

  • clippers6

    Would OSHA be OK with pop-up railings on Alice? California Screamin’ has them in the launch area, but OSHA asked them to be left up all the time.

  • Asylim

    Nice update. I appreciate the time you guys take to do these.

    As for Haunted Mansion I was under the impression that the downtime would be until September 14th, not beginning on the 14th.

    Was that an error or did things change?

    Disneyland’s website shows the mansion closed from the end of August until the 13th and the 14th shows that it is open. (Just checked to make sure.)

    • MiceChat Staff

      Ah thanks for the kind words. Yes the date we had listed was for the return of Haunted Mansion Holiday, we apologize. The correct closure date for the overlay is August 27th, with a reopen date of September 14.

  • disdad70

    To me it justs seems like a no-brainer to add a walk-around Oswald character to Buena Vista Street. With the popularity of the Epic Mickey series many kids now know of him and Disney seems to have no problem using his name and likeness on BVS.

  • mratigan

    The people mover needs to come back because it a classic and is a preview of the attractions
    And it gives a look at the tech of tommarowland
    The real need to put the classic 1920s charterers out and put Mickey and the gang in hollywoodland or something

  • Harbzilla

    Bring the People Mover back….it’s a nice relaxing ride with a view and done right it is a people eating machine which is just what Disney is looking for. Plus, there is the current factor. Simply have it go through one room that is fitted with screens that can be updated to focus on the latest Disney movies and/or characters which can be switched out with ease. This will keep the People mover from ever being outdated. I remember the Tron super speed tunnel. Think that but on a grander scale. No excuses Disney. Make it happen : )

  • The Shadoe

    Bring back the PeopleMover in some incarnation! My girlfriend and I went to WDW a couple years ago together, and out of everything we saw, the TTA PeopleMover was her favorite. What’s great about it is that it provides a breezy respite from the crowds. There’s never a line. It’s extremely pleasant, and everyone I take on it walks off loving it. The very simplicity of it makes it genius and a chance to get off your feet and decompress for a bit.

    As far as Earl of Sandwich goes – YESSSS! I went there at WDW and the sandwiches were very tasty and reasonably priced. It’s too bad that Compass Books is gone, but given the dearth of affordable food at the parks, Earl Of Sandwich is a good addition.

  • PirateLover

    People Mover = YES!
    Dance Party = NO!

    I ate at the Earl of Sandwich in Vegas and it was really good!

  • “Goodbye Innoventions, We hardly knew ye.” After America Sings vacated the premises, I visited Innoventions exactly two times. So for almost 24 1/2 years I have seen the future 2 times. Talk about a waste of funds and space. As for The PeopleMover. I would love to see an E-Ticket ride replace Innoventions and have the PeopleMover interact with what ever Imaginereers come up with. How about a Time Machine that goes back to July of 1954 to see how Disneyland came to be. I am sure that they have enough original footage and the technology to interface into a ride simulator. You can tie the past into the future to meet Tomorrowlands theme. Just a thought. But if you ask me, a hole in the ground would be just as interesting as what they have now. by the way, Thank you for the great article.

  • Softballcan15

    Please Please Please bring the people mover back! My family and I loved it so much when it was here, we liked the Rocket Rods too even tho it was here for only a short time. But the people mover was nice to give your feet a rest and enjoy Disneyland from a birds eye view!

  • WheresMickey

    Great report!

  • Nivens McTwisp

    I have ridden on the PeopleMover at WDW twice and enjoyed it both times. There was a certain thrill knowing that it was the one of the few things left in Tommorrowland that Walt personally oversaw (in its DL version) and was part of his vision for EPCOT. Please bring it back Disney!

  • dgpollard

    Thank you for the informative updates!

    With respect to Tomorrowland, it will be very exciting to see the transformations unfold over the course of the next three (or so) years! This kind of activity will certainly energize our spirits as we enter this remodeled and improved “land of tomorrow”!

    Will the People Mover make a come back? Well, that will up to the Imagineers, Laywers and OSHA combined…..I’m sure that Disney doesn’t want anyone spraying water on or throwing objects down on people below. Please excuse me for this sinic viewpoint, but unfortunatly it’s a reality that will be addressed.

    And removing the innovations building is just plain smart! That under-utilized piece of land (along with additional surrounding areas such as autopia) will certainly accomodate an “E”-ticket attraction (or two) of quality! =)

  • BC_DisneyGeek

    I want that Monorail set!

    Thanks for the update. I certainly hope a Tomorrowland project can include the return of the Peoplemover.

  • Wendygirl

    Did someone get hurt on the Jungle Cruise recently or something that prompted the bumpers, signs, and netting. Or did the powers that be think it was only a matter of time before someone did – I mean what’s it been now, over 50 years? Time for someone to misstep and fall in!

    • Unfortunately, it has more than its fair share of injury complaints due to the awkward load/unload process.

  • daveinfontana

    Since they took out the Skyway it has been non stop walking. We need another ride were you can sit and relax.Oh shure one can go to It’s A small World but the People Mover was the best to relax in and enjoy the sights.

  • eicarr

    Should this site continue to publicize a chain restaurant with 2-3 updates this week and 5 photos today alone. The verdict is in, their location in Valencia only lasted one year and closed down. Again, I would be excited if the chain was Taco Bell, Subway or In-and-Out. Its fine, I don’t mind the chain store updates, but I just find them silly and mainly free PR.

    • TodAZ1

      Totally agree with this! It’s fast food! Not an E-ticket being built.

  • Vincenzo DeNucci

    Bring Back The People Mover! I Have Been Wanting This Ride Back Ever Since It Closed! It’s Truly One Of My Most Beloved And Favorite Rides In The Park! I Demand That The People Mover Returns Immediately Disney! You Can Even Build A Second Loading/Unloading Station Over By It’s A Small World Where The Old Motorboat Cruise Used To Be As A New Way Of…Yep, You Guessed It…Moving People, From Tomorrowland To Fantasyland Or Vice Versa, Which Will Also Ease Crowd Flow On Those Busy Days! Wake Up Already Disney And BRING BACK THE PEOPLE MOVER!!!

  • Sparky

    >> If you want the same old, polished stories that Disney likes to have these folks share, go to an official Disney event and that’s what you’ll hear. But if you want the real, unfiltered scoop, you might enjoy one of these Disneyana (Fan Club) events. <<

    So true. This year is my 20th year of being with the Disneyana Fan Club and attending its conventions. I've had the chance over the years to hear and/or meet so many of the Disney legends as well as many other folks who contributed to the Disney legacy, so many of whom are now gone, through the club's events. Something that I will treasure forever. The DFC was acknowledging many of these folks before the Walt Disney Company finally caught on and started doing so. (And, frankly, D23 owes a LOT to the DFC. Except some lessons they didn't learn too well.) One great advantage of the DFC events is that they are small enough that you can actually enjoy them. And, actually have good interaction with fellow Disney fans as well as the guests. Most of my closest friends in the world today I met through the Disneyana Fan Club. Glad that you guys had a chance to attend these two events!

  • CheesyBee

    I got to ride the PeopleMover in 1990, it was a long slow ride that took me past several fast exciting rides. I was just a kid who liked exciting rides. Having said that, though, I rode it three or four times. There was never a wait, but there were plenty of people on the ride. I liked the relaxed tour aspect of the ride. It had great views of the East side of the park and I loved the peek into StarTours. The PeopleMover also gave the image of motion to Tomorrowland, everywhere you looked, something was moving and made the land much more vibrant and alive. I still like to watch the POV videos of the PeopleMover online, I find it oddly comforting.

  • dizneydomenic

    Bringing back the Peoplemover is a no brainer. As i have said in the past not only did it provide a break from walking, it was relaxing and let you “intake” the atmosphere of Tomorrowland. That “world on the move” was a great concept. As far as innoventions and the Autopia…am i the only one (i’m 50) that still enjoys riding those little cars? I completely agree innoventions needs to go, it was a bad idea to put a static idea into a revolving building. As far as demolition of the building i disagree. The revolving “show” concept is still viable. Whether the Carousel of Progress could be brought back (realize its not been in Disneyland for over 35 years) or a new show presentation is brought in, i say keep the building, its unique. What about the old motor boat cruise area, completely dead space. The upper level of the starcade, dead space. Lastly, please move the rockets back where they belong!

  • disney_leonard

    From what I understand, the existing People Mover/Rocket Rods track has significant deterioration and will need to be replaced. Coupled with the new OSHA requirements for guest safety during evacuations, it would seem logical that they start fresh. Bring in the “new people mover” using updated technology. But bring in back in some form.

  • grumpy42499

    As always GREAT update. And they need to bring back the Peoplemover! It was one of the best ways to get off your feet for a bit and still see the park and people watch from above the fray. Does anyone know how long Alice will be down? I am taking my grandkids to Disneyland for the first time and this is one ride I do not ant them to miss out on.

  • techskip

    I’ll dig in and ask my friends… but any word on if the new rigging for the boats is Unload only? Load was usually where Guests and Skips had issues because of inexperienced individuals trying to dock. Unload for the most part was stable but had the gap.

    It seems counter-productive to have a post sticking out of the dock that a Guest can now trip over. I know the tie-off on the boat is the same style that we used for the Ucy, different location though (was between front and back doors for the Ucy).

    At a minimum it’s going to limit where a boat can dock, and depending on complexity it may hinder the overall ride count. Looks to be overkill but hey it’s there for a reason.

    • techskip

      Minor correction (now that I’m in contact with my friends) the new rigging setup is at Load, and rumor is it will be installed at Unload as well. That will make things “interesting”. It might mean no more “Doubles”. I also worry about the posts being trip hazards. But it’s for safety. All in all you roll with the punches. I’m sure they’ll hammer it out.

      • tinkermonkey

        A post was installed at unload when we were there the 11-18th. Before we left, there were “props” put around the post because someone had already tripped over it. 🙂

  • JR DLlover

    I agree Innovations needs to go. I’t’s a great space for something new. Autopia should stay, but that’s the nostalgia in me, having been riding them since 1956. Peoplemover should be brought back. As others have said, a great way to relax, see things and “preview” other attractions.

  • jcruise86

    Why are today’s “In the Parks” and comments like the one I’m written in light grey? Please use a darker, easier to read color.

  • jcruise86

    And how come we can no longer edit comments for errors after we post them?

  • CptRex

    Where are you seeing the August 13 closing of the Haunted Mansion? I checked the Disneyland website and didn’t see it. I’m planning a trip for the 13th and would hate to miss the HM.

  • Tiny Mermaid

    Would love to see the People Mover brought back! Tomorrowland needs a return of the kinetic vibe it used to have.

  • kate liddle

    I would love to see the People Mover come back to Disneyland. I also wonder how it will work in today’s society. I agree they will need to to something so you when you are walking below it you will be safe. About a year ago I got spit on riding Space Mountain. I could see a lot worse happening from the People Mover. Thanks for another great article.

  • ddb1556

    Please bring back The People Mover! Was the best ride ever at Disneyland. My whole family loved that ride. Every time we walk by the tracks we always talk about how much we miss the people movers.

  • r1hert2

    Bring the peoplemover back!!! If its safety concerns then build to look like the one at WDW or something similar. All that empty space needs to be used perhaps now that DCA2.0 is for the most part done.

  • methinks

    It would be great if they updated the peoplemover to once again be a demonstration of an actual potential future mode of transportation. Disney should make a deal with ULTra to have pods like the ones at Heathrow. Maybe with a cool Disney twist. How cool would it be to have those pods, say, glowing Tron-style as they glide above Tomorrowland!?

  • CupcakeTerror

    I have yet to get to California Adventure, but it seems like the Dance Party is more of a respite from the crowds and heat that has taken over a large portion of the park. It certainly may not have all the ear markings of a Perfect Disney Offering, but having a large air-conditioned space to go to when the heat is high? Sounds FABULOUS to me.

    If the Dance Party is around in September, I’ll be able to make a better judgement…. until then, I’m stickin’ to mah guns! 🙂

  • disneyfan1964

    Please bring back the people mover. I was able to have my daughters ride on it, now I want my 5 year old to experience it.

  • Timekeeper

    I would rather not jump the gun until there’s more photographic evidence in front of Innoventions, in the form of those “Look-A-Way Blue” Construction Walls and a sign that says, “Sorry, We’re Re-imaginaming this attraction for you” the sign not left up there for another decade. I know there already is some signs of deterioration in front of the building, but I would wait until it closes and there’s a press announcement of a new attraction and a blog post on the Disney Parks Blog. Autopia, with Carsland next door, does seem redundant, but I would rather keep it for the sake of nostalgia, it’s the only attraction that’s from opening day and because every child still wants to drive a car.

    As for the Peoplemover, build an updated version in the form of Personal Rapid Transit or PRT for short and use it to transport people across from Disneyland, to California Adventure, to the Downtown Disney District, to the Grand Californian, Disneyland and Paradise Pier Hotels and to the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, with stops at Tomorrowland, Hollywoodland, The Grand Californian Hotel, the DTD Transportation Station (which houses both the Monorail and PRT systems), the Disneyland Hotel, with a junction to either the Paradise Pier Hotel or the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure; and, as for a phase two, build a junction from Hollywoodland to the Toy Story Parking Lot, the Pumbaa Parking Structure (TBA*), the Anaheim Gardenwalk and the Anaheim Convention Center. (Rocket Rods, at the time, did try to present itself as a PRT System of sorts, listing future stops at the then owned Disney properties, thinly masking the whole thrill aspect of the attraction.)

    Also, Earl of Sandwich is an eatery, not a shop.


  • mondo

    My favorite ride was the Peoplemover. If the tracks are planned to be torn down, I hope it is the first step of PM 2.0.

  • Snake

    I don’t understand everyone’s objection to the Innovations building. There is nothing wrong with the building that a little creativity cannot correct. For example, I would love to see the building used as a revolving dinner theater with a musical stage show such as a cirque du soleil (think also Pink’s Funhouse) except based with futuristic characters like Tom Morrow (& Band?). This venue, expecially the lower revolving portion is perfect for reserved sit-down dining packages while the upper portion could be used for counter-service, first-come-first-seated basis. An advantage to using this building in such a manner would be close and free-up Tommorowland Terrace and Pizza Port spaces for rides/attractions. I figure the Pizza Port kitchen could be repurposed to support the venue so no real hard dollars need be spent except on the show elements, which should be an E-ticket attaction in itself. I see no need to knock the thing down. Am I missing something?

    • Unfortunately, Imagineering doesn’t see how they can pull in crowds to another animatronic show. What they want is the space. So the decision has been made to level the building to make room for something bigger. I’m with you, I’d like to see an animatronic space review or something like that, but it won’t happen. If Disney wants to compete with Universal’s Harry Potter (coming soon), they have to think bigger. And that’s why the small-ish and aging Carousel building is all but history.

  • SpectroMan

    I’ve been lamenting the closure of the Peoplemover since my last bumpy ride on it in the 90s. It’s such a mainstay for Tomorrowland and a horrible shame that it’s been neglected this long. I really hope they don’t tear out the tracks – they can’t be that far gone if they withstood the 60s to the 90s without issue – hire a team of structural engineers NOW to figure out what, if anything needs to be done and get it open again! Sheesh!

    And it’d be really great if they’d keep the Carousel Theatre for either a live or animatronic show rather than building from scratch.

  • yoyoflamingo

    Would love to see some form of Peoplemover to return, since I’d love to see the difference with its unique track layout as opposed to the flat track of the WDW version.

    Hopefully we’ll hear something soon!

  • Disneylandfan85

    I say bring back the PeopleMover ride, by any means necessary! Please do!

  • ThisLandIsOurLand

    I love checking in everyday for my daily dose of Disney! You guys all do such a great job:-) I wish they’d bring the peoplemover back–it’s as a classic to me as riding the train so I will be crossing my fingers. C’Mon Disney and make it happen!

  • tonyrr1

    Ok, so since you asked, I’m just gonna say what’s in my heart to say about Tomorrowland. For the record, I live in the mid west, but I grew up mostly around the LA area, and DL was a regular summer trip for my family back in the day.

    That said, I think that removing the PeopleMover was one of the STUPIDEST things the Disney Co ever did at Disneyland. I was just there with my family this past Xmas, and TL was the land we spent the least amount of time in because the place no longer has a soul. The place is devoid of the energy it once had, and the PM was a big part of that in my opinion. All of the reasons for having the PM have been addressed above, but there is no sense of kinetic energy and motion in the land, and frankly, taking the Rocket Jets down to ground level and shoe-horning them in the front of the PM track coming off the hub did nothing to improve but rather created a big distraction and annoyance. The land’s theme is broken, and that’s perhaps the worst part of it all. So, yes, they for sure need to bring the PM back, that’s a no-brainer. They also need to bring back attractions that address the potential future of humankind / technology / space. I can remember riding the Rocket Jets as a kid and thinking, “Wow, I wonder what it’s like to go up in a real rocket ship!?” I want my kids to wonder about things like that and maybe be inspired to do amazing things with their lives.

    My two cents’ worth… 🙂

  • BigCountry

    bring back the People Mover! the People Mover and Sky Buckets offered the most unique perspective of such a beautiful park that was UNFORGETTABLE! Bring at least the People Mover back so that future generations can build the same memories!

  • mttk2724

    The People Mover is a great way to remember a little bit of Disneyland history even if it is in Tomorrowland. Besides, it’s better than just leaving the track as an eye soar and the People Mover would be one of the few attractions that offers a bird’s eye view!

  • Omnispace

    Disney, Bring back the People Mover and the unbridled optimistic future that it represented. We don’t need space aliens, Pixar characters, or Marvel characters in Tomorrowland. We need the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow that Walt Disney was a proponent of.

  • Tas2357

    Disney should bring back the People Mover – its a great break. While were at it, they should convert Red Rockets Pizza Port to Pizza Planet.

  • ralzap

    People mover, and a great big future tomorrow……
    Tmorow land is out of date.
    People Movers return from the parking lots, and the carosel of prgress returns in some form. The rest will be a debate. All of the future is now. How does Disney do that. If anyone can, they can. Go for it…..

  • drtarr

    Love the Update! I would love to see the People Mover back! I know my following comments will echo many other peoples fine and succinctly stated comments but I think repetition on a petition a good way to go! 😉 I got to ride the People Mover once before it was gone. I do remember it being a bit slow and wanting it to be just a bit faster but I loved the vantage point I got and the that break from walking. I loved getting peeks at other rides (Like the wait line for Star Tours) it was fun doing people watching on the People Mover. I’d love to see them make it into a more true transit system with stops not only in tomorrow land but to other lands close enough to make logical stops (main street USA, Fantasyland, Toon Town, though looking at the satellite map it might be too costly of an endeavor to do that!) So that’s that! I’d also like to see a MAJOR overhaul/reboot (if you will) of the Jungle Cruise! Updated animatronics and a fun fun show. I enjoy the humor of the ride as it is, but its obvious you can’t take this ride serious anymore and constant “making fun of” the ride is both humorous and fun but also sad. Well that’s my two penny’s

  • TrueBlue

    A top to bottom re-thinking of Tomorrowland is sooooo needed, and removing the Innoventions building is the obvious first step. Carousel of Progress was a “must” attraction in its day (especially since, along with Voyage Thru Inner Space aka “Monsanto”,it had the best air conditioning in the park and did not require a ticket), and even America Sings was a very enjoyable Disney-style attraction. However, I have never been interested in Innoventions. Wasted space or a brand-new E-ticket? No brainer.

    As a kid, Tomorrowland was the first destination on entering the park and the last stop before leaving. Now, there is no “there” there. The invitation to what might some day come to pass presented by the silvery facades of the Circlevision and Monsanto buildings and the gleaming white track of the Peoplemover is an iconic image now lost to fake bronze-colored basalt formations and an out-of-place rocket jets. Tomorrowland felt like no other part of the park: bigger, newer, more kinetic. Now it is just crowded, generally dark, and has no snse of purpose. Exactly what about this land says “Tomorrow”? The promise of what the Peoplemover could be outside the berm spoke of the future, as did the opportunity to take the gantry up to the rocket jets (just like the astronauts!). A current imagining of Tomorrowland will need to appeal to similar images in a 21st century mindset. (Does anybody under 25 even know what a gantry is?) And, yes, by all means, please include the Peoplemover in those plans!

  • tinkermonkey

    I can’t wait to talk to Tony Baxter tomorrow and see if I can get him to comment on any potential plans for Tomorrowland and where his heart is on the People Mover specifically.

  • Mac Daddy

    The fact that they have left the people mover track sitting lifeless for DECADES is a travesty and an embarrassment to the company at large. I’m sure multiple suggestions have been made over the years, and just the fact that none of them were green lit continues to drive me nuts. As I’ve mentioned in numerous threads in Micechat, Tomorrowland USED to be my favorite land as everything was MOVING as you entered, from the people mover to the rockets ABOVE you, to the space mountain walkway, to the skyway coming in from Fantasyland, to the subs to America Sings…it was pure kinetic energy from the moment you set foot in that land. It’s been DEAD for far too long. The fact that Bob Iger stepped up to the plate to address the embarrassment of DCA a few years ago while green lighting a nearly 2 billion dollar makeover is very encouraging. Fixing the people mover shouldn’t cost anything near that much, but would go a long way toward correcting the accepted negligence of that once great area of the park.

  • FredSimmons

    About the PeopleMovers. Funny, but over the years, I only went on the PeopleMovers once, and found them sort of meh as a ride. However, I liked them for what they added to the overall look and ambiance of Tomorrowland, which was a sense of motion and life, not unlike what the various boat rides add to the River in Frontierland. Imagine what the River would look like if there was no Mark Twain, no canoes, no rafts, no Columbia, etc. The constant motion of those rides make the River come alive, and the PeopleMovers did something similar to Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland has always seemed less alive, less real as a place, since they stopped the PeopleMovers. So, even though I wasn’t crazy about them as a ride, I’d like to see them back in motion again. (Or, barring that, replaced by some similar ride which helps bring a sense of life and motion back to Tomorrowland.)

  • strikeuptheband

    Disneyland’s Tomorrowland today looks like a really bad hybrid of Discoveryland and Tomorrowland at WDW. I’ve recently been to Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland and I have to admit it was the better Tomorrowland out of the two in the US. It sold the “tomorrow” and “future” look. The Disneyland version needs to just redo the entire land from scratch. First, remove Innoventions. What a BIG waste of space. Next, put Astro Orbitor back on top of the PeopleMover loading platform, add planets around it like MK. Speaking of PeopleMover, bring it back. End of story.

  • Dpr

    What futuristic thought does everyone think about?…flying cars! Keep the Innovations-ex-Carousel of progress building, just the shell and gut it. Create a Peter Pan type ride using ski lift technology to create the sensation of flying cars, up, down, left, right, dips, climbs. Think Jetsons, buildings, all at “night” to help hide the ride track…with neon, etc. Theme it perhaps like flying taxis or limos. Have perhaps 4 different tracks that soar above, below and around each other and at one spot all 4 tracks come together where the 4 flying cars all come roaring into an intersection at once facing each other with a turntable on tracks so each car rotates around then off they go again, perhaps on a different track. High speed ski lifts have a detachable chairs which slow the chairs for easy, safe loading and unloading…this same type of detachable method could be employed. No charge Disney. You’re welcome.

    Resurrect People Mover which could be a part of the show (ride) too, not just to peek in through a window (a la Inner Space).

  • DisneyContinent

    While your small staff at Mice Chat may be in “near agreement” that Dancin’ With Disney is horrific, let me assure you that many guests including myself really enjoy it. I’d go so far to say that it is my favorite new thing at the parks. Is the space ideal? No. Is it imagineered properly? No. BUT, as a concept and experience Dancin’ With Disney overcomes all these obstacles and when you participate it is SO MUCH FUN! It’s silly, wacky, Disney fun!

    Likely you don’t listen to Radio Disney or watch DCOMs or enjoy It’s A Laugh productions on Disney Channel. THAT is the target demographic for Dancin’ With Disney and I think it’s super-duper fun! I would love to see it plussed in the future with more characters, better decor, a better space…but I DO NOT want to see it go away and here are some reasons why:

    I love that each Disney character presented has their own tongue-in-cheek song that corresponds with their personality. For instance, Clara Cluck does the Chicken Dance.

    I love that there is a comical dissonance between these classic characters and their new dance party context.

    I LOVE IT – thats all

  • whamo

    What will replace “Innoventions”? How about a time machine ride? I’ve always wanted to go on an H.G. Well’s type of ride through time into the future.

  • ParadeDude

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the assessment on Dancin with Disney. This show is meant to give kids a chance to have fun, run around, and be crazy. This provides parents a chance to sit back and relax. If you do not have kids, don’t expect much since this show is designed around the kids. If you have kids, this is a great experience.

  • GlennAlexander

    TomorrowLand at Disneyland is a joke. I hardly leave TomorrowLand when I go to Disneyworld. The overall show is incredible. At DisneyLAND it even lacks the expected area theming music until you are halfway in and then it clashes with whatever is happening on that retro stage. Also, don’t even get me started on the age limit to becoming a Jedi. ha! Buzz Lightyear is horrible compared to midway mania. Star Tours is awesome but has an awkward line. and… Innovention’s is embarrassing. Thank god for the return of Captain EO! Although if you look closely there are decaying remains of Honey I shrunk’s imagination institute signage.

    Disney; fix tomorrowland. It’s not a mystery. Space Mountain is awesome. Hire back those people. k thanks. bye

  • airick75

    I’d be curious as to those against the Dance Party – do they have kids? I just got back from a trip to WDW, and the dance party was a hit with my family’s kids. We didn’t stay long, mind you, but they had fun. It really doesn’t impact anyone, and it’s all in good fun. Remember, the parks are still targeting FAMILIES and KIDS.

    Which, surprising, I also learned on my trip to WDW, that kids actually love the People Mover! My niece wanted to go a second time. I agree, this needs brought back at Disneyland. And the issues about people spitting, throwing, spilling things on those below? I doubt the severity of that issue, but warnings can be posted that those who violate the rules of civility will be asked to leave and not return.

    Finally, Innoventions. See ya!

    Micechat should post more polls after posts such as the one above – there could have been at least three in this update.

  • Melonballer

    So at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet today Tony Baxter said that the Peoplemover will not be back. The track is badly deteriorated in spots. It would have to have safety rails added everywhere, like what has happened to Alice in Wonderland. They would have to install stairs and elevators to evacuate people that are not there. Also they would have to enclose the track so that people could not reach out and touch the walls. He wanted all of us there to spread this news.

    BTW, about Alice in Wonderland; he said the railing will retractable and only be visible when needed.

  • tinkermonkey

    I knew there was something more about Alice – and to clarify, when he referred to the temporary fix on Alice, he did say it was ugly too. So, he knows. 🙂

  • matthunterross

    Please bring back the Peoplemover and restore some dignity to Walt’s original vision for Tomorrowland!

  • growndhawgg

    If Innoventions is the only thing being replaced then I would hope to see Stark tech. The other sci-fi elements of the Avengers should also be implemented.

    I hope to see Tomorrowland makeover that includes replacements for Autopia and the subs.
    I love Lilo & Stitch and the art from that movie would work well in California. Wall-E was a well-received movie that could be worked in somehow.

  • disney4me2001

    It would be amazing if the Peoplemover were to come back in some form. It would be nice to see a new attraction come to the track above Tomorrowland. I tend to associate those tracks with Rocket Rods moreso than the Peoplemover because I’m too young to remember the original Peoplemover, but Rocket Rods was my favorite attraction when it was open. I enjoyed being able to go into the different buildings in Tomorrowland and seeing everything that the land had to offer. I agree with everyone else- putting something new on the track would give a sense of kinetic motion and and life to the area. If people from Team Disney Anaheim (and/or Walt Disney Imagineering) are reading this, PLEASE BRING BACK THE PEOPLEMOVER! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we would gladly make special trips to Disneyland just to experience this attraction again!

  • Kangel

    Great Report! Thank you!

    I’d love to hear some of the Imagineers stories if you’re willing to share?

  • Dadoo

    The People Mover MUST come back! It’s a fantastic way to relax from a long day of walking, and a great way to give the little ones’ legs a break as well. Plus, what little kid doesn’t enjoy being up high over the crowd and looking down. It has somewhat of a feel of flying, and kids of all ages love that! You also get a different perspective of that area of the park as well.

    Having it go through show buildings and getting glimpses of Star Tours, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and even a screen tunnel (which can be updated with different videos from time to time, to keep it fresh) is ALWAYS a fun way to experience the park. It can even calm the nerves of apprehensive guests, and get them to try Space Mountain, for example, if they were scared to go before.

    The entire Tomorrowland area needs a reboot. Not just the People Mover or the Innoventions building. Remodeling it to be something like what was seen on the mother ship in Wall-E would be FANTASTIC! All the colorful lighting, video screens, etc. would make it MUCH more futuristic than it is now! The murals on Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear could be turned into giant video screens that interact with each other. Maybe a nightly laser light show “battle” between Buzz and the Storm Troopers. The screens could be utilized as ways to entice and attract people to try other attractions or eat at the different shops. They could also be used to make show announcements. All of this, of course, using theme appropriate on-screen actors or “hosts”.

    Tomorrowland could be something AWESOME! PLEASE, Tony and team, PLEASE update it and make it futuristic again. Not retro futuristic! The folks at Pixar had a GREAT vision with Wall-E, and I think it’s a FANTASTIC direction to go in. It doesn’t have to be Wall-E related, but it could have some elements from the show. I’ve gone on long enough! MAKE IT SO!!!

  • Dadoo

    I wish I could “Like” some of these comments on here, or give them some sort of rating! There’s some REALLY good ideas for the People Mover, and some comments I agree with COMPLETELY!

  • lizilovescake

    As far as Dancin with Disney goes, my husband and I have really gotten a kick out of this and the last time we were there actually spent probably 3 hours in the room people watching. If we had kids I would definitely take them there to relax and get out of the sun and let them blow off some energy. Also, whoever was in the cat costume from Aristocats while we were there was soooo much fun to watch as a dancer. If you go in there just to chill for a bit its actually a great time and can be pretty funny. People really get into it and let loose, its Disneyland, thats what you are suppose to do!

  • Donnyabear

    Spaceship Earth West

    I find something utterly intriguing and wondrous about the possibility of walking into Tomorrowland, in Disneyland, rounding the corner past Star Tours and having my eyes filled with that giant golf ball structure that I’ve often seen in pictures of DisneyWorld. Though I’ve never been to DisneyWorld, I just watched a ride-through of Spaceship Earth on youtube. It seems to me to entail just about everything I’ve come to love about the best rides in Disneyland: an Omnimover track, a dark-ride, a plethora of audioanimitronics, and an engaging story being told. Imagine an 18 story geodesic sphere looming up from that corner of Tomorrowland where the little-celebrated, and often ignored Innovations building, squats like a dead concrete stump.
    I’m not suggesting a mirrored duplicate of the ride in WDW, how many rides in both parks are absolutely the same? (Again I don’t know, I’ve yet to visit WDW). Do park guests even ride it anymore? It does not look to be a very thrilling ride, but it does seem to resonate with that nostalgic-type Disney-esuqe charm. The more dark rides the better in my opinion, especially ones that seem geared to sparkle and thump in your imagination. Though it wouldn’t be a completely unique addition to the Disney family of attractions, it could be unique enough in the inspired hands of Imagineers.
    Or it could be the dumbest idea ever. Is Spaceship Earth too much of WDW icon to have a sister out west? Should it be like the Matterhorn Bobsleds, only existing in one park? Or like Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, etc…existing in more place than one, simultaneously the same yet somehow different? I guess if I really want to ride Spaceship Earth, and Spaceship Earth West is indeed the dumbest idea ever, I could just go to WDW.

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