Are you Ready to go back in time to the most X-Treme event at Yester California Adventure? X marks the spot. It’s the X Games Xperience at YCA! Be immersed in a fast-paced array of activities inspired by ESPN’s X Games. The park promises “41 days of related events, activities, merchandise and promotions capturing the adrenaline and enthusiasm of the fast-growing sports.”  Skating in the Bay, The Suburban Legends and the X Games Arena are all here, ready for you!


  • At first, I was excited for DCA’s X Games. They they opened it and it was just a big hot arena with no shade and metal bleachers. After 20 minutes in the blazing sun, I felt like I was going to pass out. So I left and never went back. It was a huge attendance failure for a park which was in desperate need of guests. Thank goodness these cheep fixes didn’t work or we may never have gotten Buena Vista Street and Cars Land.