Fantasyland changes on their way as the wilds of Adventureland get safer

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on August 06, 2012 at 3:47 am with 23 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • eicarr

    Great update! The Diseneyland movie sounds more promising. I’d kill for a mini Rainbow Caverns in Big Thunder… but look foreword to whatever they’re planning.

    • skoolpsyk

      that would be amazing! but unfortunately, instead of enjoying the mood and music, all the other riders would just be screaming at the top of their lungs, like what currently happens…

  • Emmanuel_4

    Great Update!!!!

  • mratigan

    Great thanks

  • Susan Hughes

    I knew the majority of those protesters were “NOT” Anaheim residents. One reporter remembered many of the faces as being those from the failed Occupy L.A. movement.
    I cannot stand those people who have nothing better to do with their lives than cause trouble wherever tv news cameras can be found. And protesting Disneyland was their best “high value target” despite it having no connection whatsoever with the Anaheim P.D. problems.
    And I blame the majority of the local media for not pointing this out. Seems they have the same agenda as well; report a “false” news story just to get some ratings. They knew the protesters were bogus, but chose not to say anything about it.

  • Reeder

    Disney still doesn’t have Alice and Wonderland on their refurbishment schedule. How sure are we about Al’s sources?

  • WDW1971

    The Disneyland Hotel’s Convention Center new look is very banal and disappointing. I expected more than this given the caliber of the type of hotel they tried to redesign it to. To me it looks worse than WDW value hotels. The design team really missed the ball on this one.

  • MonstersGoBoo

    This is going to be one of the very rare times I log in to make a comment, but Alice in Wonderland will not being going down in September for refurb. Working Fantasyland attractions myself, I can confirm that Book and Casey Jr. will be going down in about three weeks for refurb. Casey jr. Is getting better fall protection for us when we do our opening procedures in the mornings. Book has to go down because some of the fall protection needs to be placed under the bridges and therefore needs to be drained (we’re possibly getting some show enhancements as well as having lights get replaced and fixed). At this rate Alice is expected to go down. It we’re not sure when, but it’s definitely not in September. 🙂

    – Danielle

  • Algernon

    I hope they fix Alice in Wonderland so it looks like it did before, with that feeling like you’re going to go off the side of the leaves at the end.

    I noticed some frowns on the faces of people in the pictures I’ve seen of the Jungle Cruise–especially the kids–with that safety netting installed. I, personally, do not like it.

    • Tony Baxter confirmed this past weekend that Alice would be getting pop-up railings to preserve sight-lines. But we’ll have to wait and see what really happens.

      The sadder news is that he also confirmed that PeopleMover will not be returning. It’s too far gone. I’m devastated. If ever there was a perfect attraction for Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, the family friendly PeopleMover is it.

      • rwsmith

        There’s a few retired attractions that I miss. The PeopleMover is tied for first.

  • rwsmith

    Good to hear about the Big Thunder rehab. The family and I were there Saturday and both times we were in line it broke down.

  • Timekeeper

    Great Update, glad that Big Thunder is getting a makeover!


  • SpectroMan

    It wouldn’t be the first time Disney, or any theme park, used the “Unfortunately this ride is no longer stable enough to resuscitate now” excuse. And I know it’s deliberate. It’s a much easier PR spin than “We chose to let infrastructure deteriorate to this point so that we wouldn’t have to reuse it”.

    • Melonballer

      It has much more to do with the OSHA regulations than the deterioration of the track. Tony Baxter said that they would have to put railings and stairways along the track in case of evacuation , not to mention enclosing the ride vehicles or track so that people could not reach out and touch the buildings as the cars moved into them.

  • rcurrier

    I know I’m a type geek, but the kerning (space between the letters) is just awful on the Coffee House sign. You’d think they’d know better.

  • Sleepy505

    Great Update, wow I can’t believe October is around the corner and my travels go through old Route 66 the I40 lol, It is 12 hour drive well worth it from Rio Rancho, NM to Anaheim, CA
    Disneyland, CA Adventure, Knotts Scary Farm, and drinks on the beach what else can you ask for to go on a Vacation List.

  • TrueBlue

    Hopefully the re-working of Alice in Wonderland will fully preserve the original experience, especially so the very young visitors get to enjoy the finish. Even as my early childhood memories become less clear, the winding trip down the vine remains one of the most enduring memories. Unfortunately, the same bureaucratic overreaching that has left an eyesore across from the Matterhorn these past 2 years is one of the key factors why the Peoplemover as it was known and (at least in retrospect) loved probably will not be coming back. Hopefully, there will be a substantial re-working of TomorrowLand, and that some form of elevated transportation attraction will be included. Given the payoff on the big Cars Land expenditures, even if the current Peoplemover track system had to be removed, re-Imagineered and rebuilt it would be worth the expenditure and effort.

  • Crazee4mm

    The “Glow With The Show ear hats would be cool if more people bought them. Disney keeps showing scenes where they had given everyone a free hat and the effect is indeed awesome. But when only a handful of people are wearing them, the effect is negligible. And at $25 each, it’s no wonder that people aren’t buying them. If only they’d reduce the price instead of giving so many of them away for free. The $25 charge obviously includes the cost of the freebies. Charge around $12 and I’ll buy them for my whole family when I go next time (Sept. 16th.)

    • sixalex

      I’ve said it before and I will stick to this idea, Sell the Glow with the Show Ears and the buyer gets admission to a specific viewing area, where other buyers are standing. Make it a particularly high visibility area where all the pictures that get taken can’t miss the GwtS effect. Allow for the buyers party to enter as well, up to, say four other guests so that families don’t get separated.

      This is a beautiful concept, but as mentioned, it needs a mass of people for the optimal effect. Intensifying by compressing the wearers into a specific location will achieve some of that.

      Also, have an area, same or near by, for returning guests who have previously purchased a GwtS device to stand. On slow nights make it all the same corral.

  • sixalex

    Is it just me or does it look like nothing is changing at the new Princess Faire site? I understand that there might be some foundation work in process, but the pix don’t seem to indicate progress.

    Good update! Nice to have a heads up on the soon to be heads down Big Thunder. Catch it while you can and wait with bated breath for the upgrade! Refurbishment is not a new attraction, but if it is cool enough it counts. Note Star Tours.

    As to the People Mover…I never experienced it so I cannot really miss it. That said and nostalgia aside (sorry Dusty), I’m not sure how cool it actually would seem to be in this day and age. It seems to have been a sort of moving park bench that went in a big loop. Take a load off your feet and roll around Tomorrowland? I don’t know how interesting that would be, especially given Tomorrowland’s current state of blahness.

    I never experienced the Skyway at Disneyland either, but I love the concept. A total refurb of Tomorrowland might include an update that combines both People Mover and Skyway into one, lawyer friendly, attraction.

    At any rate, the key words are “total refurb of Tomorrowland” IMHO.

    Thanks as always for the good job on MiceChat!

  • I don’t know if I’m humbled, or disappointed that Haunted Mansion is usually always one of the shortest waits…haha

  • [email protected]

    Great update Andy. Last week I had a day at Disneyland (first time in over a year). I am so glad for DCA. It looks great. I have to admit though, Tomorrow Land looks terrible. People mover or not, the whole thing looks downright offensive. Shame on Disneyland to let Walt’s dream of tomorrow become so devastated. If this seems a bit harsh, well damn it. This really urks me to no end. Other than Space Mountain ( not looking so good itself ) StarTours ( a little over hyped for my taste) and Buzz Lightyear (still a good ride). The whole thing needs to go. It truely saddens me that it has come to this. I am about to drop almost 2k on AP for the family and me. I am thinking long and hard on this to see if it is worth it. Once again, great Update.