The MiceChat crew discusses Disney park news and what’s coming to a theme park near you in 2015. Of course, the big news comes from Disneyland, where the 60th “Diamond” anniversary is on the way with three big new shows and surprises. And please help us welcome a new host to the show, The Fabulous Disney Babe.

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  • Wreckless Abrandon

    I love all of the news from Disney and Universal. Plussing attractions is just as important as adding new ones, so I’m excited for almost everything! The one thing I’m disappointed with is Universal’s obsession with using 3D screens. Fast & the Furious is my guilty pleasure… they’re horrible movies, but I can’t stop watching. But I’m glad to see the cars on sticks go away!

    • Thanks Wreckless Abrandon. It should be a really good year. I’m ready for a big new e-ticket attraction in Disneyland, personally, just because it’s been a while (Indiana Jones is 20 this year, lol), but I do agree, the plussing of these classic dark rides is really exciting. As for Universal, I understand the economic choice of media screen use, but yeah, I hope that they get inspired to build some “Disney-like” dark rides.

      Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the podcast. 😉


  • wendygirl1979

    I’m just catching up on this episode. I laughed my way through the references, and I have to say, I want more episodes, but you don’t have to do a thing differently- I enjoy you guys just the way you are! As always, looking forward to more episodes in the future.