This new and expanded version of one of Yesterland’s original articles from 1995 now includes photos that have never before been published.

Welcome to a great attraction in the tradition of the Jungle Cruise—only this time it’s the environment and animals of North American wilderness areas instead of those of the world’s jungles.


Read the YESTERLAND article HERE: Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland

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  • fnord

    This ride and adventure through inner space are my favorite attractions in yesterland.

  • eicarr

    Great photos! Glad the revamped mine train at Knott’s helps make up for it’s loss. Slow easygoing rides like this, the peoplemover and the skyway are integral to a well rounded experience at Disneyland. Hopefully pirates, HM, small world and Snow White won’t have its easy goin ride systems replaced with coasters while I’m alive.

  • BigThunder

    Thanks for the update, Werner. Those are some terrific new shots!

  • DuckyDelite

    Thanks for another great article. Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland is my most missed attraction in Yesterland. It was such a large attraction. It felt like you were transported to another place outside Disneyland. I think Pirates is the only attraction left that has that feeling of scale.

  • Disneykin Kid

    Great article, what would be interesting though would be a map that shows how MTTNW overlays the present day Frontierland/Big Thunder. I read that some rocks in the Big Thunder Barbecue area are from the MTTNW, and the animatronics are buried in the ground.

  • twainrider

    Wow. Where have these pictures been kept? Are there anymore out there? Post them if there are. Great stuff.

  • Marko50

    Great article! Is this an update? I have a hard time believing it took this long to debut at Yesterland.

    • Werner Weiss

      The Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland has been part of my Yesterland website since the very beginning — almost 20 years. Originally there was just one very small photo (a tiny version of the train in front of Cascade Peak.

      In those days, almost all users connected over a dial modem. Processors in PCs and Macs were very slow by today’s standards. Even a single JPEG image could take a while to render.

      Yesterland readers have provided many wonderful photos to me over the years. Also, I recently discovered that I had tiny color slides that I took with a 110 film camera in 1975. I had them professionally scanned. The results were much better than I expected.

      I think made three major updates to the Mine Train over the years, with the latest being the new version that I just posted late last night.

  • pineapplewhipaddict

    Really wish I could have seen this attraction in-person. I keep hoping that the redwood expansion in DCA will see some inspiration from this Yesterland attraction with some animatronic wildlife playing in the area.

  • MRaymond

    I was one of the lucky ones who saw the fireworks from the desert. I was about 14 and my grandfather knew enough about the ride timing to make sure we were on it at the right time. What a great memory. The MTTNW is one of my favorite Yesterland rides because of those childhood memories. That and the Peoplemover. Anyone good at VR programming?

  • Lore

    That was one of my favorite rides as a kid. I even built an electric train model of a portion of the ride complete with spinning rocks. I learned it was closing after telling the operator it was one of my favorite ride. I got to ride up front for that final trip. It always amazed me how you could turn a corner and go from forest to desert and Rainbow Caverns was a wonderful way to end the ride.

  • ChrisNJ

    Thank you for that great article. These sort of attractions are my favorite – and sadly becoming more rare.

    Yesterland is one of my favorite vacation destinations. Keep up the incredible work, it is very much appreciated.