It’s good news and bad news this week.  Are the subs staying at Disneyland?  Is the Peoplemover ever going to return to Walt’s original Magic Kingdom?  Are the Matterhorn bobsleds still excruciatingly painful?  All this and more in the MiceChat weekly Round up of Disney and theme park news.  Did you hear that there is now free WI-FI in the Magic Kingdom?  It’s true. Is Cars Land coming to Disney Hollywood Studios?  Is it true that there will be a new vegan dining option at EPCOT?  You will just have to read further to find out.  You’ll also enjoy the new videos from Sarah the MiceChatter and the crazy Communicore Weekly guys. And just to wrap things up in style, we’ll also tell you how you can win a very unique $650 Disney art piece. It’s all here, in the MiceChat round up!

Early Days on the Santa Fe & Disneyland RR
Steve DeGaetano pulled some photos from his collection of the Disneyland Railroad. The photos he posted were taken by Earl Vilmer–the guy that actually built the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Railroads!

Walt Disney Family Museum MiceChat Event September 14th
Join the MiceChatters at the Walt Disney Family Museum on the morning of September 14th for just $14.99 per person. We’ll tour the museum, pay tribute the the great Walt Disney, and then adjourn for lunch with a view at a restaurant on the beautiful Presidio. There is also a special upgrade for just 30 folks to add on a 3 hour San Francisco bus tour. Don’t miss out. We don’t make it to the Bay Area very often, but when we do, we make it special

Disney In Stone Artwork – LAST DAY – Enter To Win 
Our friends at Sanders Art Studios are giving away a very special Disney art piece (valued at $650) to one lucky MiceChat reader. The Disney in stone collection creates beautiful works of art out of solid stone. We think you’ll agree that this is a some amazing artwork and a great prize as well!

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Lots of news about several Disneyland attractions, including the Peoplemover, the Subs, Big Thunder, and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln!  Then we want to what you think of the new Matterhorn Bobsleds and What you think is coming to Tomorrowland! ~ Aladdin

Our Disneyland Resort Summer Extravaganza 2012 in Pictures
Doppio spent 7 great days at Disneyland and shares several stunning photos with the rest of us, in this report!

Big Thunder Mountain Set to Close Down for a Lengthy Refurbishment
If you enjoy Big Thunder Mountain, much sure you get you fill, and get it soon! Al has word that Big Thunder Mountain will undergo MAJOR refurbishment this fall, and will be closed for much of 2013. Keep checking here for updates!

People mover not coming back, Subs staying?
Word from Tony Baxter is good news for Submarine fans mixed with bad news for Peoplemover fans. Check here for the details and let us know your opinion on these two attractions.

Lincoln makes way for Disney movies
The theater that houses Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln may be getting a multi-purpose use. Learn more here!

What do you think of the new Matterhorn Bobsleds?
Now that many people have had a chance to experience the new Matterhorn Bobsleds, Haley Basks for your opinion. Does it still feel like you are riding a real bobsled?

What do you think is coming to Tomorrowland?
With news of changes being considered for Tomorrowland, s8ntmark asks what you think the big projects are, that Disneyland Imagineers are working on, and what would you like to see!

From Desert to Disney – A Photographic Trip Report (PHOTO – HEAVY)
What the title says Tonyrr1 travel from the Valley of Fire to Disneyland in one great trip report!

Disneyland Hotel early 80’s
once again has brought us some wonderful color photos from the Disneyland Hotel, enjoy!

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MiceChat Fall Cruise
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The Wine Country Disney Tour
A leisurely all day tour through Wine Country with stops along the way that include the Pollyanna House, The Lasetter Family Winery, and DIane Disney Miller’s Silverado Winery.


Our Epcot 30th anniversary event may have SOLD OUT, but we’ve still got a great way for you to celebrate this big occasion. Disney World expert, noted author and MiceAge man about town, Kevin Yee, will be holding a FREE scavenger hunt before the Communicore Weekly live event. And we invite all of you (and your friends and family) to come join us. So save the afternoon of September 29th for us and we’ll have more information for your shortly about this great way to celebrate Epcot’s 30th anniversary!

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Hi everyone!  So are you enjoying Cars Land and the ‘new’ DCA? Have you braved the crowds in Radiator Springs and the traffic nightmare to get there just to get a glimpse of this new and shiny land? Tell us what you think and what ideas you have to make it better! Post your ideas, rumors and thoughts and remember…you just might make it to the weekly Round-Up!  -Demigod-

A Tron Legacy ride would be perfect for Tomorrowland
New MiceChat member Nikefutbolero post that a Tron Legacy ride would be a great addition to an aging Tomorrowland. Do you agree?

Rocket Rods 2.0
WoC 95
thinks that Disney should rebuild Rocket Rods.

Air curtains over DCA and DL shop doors
The Shadoe
knows…how Disney could solve the whole ‘open door’ air-conditioning problem!

Country Bear Jamboree—the Ride!
Resident MiceChatter merlinjones comes up with a tribute to the much-loved Country Bear Jamboree by memorializing it in a new ride

Walt Disney World

This week has some interesting developments in Walt Disney World: We have Wifi across the Magic Kingdom, a vegan booth at this year’s Food and Wine Festival, Carsland possibly coming to Walt Disney World, and some gorgeous details from World Showcase at EPCOT. See what’s up this week at Walt Disney World! ~yoyoflamingo

EPCOT World Showcase Details
In an interesting twist on a traditional trip report, Tonyrr1 shares some unique perspectives of World Showcase, highlighting some of the interesting and gorgeous details in the back half of EPCOT. Take a look!

Is Carsland coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?
It seems like a no brainer than TDO woul want to clone the extremely popular Radiator Springs Racers for Florida – is there more truth to this than rumor? Join in the discussion here!

New Vegan Marketplace to debut at EPCOT
Every year at EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival a new booth or two are introduced. This year, one of the new booths in a vegan themed booth. Is this a good idea or a relatively small segment of the population? Share your thoughts here.

Free Wifi now in Magic Kingdom
In a somewhat unheralded move, the Magic Kingdom now has parkwide Wifi, with rumors pointing to expanding to all the other parks in the near future. The common logic seems to relate this move to the implementation of NextGen technology, but is it a benefit to everyone as well? Come find out here!

Communicore Weekly brings you great history about the Western River Expedition. Jeff helps George with his book of the week, From Dreamer to Dreamfinder, and the five legged goat finds it’s way into

SARAH has a new column for us!

The MiceChat crew discusses Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, new entertainment in the parks and Six Flag’s terrifying new drop ride. Join Al Lutz, Dusty Sage, Monorail Man and Fishbulb for a fun and geeky look into the theme parks you love. We’ve embedded the audio player here, but you can also take us with you on iTunes: MiceChat Podcast on iTunes

Join us for lots of Disney magic on:!

Every Monday to Friday between 6-9 am Pacific, we give you your Newscast. Coming soon, you’ll be able to get a full recap of news from your favorite site.

Euro Disney SCA can’t afford opening Autopia and Armageddon Special Effects
It seems that Euro Disney has been feeling a pinch in their pocket. But is it justifiable for them to keep attractions closed on certain days to save money even if it means alienating guests and their enjoyment? Come in and share your opinions!

Character MEET & GREET
guessguy84 is headed to Euro Disneyland and is on a quest to spot rare Disney characters! Can anyone offer our beloved poster any more advice in regards to where they can find rare Disney characters on the property?

Goin to Disney Sea right when it opens. So which rides should I get in line for first
Nemo123 is heading to Tokyo Disney Sea and wants you advice in regards to which attractions they should enjoy first.

Mr.Potatohead Breaks down!!
Prometheus has captured some rather entertaining video of Mr. Potato Head breaking down in front of Tokyo Disneyland’s Toy Story attraction. Although the video has no sound, it’s still pretty funny to watch.


My totally awesome Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy…
knittingknerd had an ‘awesome’ voyage aboard the Disney Fantasy. What a great trip report with great pictures from the Western Caribbean.

D23 Expo 2013 Tickets Go On Sale August 9th at 10am
D23 announced that ticket sales for the 2013 D23 Expo will be on sale August 9th at 10am. Check out

The D23 survey was emailed this week. Did you get it? Interesting that it asks what fan sites, including were mentioned.

This week we have a trip report from Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, just a great story!

A Visit to Children’s Fairyland … and to My Childhood
Children’s Fairyland in Oakland provided one of Walt’s inspirations for Disneyland, and lctom1 returns to his childhood haunt with his granddaughter. Check out the pictures from the past and compare them with the present.

Joe’s quick Pixar In Concert at the Hollywood Bowl trip report – with a few photos
The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra played music from Pixar Movies and mre200200 brings us a great trip report. What a great time, Pixar in Concert.

Favorite non-Disney animated film.
OK, this is a little off Disney, but other studios have produced some great animated movies. So what are you favorites?

AMAZING fireworks show!! Celebration of light – Italy
Disney Analyst provides us with INCREDIBLE video of the Celebration of Light show that was put on in Italy!

Silly things you did or believed as a kid
Hayley B wonders what are some of the silly things you use to believe as a child? I use to believe Ebeneezer Scrooge lived in the haunted Mansion and was trapped in is bedroom and was the one rattling the doorknobs in the hallway as he was trying to get out.

Knott’s Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the event.
Knott’s Berry Farm has been playing it close to the vest this year with news about their highly anticipated 40th anniversary Halloween Haunt event.

Universal Studios Announces the Walking Dead for annual Halloween Horror Nights 2012
It’s official, a walk through maze based on the hit AMC Channel Series, The Walking Dead, is coming to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this fall in Hollywood and Florida.


Al Lutz – A Tale of Two Parks, Disneyland Update.

Disneyland Resort heads into the Dog Days of summer working under a radically changed set of operating philosophies, with the success of Cars Land and the re-launched DCA turning on its head a decade worth of assumptions how visitors to the resort will use the property. In this update we’ll fill you in on exactly what is going on with overall resort.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Review

Last month Universal Studios Florida unveiled a new attraction called Despicable Me. It wasn’t a brand new building; this was the former home of the simulator movie Jimmy Neutron, so it’s no surprise that the new attraction is also a simulator movie.

Dateline Walt Disney World

Hello, and welcome to Today, we have a large update from the with lots of work done at the and the . We’ll also take a look at a available in the parks now. Let’s…

Dateline Disneyland

As the Disneyland Resort enters the final stretch of its long summer season, new details are emerging on the plan to bring big changes to Disneyland‘s Fantasyland. Disney has confirmed the Fantasyland Theater will close…

From the Mouth of the Mouse
In today’s From the Mouth of the Mouse, we talk to Lynn, a former custodial worker at Disneyland. For the last few months, Lynn has been the host of The Sweep Spot, a podcast on…


It’s all about the story, right? Well, sometimes, to get to the story, we have to take in the little details. Take Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At first, it looks like a hodgepodge of…

In the Parks

Every year, Knott’s Berry farm puts on the biggest, longest running special ticketed Halloween party ever. Knott’s Scary farm will celebrate its 40th anniversary this Fall and they are preparing to knock it out of…

Orlando Parkhopper

Universal Orlando Resort is hopping with activity in preparation for things to come both soon and further into the future. Of course, the big news that everyone is talking about at the moment is the…


Disney World can be a very physical vacation. If you tour the parks like most people, you want to see and do everything, which means you’ll spend most of your day walking and standing in…

Once upon a time there was a very secret society within the earthen berm that surrounds Disneyland. Very few knew the actual number of members and the cost to join was quoted in terms similar…

Disney Art of Animation Resort Nears Opening
Here’s another Walt Disney World Update from Denise Preskitt in which we get to travel around Disney’s Orlando fiefdom without the August heat and humidity! ~~Rick I think it’s been a few weeks since I’ve…

Yesterland – X Games Xperience
 marks the spot. It’s the X Games Xperience at Yester California Adventure. Be immersed in a fast-paced array of activities inspired by ESPN’s X Games. The park promises “41 days of related events, activities, merchandise and promotions capturing the adrenaline and enthusiasm of the fast-growing sports.”

The 626
RFID, is coming to a Disney park near you and much like winter is coming, there is nothing anyone can do about it. For those of you living under the Tree of Life and who…

This Animatronic Life
This time around, we have a celebration of legendary Imagineer, Bob Gurr, and his association with Garner Holt Productions. It’s a story so good, you’ll want to read it twice.

Top Ten Ways To Enjoy An Evening In Disneyland
Disneyland is better at night. This isn’t my opinion–it’s an unassailable truth. (Okay, it is my opinion…but it should be a fact!) I am a firm believer that a big part of the appeal of…

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