Back in 2009, Yesterland ran a series of “Disneyland Then and Now” articles comparing Disneyland photos from the 1950s to similar photos in 2009. It’s now 2015. Because 2009 is no longer “now,” Werner Weiss went back to the same locations to take another look.


Read the YESTERLAND article HERE: Disneyland Long Ago, Not-So-Long Ago, and Now: Frontierland

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  • michael darling

    This was fun! Thank you. The other big difference in the Westward Ho shop is the building itself. They’ve reduced the number of log beams and built a solid porch roof where before it was several thin logs allowing sunlight in. These photos are very interesting to compare.

  • RX-24

    in the 50s photo of the Horseshoe look at the security personnel to the right of the photo. Interesting uniforms.

  • Disneykin Kid

    I always thought that the stage for Fantasmic should be a rock outcropping, not a huge mill building. A rock outcropping makes more sense as a stage for the climactic battle between Mickey and the Dragon, and it would make fit in the island as well.

    I like the old Golden Horseshoe paint job better, it looked lighter and more inviting. Now it looks kind of weighted down.

    Speaking of Pepsi, I miss the variety of drinks in the park. Yes, they have designer drinks like Red’s Apple Freeze, but the only choice for juice in most restaurants is a small Minute Maid juice box. I miss orange juice and Jungle Julep (Sunkist) grape juice (Welch’s) Tiki Punch, etc.

  • Eagleman

    Great Picture’s of “Frontierland” before and after….
    I also miss PEPSI in the park………

  • Awe_inspired

    Thanks for the article!

  • PDX1978

    Now and Thens are my favorite articles! It is so cool to see the same places from the same angles through the years.

    I like how Frontierland has evolved into sort of a “wild west that never was” fantasy, a little slick maybe and it has lost some of the old, rustic look, but really well themed and good looking over all!