We have a delightful little update for you today from Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.  It’s the off-season, so most SoCal theme parks, including Knott’s, are empty right now. Of course, Disneyland is packed to the gills, which makes this the perfect time of year for you to try a few new things. We’ll begin our update by looking at some of the little touches and enhancements going on in the park.  Ghost Town Grave Yard‘s most famous resident has been restored.  There is also plenty of pink around the park as Knott’s joins with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise breast cancer awareness.  The Timber Mountain Log Ride has also returned in almost perfect condition.  Still the best log ride ever built.  We then round things out with a look at the construction of Voyage to the Iron Reef and the bizarre refurbishment timeline of La Revolucion in Fiesta Village.  Let’s get to the news.

Supreme Scream Turns Pink

Once again, Knotts Berry Farm has joined forces with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise awareness and research money for the fight against breast cancer. January 5 through March 27, guests can purchase a Pink Ticket ($39 adults, $35 Jr./Sr. ages 3-11, 62+), online only at knotts.com. A portion of the ticket and merchandise proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen Orange County

aDSv9GYOfXjtJ-RlF7dHLu8fICJ6Idu48UqtSGpLAXgThe three-month promotion is a wonderful way to go and enjoy the park while supporting a great cause.  Throughout the park there are pink bursts of color, subtle hints at the promotion and a reminder of the need to continue fighting breast cancer.

They have also turned two iconic Knotts attractions pink to raise breast cancer awareness. Awash in tones of pink, the Calico Mine Ride and Supreme Scream are a dazzling site to behold once evening falls on the farm.



What if you were smart enough to buy a season pass to Knott’s but still want to help?  Easy.  You can visit several locations in the park and pick up your own pink T-shirt, button, or water bottle.







Hiram McTavish

We start off with amazing news.  The Hiram McTavish grave effect has been repaired.  If you haven’t visited this grave in Ghost Town’s Cemetery, you might want to pop in for a visit.  Place your foot on his grave for some good luck.






Timber Mountain Log Ride

After a month-long refurbishment, the amazing Timber Mountain Log Ride has reopened.  The ride is looking in tip-top shape.  The scent cannons are working in key scenes, the lighting is right back on point, and even the problematic water wheel is spinning.






The one minor sour note is with the banjo player in the second scene.  He is not fully operational yet.  To get around the strange look that a frozen banjo player might exude, Knott’s management threw a blanket on the figure.  He’s just napping folks, move along.







Voyage to the Iron Reef

Work continues with Voyage to the Iron Reef.  Knott’s recently announced the opening date for the new, interactive attraction will be Friday, May 15th.  There is still not a whole lot to see at the construction site as the majority of the work is happening inside the show building.











La Revelucion

The flat ride, La Revelucion, in Fiesta Village, remains closed. The ride has been closed for months while they await a replacement part.





Meanwhile the old Bud Hurlbut-designed workhorses, The Hat Dance and Dragon Swing, are still going strong after decades of operation.


Nearby, Montezuma’s Revenge is currently down for a little refurbishment.




Back to Reality

A strange break in theme and intrusion from the outside world has suddenly opened up in the park. Strolling through Fiesta Village into Camp Snoopy, there is a break in the illusion as you can clearly look outside the park and through the ugly security fence.

Along the Stage Coach route that borders the park in that area, the foliage has been removed from the otherwise industrial chain link fence, revealing street traffic mere feet from guests.



Let’s hope this is just temporary while they plant some new foliage.

Knott’s Beauty

Those of you who have visited the park in the last year know that Knott’s is really a place of great beauty, and getting even better by the month.  Enjoy these parting shots from the farm and do consider making a visit before the Spring Break crowds show up.











Have you ever wanted to take a backstage tour of a major animatronic-filled attraction? Would you like to visit the factory where fantastic animatronics are made? Better yet, what if your ticket price went to save and restore the historic home in which Walt Disney was born?!

The animatronics wizards at Garner Holt Productions are offing an exclusive and very limited opportunity for a small group of people to tour both their factory as well as the historic Calico Mine Train. VIP ticketed guests will also receive a VERY special gift which is an actual item made for the attraction!!! This is the stuff of dreams!


While the event isn’t cheap, it will certainly be worth every penny for true theme park lovers who want to know more about how the magic is made. Find out more about this amazing event and sign up while you still can. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities you just won’t want to miss:

Garner Holt Productions Tour and Walt Disney Birthplace Event – Information HERE



  • Thank you Norm. I was just at the park the other day. I didn’t ride a single attraction, just popped in for lunch and to walk around. It’s such an easy park to visit and explore.

    While this park is no Disneyland, and isn’t trying to be, it is a delight. I’ve got to agree with you that now is the time to visit as crowd levels are much lower than they will be over Spring Break or summer.

  • WDWfanBoston

    Nice update, but didn’t this run a few weeks ago? Maybe I just have deja vu?

  • MyFriendtheAtom

    Boysenberry Coffee

    • bassmonkey1962

      OMG, I NEVER thought of that ! I would SO give the Green-Light to that idea !!!!!!!!

      • MyFriendtheAtom

        it exists and it is the best

  • SanDiegoAl

    On the Log Ride, have they replaced the “hitch hiking” guy that was there at re-opening? I know some punks had damaged it as it is a tad close to the logs, but I was hoping they could fit him in somewhere…

    • bassmonkey1962

      It was damaged? WTH is wrong with people? I am 52, so maybe I am just being nostalgic, and what-not, but it absolutely tears me up to hear that a bunch of kids decided to deface something that is near and dear to my heart. Call me a wimp, just saying………………….

      • sinatra12

        Its not just being nostalgic, It seems like the recent generation has no respect for private property

  • Cookie Boat

    I stopped in for lunch on Tuesday – there couldn’t have been more than 1,000 people spread around the park. Everything was a walk-on. The place was a ghost town! 😛

  • jcruise86

    The sign states that the Iron Reef opens May 15, 2015?
    Really? That soon?

    • jcruise86

      P.S. Thanks for the update, Norm. I’d bet many Disneyland fans are enjoying Knott’s if they can’t afford Disneyland APs every year, or if they just want to take a break from Disneyland. If I ran Knott’s I have an ad contrasting the price differences. For some, Knott’s would leave more money for clothes, and saving for retirement or college.

      • Algernon

        I went last week and got the $84 season pass. I wish there were less coasters and more family type rides, like Knott’s Beary Tales or Kingdom of the Dinosaurs used to be. Still, I had a good time, for a lot less money than Disneyland, with no safety railings and paving stones. The Mine Train, Log Ride, Calico Saloon Show, Train and Sky Tower were fun. I would have liked to try the Rapids, but everybody coming off looked awfully wet. Maybe on a hotter day.

      • jcruise86

        Algernon: here are some more Knott’s tips:
        Don’t miss “Mystery Lodge” if you like the Haunted Mansion’s Peppers Ghost effect in the ballroom scene.
        I also like the saloon show in the summer when it has can-can dancers.

  • Sprite-Boy

    Love these pictorials of the park. My boys love this park as much as I do, and always nice to see how amazing it looks. My oldest wants to see a Bigfoot on the Rapids ride, he brings it up every time we are there. “And not a disco yeti dad.” ;-). Thanks!!

  • Wendygirl

    I was just reading that as they did for Ghost Town (theme appropriate music), they now have theme appropriate music in Camp Snoopy! Boysenberry coffee is so good 🙂

  • heffalump

    Great update. Keep up the good work Knotts’s!