We have two bits of fun news for you today from SeaWorld Orlando.  Actually, we have one tiny (but very cute) game the trainers are playing with the Dolphin and a very exciting look at the progress of SeaWorld Orlando’s upcoming Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins attraction.

We couldn’t help but share a bit of obnoxiously adorable news with you today.  It seems that dolphins love to play with bubbles.  That’s right, Bubbles. and we have the pics to prove it!

The dolphins in the pool are waiting eagerly for the caretaker to blow another batch of dolphin friendly bubbles.

They are difficult to see in this picture, but one of the dolphin in particular is getting excited.  So today’s lesson, dolphins+bubbles= (Cute+Happy) squared.

Here we have the latest look at the next mega-attraction for Sea World, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.  This trackless attraction will have guests “Floating” through frozen scenes and ending with up close encounters with the little birds of the south.

As you’ll see, construction is moving lightening fast.

Vertical frame work has topped out here and they are now constructing the separate levels.

And there you have it.  The Dolphins are frolicking with bubbles and Antarctica continues to show steady progress.  By this time next year, we should be setting sail into the glacial surroundings in search of penguins.  Until then, have fun park hopping!