Spring has arrived in Southern California with beautiful weather in the parks. The MiceChat round-up brings you news and discussion of the new Smokejumper Grill and re-imagining of Condor Flats as the Grizzly Peak Airfield. Concept art has been released! Let us know what you think of the new look. We also have great reports of the famous Dapper Day event. What would you think about having a Cinderella Classic dark ride in fantasy land? Plus, news, podcasts, videos and more.

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MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Refurbishments continue as Disneyland prepares to close Innoventions
With work happening from Critter Country to Condor Flats, off-season refurbishments, construction and enhancements projects continue throughout the Disneyland Resort. In Disneyland, Disney has confirmed Innoventions will close at the end of March but remains silent on plans for the Tomorrowland attraction. Is the rumored Disneyland 60th Anniversary exhibit moving in? Meanwhile, work continues in Disney California Adventure on transforming Condor Flats into the new period-appropriate Grizzly Peak Airfield. And if you’re looking forward to Disney’s live-action remake of its classic animated hit “Cinderella,” Disneyland has plenty of merchandise to hold you over until the film hits theaters this weekend.

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Checking in at Disneyland
Spring is in the air at the Disneyland Resort.  Today we take a look at the park and what is going on in preparation for the 60th anniversary.  Sleeping Beauty Castle came out from behind construction scrims  to reveal a modest repaint and infrastructure installation for more decor down the road.  We see that Peter Pan’s Flight is under refurbishment as it gets it’s 60th Anniversary enhancements. Meanwhile, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Splash Mountain, and Whinnie the Pooh are all down for refurbishment as the park heads closer to the summer celebrations.  We also have news from Disney California Adventure, where we look at the progress in the Grizzly Peak Airfield and World of Color.  We also stop to see the new walls around Luigi’s as a new ride system is installed and we check out the dried up Grizzly RIver Run.  There is a lot to see so let’s not waste any more time!

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Disney Parks News and Reports

It was time again for Dapper Days at Disneyland.  We also have some concept art of what Condor Flats is being transformed into.   Then we want to know who your favorite Imagineer is!    ~ Aladdin

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Dapper Day 2015  –  Disneyland  LANDS Edition
Dreams of Color and friends coordinated another set of creatively themed outfits, in Dapper Style for the most recent Dapper Days in Anaheim!  See their most recent marvelous outfits modeled here!

Who is Your Favorite Imagineer?  
PlutoHasFleas wants to know your favorite Disney Imagineer, are they from Walt’s day, or did they arrive after Walt?  Here is list of Imagineers, and some of their highlights, but if your favorite is not on the list, let us know who you cast your vote for.

Disney Blog confirms Smokejumpers Grill and more
Condor Flats is being re-themed from a desert airstrip into a forest airfield.  With that comes green paint, removing palm trees and cactus, and adding pine trees,  We get a look at the artistic rendering of what Grizzly Peak Airfield.   We also learn a little more about what Taste Pilots Grill will transform to.

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Matt’s February 2015 Dapper Day Trip Report
Whoever and family were also at Disneyland for Dapper Day, for a quick weekend trip and have their trip report here!


Now for you this week, we have some new ideas and rumors from the Disneyland Resort. ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Cinderella Dark Ride
Since the Ratatouille ride at Disneyland Paris shrinks you down to the size of a mouse, why not a similar idea for Cinderella in California? asks Disney1997.

Fox and the Hound elements added to RCCT
Sorcerer’s Apprentice thinks elements from Fox and the Hound might be a good addition to California Adventure’s Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.


This week is Hong Kong centered with a playlist a schedule and a great report with a lot of pictures. – DLandFansAZ

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Chinese New Year is all over and the crowds roll out.
Here is a great report from CaptainLazerGuns on what is happening in Hong Kong.  Lots of great pictures too.

Theatre in the Wild area music
iluvHKDL brings us a playlist of the area music for Theatre in the Wild.

Hong Kong Disneyland Maintenance Schedule
CaptainLazerGuns has compiled a maintenance schedule for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Just back from a February 2015 trip to Tokyo Disney!
Here is a nice little trip report from iheartglaciers


We have confirmation, Soarin’ and Toy Story Mania at getting expansion.  Plus some scheduling and swapping information, a lawsuit against WDW, and finally how do you feel about the new hub?DLandFansAZ

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Disney Confirms Soarin’ & Toy Story Mania Expansions
PlutoHasFleas brings us information that the rumors have finally been confirmed.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Switches With Aloha Isle This Week
On March 12th, the Sunshine Tree Terrace and Aloha Isle will swap locations.

Express Monorail Closed Tuesdays And Wednesdays
Just a heads up from PlutoHasFleas, due to infrastructure work Express Monorail trip will have scheduling changes.

Florida commission: Disney discriminated against autistic visitors
PhotoMatt brings us information from the Orlando Sentinel about a ruling against Disney.

How do you feel about AstoTurf in the hub?
jcruise86 has a question to ask about the astro-turf in the hub?

Other Theme Parks & Resorts

Want a Dole Whip but can’t afford going to a Disney park or Hawaii? See below. ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Joe’s quest to find a Dole Whip, not at the Disney parks
Joe Flowers (mre200200) slakes his thirst for a Dole Whip at a location in southern California that isn’t at Disneyland. His pictures just might make your mouth water.

Profits from the sale of every bottle of refreshing O-Zell soda supports the restoration of the Walt Disney Birthplace in Chicago. Pick up some delicious Victorian-style natural soda AND help a great cause at the same time: O-Zell Soda

AV Room

MiceChat Podcast: Disney Bling Bling and Other Things – The MiceChat crew is BACK after a long delay, and they’ve got some surprises for you. The Hat Box Ghost isn’t the only thing returning, we’ve got news of the return of the Fabulous Disney Babe! There’s all sorts of news about the things which will be keeping us busy in the theme parks in 2015, not the least of which is Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary. Let’s chat . . .


The Haunted Mansion Show Extra: Making of “Call in the Spirit”
It’s been a while since we’ve crept behind the curtain of “The Haunted Mansion Show,” hasn’t it? This week, we delve into how the ninth episode of the show, “Call in the Spirit,” was made! See how the characters of Goyle and the Rude Guest were created and how future episodes will be filmed and edited! But beware, a few sinister secrets may be revealed to mortal eyes, so watch with caution…

The Haunted Mansion Show Episode 27: Venomous VooDoo
New Orleans. The original home of Gracey Manor before it was brought to Disneyland. Home of swinging jazz and steamboats roll’n down the river. But it has also become a home for a strange and unusual type of custom: voodoo. Throughout history, New Orleans-voodoo has become a custom of many a believer of the dead. The Haunted Mansion is obviously no exception. Learn about the art of voodoo with an electrifying lecture from your Ghost Host and a call from the Shadow Man himself, Dr. Facilier.


The Sweep Spot: In this episode we welcome author Sam Gennawey to discuss his new book Universal VS. Disney. This is a great discussion on the Universal Studios of the past, current state and future.

Window to the Magic: Enjoy the sounds of the park on our weekly journeys into the wonderful world of the Disney sound experience!

Disafterdark: Disafterdark Series 3, Episode 9 – Jim’ll (no, I can’t use that title can I?) Welcome back to the Mouses Head and thank you for the download. Jim Hill is back, and answering some of your questions you posed for him. Thats it really… Enjoy, we did.

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The Season Pass: The Essential Theme Park Podcast: Wew Unveil Trapped: Lock & Key from Knott’s Scary Farm 2014. Creators Jeff Tucker and Gus Krueger break-down the creative process of Trapped along with conversation and dissection of every room. This podcast also contains two full stereo walk-throughs of the VIP experience.  This is the biggest TSPP ever released…4 terrifying hours…be prepared.

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Disney Avenue Podcast: Brings you a fantastic interview with Disney Legend, Walt Disney Archives founder and former chief archivist David Smith! Dusty Sage, of MiceChat.com, teams up with host Keith Michael Mahne for another amazing show. It was a wonderful conversation and a whole lot of fun. Walt Disney Archives founder and former chief archivist David Smith officially joined The Walt Disney Company on June 22, 1970, but his Disney roots are even deeper.

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Mousetalgia! – An Unofficial Disneyland Podcast: Mousetalgia carries the banner and reviews the current touring production of Newsies, which landed recently in San Francisco. We discuss the differences between the film and the touring production, and even some differences between the Broadway show and the current tour. Souvenirs, dancing, the music – we cover it all. Then, Dave and Becky review Disney on Ice: “Let’s Celebrate,” and describe the experience. (Hint: bring a kid!) Also, the Mallett family joins us to discuss visiting Disneyland almost 60 years ago in 1955 when they won a radio contest in the Golden Horseshoe and rode down Main Street in the fire truck with Abbott and Costello, and they also share their memories of the park as they grew up with it through the decades.

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast: There has been a bumper crop of news lately, so we get straight in to it, as we talk Kong, Ticket price increases, Sharknado, Mardi Gras, Water Bottles and much more. We bring you some announcements, we talk about The Producers Club and the very first U.K Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast  Meet, that will be taking place this year on September 26th. and we wrap up with an email from Jen.

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MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Eye to Eye from the Goofy Movie by Donovan
We have something really fun for you today from the MiceTube. Our friend Taran Gray presents recording artist Donovan singing “Eye to Eye” from A Goofy Movie. This young man has a lot of talent and we expect him to go far.

The MiceEars Crew puts a lot of time and effort into making the Disney News Round-Up happen.Our thanks to:Editor CakvalaSC and the MiceEars Crew: Aladdin, Yoyoflamingo, Trekkie Dad, DLandFansAZ, RegionsBeyond, Fishbulb & Dustysage.

We hope to see you online again soon, Dusty and the amazing MiceChat crew!

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