The August heat has caught up with SeaWorld San Diego. But we’ve found a few ways to beat the heat. And while we’re at it, we’ll show you a few little bits of news from the park as well. We think you’ll agree, it’s pretty cool.

Coca-Cola Swelter Stopper

We’ve been seeing Coca-Cola almost everywhere in the park since it replaced Pepsi as sponsor. Now, Coke has parked a bus just outside the park which is called the “Coca-Cola Swelter Stopper”.

Before entering the bus, we guessed – and hoped – it would be a Coca-Cold Happiness truck – just like this one… . However, this differs greatly.

Inside, a DJ throws down a few tracks while guests mingle…in air conditioning!

And most importantly, guests can sip on free samples of ICE cold Cokes! Hits the spot on a hot summer day.

Guests can also play the latest Xbox games and watch the Olympics – since Coca-Cola is sponsoring the London games.

Wild Arctic

There’s another ice cold spot at SeaWorld San Diego, Wild Arctic.

This is much more than an attraction. It’s a fully themed experience.

Wild Arctic is one of the older SeaWorld attractions. It opened in the early nineties, yet it is still one of the more popular attractions in the park.

When entering, guests are given the option of traveling to the Wild Arctic by helicopter or by foot. If you travel by foot, there is no wait time for you, and you’ll walk right into the animal attraction just beyond. However, if you travel by helicopter, you’ll (normally) have to wait in line a bit before you can hop a ride.

We’ll be traveling by helicopter today…hope you don’t mind…it might be a bumpy ride.

Upon entering the show building, we line up in a small pre-show area.

Here, we see a quick video which sets up the ride and let’s us know the safety instructions.

When the video ends, the ride doors open, and we enter the passenger seating area in the helicopter.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, you’re not actually riding a motion simulator in the style of Star Tours.

Remember the old version of Star Tours at Disneyland? There’s a scene in this ride where you enter a glacier which will give you flashbacks.

It’s not spectacular as a stand alone attraction, but it’s really just the first act which sets the stage for the real star of Wild Arctic . . . the animals!

After you leave the ride, you find yourself in a research station in the Arctic.

Guests witness the great and powerful Beluga whale, however because they are usually underwater, you’ll want to travel along and catch a better glimpse of them further along the path to catch a better view.

The next set of windows feature some cute but deadly giants.

THE POLAR BEAR…isn’t he cuuuuuutttee?

This is normally how it is. You’ll be very lucky if you see them (and by “them” I mean more than one) walking and interacting with different things, or better yet, swimming around in their pool.

Just past the Polar Bears, you travel through an icy cave…

…with real, wet ice…

…which leads you to the great and powerful walrus!

As you walk down another ramp, you’re on your way to the underwater viewing areas.

But before you get there, you must (well you don’t really have to) walk through…

THE POLAR BEAR DENS!!! Well it’s more for little kids, but it’s a small “cave” that you walk through and a huge roar will suddenly ring out and scare everybody. BOO, Polar Bear is going to eat you. Enjoy that kids? We thought so.  😉

And then, you reach the underwater viewing areas…

Where you can reunite with our graceful friends, the Beluga whale.

Of course, like any good themed attraction, the grand finale is … a gift shop.

It may be old, but Wild Arctic is a fantastically themed series of attractions and exhibits. This is the sort experience that any theme park would be proud to offer guests. This park needs more attractions on this scale.


SeaWorld recently announced on their Facebook page that after a twelve year run, Cirque will take it’s final bow on Sunday, August 12. While I was predicting that it would be closing sooner rather than later, I didn’t think it would be this soon – especially with all the new additions this year. So, here is a final look.

My favorite addition this year was the trampoline act. It was so well done and I am sad to see it go.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a look…


Like I said earlier, Cirque will take its final bow on Sunday, August 12. If you’re at the park, make sure you stop by.

SeaWorld hasn’t announced what the new show will be next year, however it did say that it will be “exciting”. There are countless possibilities for different shows to go here. What do you think SeaWorld will do next?