Robots and trains and wizards, OH MY!  In any other place this would seem outlandish.  But, for the folks at Universal Studios Orlando, it’s all in a days work. This week, we track the continued progress on three projects happening at the resort.  First up is the Transformers attraction site with a huge gaping hole in the earth and cement and foundation work continuing.  Next is the Harry Potter expansion into the Studios Park along with new information on where the Hogwarts express will run through the backstage areas.  Finally, we end with the news that the Midway games are progressing again near the Simpsons ride.  Let’s get started.

We are standing in front of the yet-to-be-announced Transformers: The Ride 3D.  Quite a bit of excavation work has now been done and the foundation is being poured.  If only the weather would cooperate.  The Florida thunderstorms, that Orlando is known for, keep leaving behind pooled water and making things difficult in general.

Here we have a clear look at the foundation laid thus far.

In the bottom of this picture you can see the milky, brown
water collected at the lower portions of the site.

The Rip Ride Rock-it coaster looms in the background.

More rebar waiting to be used.

Earth-movers continue to transport dirt from the site at a frenzied pace.

And now for something completely different. The far corner of the park is beginning to take on the shape of waterfront London.

The square-like pedestals will serve as the base for lamp posts along the water.


While it is still very far from completion, the area already promises to be a real beacon along the lagoon and a major draw in the park.

What’s more, Universal has begun backstage construction along a long path which runs directly between Universal’s new Harry Potter construction site and the current Wizarding World at Islands of Adventure. Though, due to the location of the construction and it’s length, it will severely impact resort operations from the parade staging area, to costume facility access and general back stage navigation. But this is a project of such importance, that it is well worth the current growing pains.

The red line is the path of construction for the Hogwarts Express. It will more or less follow the current backstage road called 5th Avenue.


After a brief hiatus, it seems that the midway games construction is back on. This project was made necessary when the previous games, which were located near JAWS, were displaced do to the Harry Potter Construction.

Transformers, Harry Potter, game construction, there’s a lot of work going into the future of Universal Orlando. We’ll do our best to keep you informed of the changes as they occur and hope you’ll keep us in the loop as well.

What pieces of Universal’s expansion are you most looking forward to?