Disney World Fantasyland Construction and Changes to Epcot’s France

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Walt Disney World

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Published on August 17, 2012 at 1:39 am with 21 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  1. Fantastic article Cory. Though I’m absolutely crushed that Bistro de Paris is going to become yet another casual family restaurant. It was the finest theme park restaurant in Orlando. It was unique and special, and fancy, and perfect for a very special occasion. Now we’ll have families in shorts complaining that the food is too French. Blech!

    • I’m very nervous there will be some sort of burger/fries variant on the menu once it reopens.

  2. The overhang at the Living Seas almost looks like a Whale’s fin diving down under! lol

    great article!

    • Well, that overhang is no fluke…

  3. Great update!…I’ll be there in a month, and anticipation groooows when I see these wonderful updates…wow!!

    Thanks Cory!

  4. Outstanding update, Cory! THANK YOU!

  5. I’m really enjoying all the updates Cory. The Magic Kingdom is really starting to shine again. The Fantasyland work is very detailed and some of the smaller projects are much needed and will look great once completed.

    • Yes, it really is looking nice. If you compare the park to about a year or a year and a half ago, it looks significantly improved. And I think the New Fantasyland is setting a new benchmark for detail and quality in that park, particularly the styling and theme on the Little Mrmaid building. I can’t say enough how wonderful it looks.

  6. So sad about Bistro. Though I too never had the chance to dine there it seemed like a nice taste of elegance in the World Showcase. Guess Disney is limiting fine dinning to only the resorts now.

    • To be honest, it wouldn’t be a problem if they were keeping the fine dining only at resorts if it weren’t so hard for some guests to get to those resorts. If you don’t rent a car, it’s a relative nightmare to get to a place like Animal Kingdom Lodge to enjoy Sanaa or Jiko!

  7. Um… Fantasyland is lookign great. But, to those of you excited about The Little Mermaid ride, get ready to be disappointed. At California Adventure it’s a ghost towm to get folks on this really average dark ride. It has all the magic of a toy store window in Omaha.

    • In my opinion, the Little Mermaid ride is a solid Fantasyland darkride. If folks are expecting Winnie the Pooh or Snow White, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. But if they are expecting an E-Ticket (based upon the beautiful show building it resides in), they will be hugely disappointed. The DCA version is a huge people eater and is actually quite successful. But it isn’t commanding long waits. A high capacity omnimover is exactly what Fantasyland needs at WDW. I think this one will do just fine. But I am expecting some backlash due to the extravagant show building which may outshine the ride inside.

    • Hey I’m from Omaha lol thats not nice lol

  8. [...] Over at Mice Chat, Cory Disbrow shares some awesome photos of the work being done in Fantasyland and Epcot. [...]

  9. Great pictures–thanks for these updates!

  10. I can’t help but wonder, in the picture of them putting the grass in. What kind of fake grass is that? Who makes it?

  11. I ate the Bistro de Paris for the first time last year. It was an amazing experience. Food, service and view of Illuminations couldn’t were all exceptional.

    This video is a tribute to my dad who passed away months before this video was shot. I was going to see him and my mom during trip. Since he had passed, I envisioned going to the park and having this dinner with a view of the fireworks to honor him.

    Things happened exactly how I pictured it. I didn’t even have to ask a waiter to be seated by the window.

    At least I got to experience Bistro de Paris while it was still top notch.


    • Typo in the first line. I ate at the Bistro de Paris. I did not eat Bistro de Paris. That would have been way too filling.

  12. Well, I recall being there and eating there, seeing the servers in tuxedos, gee, it’s also making me blush trying to remember that.


  13. Excellent update. I’ve enjoyed many fine meals at the Bistro, but the restaurant is rarely even half full. I can understand Disney making the place a bit more accessable to the average folk. From what I’ve read they’re going to keep a pretty nice menu, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it.