I’m so excited to get this column to you today. There’s a little bit of everything for you. I’ll start with my thoughts on the closing of Captain EO at Epcot, then I’ll share another tidbit on becoming an Imagineer. But what I’m really excited about is to show you some special artwork that I’m creating. Be sure to read through to the bottom and vote in the polls so I can create something special just for you!


A great cry was heard when it was announced that EPCOT would be closing Captain EO to make way for the upcoming Tomorrowland film preview. Many collectors contacted me to see how I felt about this since I worked on the attraction.

Sad but true Captain EO is closing. But Terri shown here with MJ says, you never know.
Sad but true, Captain EO is closing. But Terri, shown here with Michael Jackson, says you never know.

I feel a little sad. However Disneyland closed EO a bit ago as well, so I grieved then. But lets think about this for a minute, is it really gone for good?

I don’t think so. There’s already a Facebook page called Save the Captain EO Project and even though it seems to be designed to prevent EO’s closing, it’s still up and people continue to contribute. I know there are so many who love this attraction so I’m sure it will be back someday. After all, EO came back before, so why not again.

I also have to give full disclosure as I always want to tell you dear readers, the truth. When Captain EO leaves the parks, television stations have the opportunity to grab it and when they do I receive royalties, or residuals as they’re called here in California, every time they show it.

An Example of this was just before EO was brought back to the parks, MTV screened it several times and I was paid for each of the MTV showings.

Disney has a special clause that allows them to show EO over and over and not pay royalties to us as long as those showing are in their parks. No problem. It’s much more fun to have it in the parks, trust me on this one.


I noticed in the reader comments over the last couple of articles that some of you discussed dreams you have and also how this article brought out some similar memories of auditioning and your journey.

That’s awesome and I hope many of my articles continue to provoke thoughts and comments.

It’s very true. In the entertainment industry, auditioning is as common as the resume in any other job. But then if you think about it, a job interview is a sort of audition. However, it’s not like the true audition, those you do as a musician, actor or dancer. In the office you won’t have to hear the dreaded phrase, “Thank you, next!” Shouted above your head to the next applicant.

There’s nothing like feeling your heart sink when you hear that, but as I always say, be strong because when you’re right for something, you’re right and you’ll get the gig.

Thank you to CO_Klutch who brought this to my attention in a comment on the last article.

STEP – 5 – Why wait? Do Your Own Thing Now.
In my day…..
I know, I know, you’re now picturing an old lady sitting in a rocking chair, eyes closed preparing to tell you yet another story.

Well I’m sitting in my rocker so let’s get to rockin’.

In my day, getting someone to see your work, or finance your work, or whatever was at the mercy of the studios, TV production and folks like that. You had to pound the pavement and wait for someone to hire you. You even had to make phone calls, Ugh! Even today people hate making that cold call.

But these days there’s this amazing invention called The Internet.
In my day there was no Internet and getting the job was tedious. I’m not saying it’s easier today, but what I am saying is that it can be more fun.

Why? Because you can create your art, your film or your animation and upload it to the site of your choice, be it youtube, vimeo or whatever.

I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but it needs to be mentioned often, as this can be the key to your dream job if you do this. I caution you to read the fine print before you post any of your original work online, as you might later find out that the place you posted now owns your work. You need to remain the owner of your work.

But the opportunities are endless and the beautiful part of this is that the films and companies just might see it and come see you instead of the other way around, which gives you the upper hand.

My goodness, you might even get approached to work on a show as a result of what you post online. Below is an example that illustrates this on a mega level. Arnel Pineda simply had a dream and got to work. Check it out.

What do you think about that video? Do you think he’s more special then you? NO he isn’t. But his journey is special because he just did it. He didn’t listen to people who told him not to bother, as it was a one in a million shot.

Arnel would say, just go for it and do it for yourself, and nobody else.

I too have benefited as a result of showing my work. My dear friend Stefan G. Bucher shot a time-lapse video on youtube of me carving a pumpkin for him.

Having your art or a video of your process proves credibility and helps people view you as a world class artist.

My point is that if you really want to be an Imagineer, and can send someone to a place where they can see your work in action, don’t you think this would be a plus?

Of course!

Do remember that you’re an artist, so don’t get crazy and spend a lot of money. Set yourself a budget and make something fun. Then upload it. Keep doing this until something good happens. Just think, even it no one bites you’re doing your art over and over and getting better and better. Plus, you’re having a lot of fun.

Any step in any direction creates momentum even if that step is in the wrong direction.

Also, don’t forget crowd-funding sites where you ask others to come on board and invest in your project. Kickstarter.com is a very popular site. You simply come up with something you want to create, make a video, create a few investment levels and post. Then promote the heck out of it. If folks believe in you, they’ll donate to make your project happen.

I’m simplifying here but if you go to the site and look at the different projects offered you’ll get the idea of how it works and think about how you might benefit by doing one yourself.

I’ve seen several wonderful inventions and ideas by going to Kickstarter.com. From giant amazing things to simple stuff like decorated walking canes for the elderly. Many of my friends have been very successful with this. Once you hit your financial goal, you can then get to work, create your item or film and send out the perks to your investors.

Here is one that I invested in, Angelo Garro’s Omnivore Salt. Angelo has a restaurant in San Francisco. At this restaurant he would use this herb mix to season his food. He set little bowls of it at each of the tables and people used to steal this special mix.

A friend suggested he sell it and set up a kickstarter site for him. Many joined together to help him and now he has his own website and an income to aid him in his old age he never thought would happen. PLUS, he still has his restaurant.  Check it out here.

So now I ask, “Why not you?”


Thank you for posting. As I say over and over, I love to hear from you.

Ski bum – Congratulations to your son. What is his name? Because you and he spoke that he’d like to be an architect. I encourage him to draw every day. Anything that he likes. If it’s interior design, do that, if it’s buildings or bridges, draw them and keep everything you draw. Plus, if you’re not already doing so, Google and study those architects that inspire you. I personally love Frank Lloyd Wright.

Kenny B – Yes, that is exactly it. Many companies do just this technique to see how your disposition is. Easy going is exactly what they’re looking for. However, they’re not looking for a yes-man, one who just agrees with everything. A company, especially Walt Disney Imagineering, wants someone who can contribute to the team they’re looking to create.


I’ve hinted at this in the last couple of articles, but now I’m announcing two amazing new sculptures created by yours truly, Terri Hardin.

In honor of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary, I’m going to offer the following limited edition sculptures to the MiceChat readers for pre–sale (and sale if there’s any left after the pre-sale).

The first piece is a 3D plaque sculpted in Bas-relief created in the style of the map I sculpted for Walt’s 100th Birthday at the 2001 Disneyana event shown Below.

Disneyland Puzzle Map (limited edition of 10). Sold for $1800.00ea. to names drawn from a lotto.
Disneyland Puzzle Map (limited edition of 10).


The piece I’m creating for you, titled “60 years of Magic,” depicts Walt’s iconic castle with 6 Attractions that represent each of the six decades that the park has been operating. Howeverj we NEED you help!

I have designed two versions (see rough drawings below) and we’d like you to pick which one you like best and vote for it. Yes, you get to have a say in which one you’d like me to make!!!

These are very rough concept drawings, so some areas may change a little, and everything will be perfected and refined as I actually start sculpting.

Version #1 – shows the exteriors of the 6 attractions selected.
Version #1 – shows the attraction rides close up – ie. ride vehicles etc.


Version #2 – shows the attraction rides close up - ie ride vehicles etc.
Version #2 – shows the exteriors of the 6 attractions selected.

Approx. size of the plaque is 7” wide by 12” tall by ¾” thick.
Limited Edition size 300
Cost – $250.00 ea.


**Be sure to look at the map I posted above to get an idea of the style of this piece. The color will most likely be a bronze look, but color hasn’t been decided. THE SECOND PIECE – Bob Gurr’s Retro Flying Saucer Ride Vehicle. This piece is a stand alone miniature sculpture that depicts the Classic flying Saucer Vehicle piloted by Imagineer and Disney Legend Bob Gurr.

Rough Concept drawing for Bob Gurr’s Retro Flying Saucer Ride Vehicle.
Rough Concept drawing for Bob Gurr’s Retro Flying Saucer Ride Vehicle.

Approx size – 5”wide by 5” deep by 7” tall. Limited Edition – 300 Cost. $250.00   WHICH PIECES SHOULD I MAKE FOR YOU (BOB GURR, 60th ANNIVERSARY, OR BOTH)?  


***Next week we plan to pre-sell these pieces so I can raise enough funds to actually create them for you.
For anyone who purchases at pre-sale, we are offering an amazing gift only available at that time.

PLUS – I’ll set up a special email list so that anyone who purchases at the pre –sale will get to peek virtually into my shop and watch me create these very special pieces.

If you would like to be notified when the pieces become available for pre-sale, please add your name here:

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See you next time.

Please go to my website and facebook fan page. For joining my internet community via my website I offer a free gift that I’ll send to you personally.


Again, thanks to all of you.