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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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N Nielsen is the creator and main driving force of the absurd and loving parody of Disneyland called Disnerland. N has been a fan of theme parks and absurd humor their whole life. So it was inevitable these two loves would come together into the delightfully odd soup that is Disner. A Seattle native, now living in Los Angeles, N works as a media designer for a themed entertainment company. They enjoy hiking, prop making, cosplaying, and of course, visiting theme parks.
Hello to all the Disner childs! The big talk in all the Disnerland Place is that AMAZEBALLS! is back SOON! YAYYYYYY! The AMAZEBALLS! will be not the same to old childs. So look down with your seeholes at the BEST PARTS of...
We are thrilled to have Disnerland join us again today. You'll find their first MiceChat article HERE. If you like what you see, there will be a lot more clever theme park parody for you in the future. So...