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  1. Notice - This is not an excuse

    by , 08-26-2013 at 12:47 PM (It's A Quest...)
    Excuses are what people give you when they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions. Explainations are what people give you when they want you to know why they let you down.

    My company just took on extra work, which means I have been assigned extra work. This is a good thing for my company and for me. It does, however, mean I cannot promise weekly updates promptly appearing each Monday afternoon.

    My apologies.

    T-1,016 days and counting, ...
  2. Main Street Elite Children's Cancer Benefit

    by , 08-22-2013 at 06:54 PM (My so called Disney..)

    This is Jonathon. Heís battling Leukemia. Heís our dear friendís son and Heís important to all us. We will be holding a fundraser for him and his family in Los Angeles. Please Come out to support him and all the other children affected by cancer this Saturday (The 24th) at The Proper Barbershop. We will be raffling off some awesome prizes as well as giving tattoos and hair cuts to help support Jonathon. All proceeds will be going to him to help his battle ...
  3. Planning - Food Glorious Food!

    by , 08-20-2013 at 04:32 AM (It's A Quest...)
    Here along Americaís North Coast, summer usually means one thingÖ a trip to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, located on beautiful Lake Erie. When planning a trip to Cedar Point, one often makes meticulous plans as to how the day will go. With 14 roller coasters to ride, a battle plan is necessary to ride them all in one day. Cedar Point has nice live shows as well. As a performer, Iíve always planned to take at least some time out of my day to see a show, usually a barbershop or beauty ...
  4. Mickeys "Fun" Wheel or The Wheel of Death

    by , 08-12-2013 at 06:41 PM (Evil Genius Guide to Disneyland)
    [I][COLOR=#ff0000]Hey! It's Jumba! I am back! I haven't posted anything in a while, but I am back to posting some or my previous blogs until I catch up. This one is from April 6th 2013.[/COLOR][/I] [I][COLOR=#ff0000]This is mostly about DCA and Cove Bar. It's short so I will put up another one in a few minutes. As always, you can read my blog in it's entirety at [URL=""]my site. [/URL][/COLOR][/I]

    Hey Dorks!

    Some changes are ...
  5. Post 13: Wherein the author answers questions

    by , 08-12-2013 at 11:53 AM (It's A Quest...)
    I was flattered to receive a private message in my inbox asking me to answer a few questions for a Mice Chatter who is a college student doing a paper on blog writing. I happily agreed and received my question list. I gave my correspondent long, detailed answers to the questions and thought Iíd post abbreviated answers to the questions here for all of you. Enjoy!

    1, 2, 3) [B]How long have you been blogging? Is you blog in a restricted or public forum? How many readers do you have?[/B] ...
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