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cheyenne county fair!

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by , 08-09-2008 at 08:17 AM
It's the week of the fair, yee-haw! I'm talking funnel cakes, 4-H, derbies, ferris wheels and a parade. Such a typical small town thing. :) Anywho, just got back from the parade and now I'm getting ready for an afternoon of mud volleyball! Here's to hoping our team takes the championship title! :yea:

So I was watching the opening ceremony yesterday for the Olympics. Let me just say, my jaw was dropped the whole time. What they did (the drums, the human artists drawing on the LCD screen, etc), was amazing. I couldn't help but say a couple of OMGOODNESS's out loud. Insane stuff, people! It gave me goosebumps a couple times. I have all the games taping on my DVR so that will give me something to watch all week. Hehe.

And then on Thursday it's off to the land of Jayhawks! (Why, college of course ;))

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