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The Giving of the Green.

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by , 03-17-2010 at 10:19 AM
I guess no matter how well you plan, you always have some added costs in a big home improvement project. Mine is no different. I had to write the contractor a check today for additional money to level the attic floor. As I was writing the check, I looked at the calendar, and realized that it is St. Patrick's day.

Some times I wish I could print my own money, and not get into trouble.

The electrician is relocating my electric meters, and also moving the panels inside to a new location. The new location of the panels means that I lose some valuable storage space. Just when you have something all figured out, then you don't.

Green is my grandson's favorite color. I like green too, except when I have to give it away in the form of a check and I didn't plan on it.

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