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We did good!

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by , 03-24-2010 at 03:30 AM
My tenant Diana might drive me crazy, but the girl is a good worker. Actually she is hardly a girl since we are both in our 60's. When I decided to have my attic remodeled, she was the one person who helped me empty out my attic. She actually had a lot of her own stuff up there, so she was busy finding new places for all of it. However during that process, she was right there with me carrying stuff out to the garbage, an/or finding places to donate it to. Along with that, we were both reorganizing our apartments to find new homes for old attic possesions. It was time consuming, but in the end we did pretty goo.

We were both ecstatic when the attic was finally empty. The only thing that remained was 3 pieces of furniture. Now that the stairs are ready to be built, those 3 pieces of furniture will have to be moved. Yesterday we found a place for the table. The contractor has offered to move the other 2 for us. Yesterday, we cleared the spaces where they are going.

When Diana freaked the other day about her dwindling bedroom, I told her that I would help her reorganize her apartment. We did a lot of that yesterday. Now the carpenter can come back with his crew and nothing will be in his way. Diana actually came up with a pretty good scheme. It's kind of like painting, where you sometimes need to pile it all up in one corner out of the way, and cover it up.

This morning my body is sore, but it is a good sore, because yesterday we did good. Now I just have to wait for a phone call to find out when the work will begin again. This time it's not in the attic, but in the 2nd floor.

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