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A Crystal Ball

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by , 06-04-2010 at 02:37 PM
I wish that I had a Crystal Ball, and that I could look into the future. I'd really like to know how this entire attic renovation is going to play out. I have a million questions. Well maybe not a million but a few have been popping into my mind as I sit here.

What will Kathy and Sean say when they hear that their fancy standup shower has been demoted to a tub, thanks to a "field condition?

When do we get to the fun part, like picking out colors, and floor samples?

Just how long is this whole thing really going to take?

Will I be happy with the end result?

Will Kathy and Sean be happy living here?

Did I really get my money's worth, or did I pay too much?

Is everything going to work the way it is supposed to?

Is Kathy going to be a good tenant and pay her rent on time?

Will this really raise my property's value?

When all is said and done, would I ever do anything like this again?

Will my tenant and Kathy drive each other crazy, since they don't really like each other?

Will I have any regret?

Will I be blamed for anything that is wrong, for all eternity?

Do I really want 4 cats in this building?

What if they really hate it, and they move out?

What doesn't kill you, will make you stronger. No, that is not a question.

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