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Not my favorite year.

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by , 06-29-2010 at 07:33 PM
The electrician was at my house for two days, and now he hasn't been back in almost a week.

My tenant, who sometimes drives me crazy, and sometimes is a big help in this entire attic fiasco dislocated her elbow yesterday. Tomorrow when she comes back from Michigan I will find out just how bad.

I guess if she needs help, I'll get elected.

I guess she'll be hurting pretty badly for a while.

I wonder how patient she will be now about the hole in her kitchen wall, and the wall that must come down in her 2nd bedroom?

Kathy made her first comment the other day about how she is getting tired of waiting.

July 29th is fast approaching. One year ago on that date I signed my contract. I am tempted to send my contractor an e-mail to that effect.

2010. Not my favorite year.

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  1. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    I would email him. Just maybe a sarcastic email saying "Yay! It's been one year since you became part of the family!" It seems almost unreasonable that it would take so long.
  2. Barbaraann's Avatar
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    Not those exact words, but pretty close. I sent that e-mail last night. My contractor is pretty unresponsive. He knows how aggravated I am with him, but he doesn't seem to care. I'll be glad when this is finally all over. I'll never hire a contractor again, and I wouldl definitely not hire this guy, or refer him to anyone.
  3. penguinsoda's Avatar
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    Maybe some "bad press" here would enlighten him...

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  4. Barbaraann's Avatar
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    For now I am being civil to Stan. He knows my feelings about all these delays. However, once the project is finally done, to my satisfaction, and he has his final money, than I will feel free to spread the word about how I really feel about him as a contractor.

    I figure it's in my best interest not to rock the boat too much now.
  5. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    Can't you call like the "Problem Solvers" in your neck of the woods? Have some media ask why they aren't doing their job? What was the time estimate?
  6. Barbaraann's Avatar
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    None of that is worth the bother. I like the fact that I can blog here and complain about the guy. It relieves my stress. However, this whole process has definitely taught me a lot.