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A Drop In The Bucket.

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by , 09-23-2010 at 06:58 PM
Well the workers did show up for work today. Except for the fact that they said they'd be here at 8 a.m. and they didn't come until 10:30 a.m. I am quite happy with the work they accomplished. I know it's a drop in the bucket compared with what still needs doing, but at least the contractor seems to be trying to finish this project.

I often lay in bed at night and imagine this thing going to court instead of it actually getting finished. So the fact that something got accomplished today might be just a drop in the bucket, but every little drop helps.

My grandson was surprised when he came home, and heard the noise. Kathy made an unnecessary comment, without really knowing what she was talking about, so I just chalked that up to her long day at work. My tenant has been good about honoring my wishes about not wanting to talk about it. I admire her self restraint, because in the past, she was like a dog with a bone.

I guess we sit back now and see what happens next. My husband had no comment again, which made me quite happy. He hasn't even seen the attic during this whole process, so I'll be interested in his reaction when all of this is over.

......and it will be over, one way or another.

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