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Not forgotten

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by , 10-14-2010 at 06:02 PM
No I haven't forgotten about this blog, and it looks like my contractor has not forgotten about me. Tomorrow the electrician is coming back to finally get all the electric in my building in working order. The contractor hired a new electrician, and this one seems to know a little bit more about what the building inspectors are looking for. I sure hope so. I think once the electric is finished, and finished correctly, a lot of other things can progress.

My neighbor/tenant and I will both be ecstatic when this major problem is finally taken care of.

A few weeks ago I had to put a new boiler in my tenant's apartment and now my husband is getting crazy about that. He says nothing about the attic disaster, but if the new boiler turns itself on and off too many times, he yells at our tenant. I definitely don't understand him sometimes. He needs to go upstairs and learn how to work her thermostat, and then he needs to set it, and then just leave the poor woman alone.

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