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Not so fast

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by , 12-21-2010 at 02:15 PM
Yesterday the contractor arrived at my house, and right away that put up a red flag in my head. I don't usually see the guy unless he wants money. My contract says that I don't owe him anything until the job is finished. It's tricky wording, because I have two payments left. One says job substantially completed, and then the one after that is final completion. I don't figure we are any where near either of those points in this job.

Bottom line is, he wants me to change the payment schedule. He suggested some smaller payments until the job is finished. I said that I need to see something in writing. At first, I was excited that he seems to want to finish this thing for sure by March 4th, which is the date that the permit runs out.

After he left, I rethought what he said, and what I had said to him. I have lost all trust in him, and so I am really reluctant to agree to any changes. However, if by making smaller payments, this job gets done faster, than I am tempted to think about the proposal.

First, I need to see the proposal.

I've waited a long time to get this job done. I am not going to let him talk me into anything. Not at this point in time. Not after the long drawn out way this thing has played out so far.

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