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Call me chicken

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by , 12-28-2010 at 05:34 PM
I find that I am really a coward. Just paint a yellow stripe down my back. I talk a good game when it's friends and family, and when we are talking amongst ourselves about the attic. However, let the contractor show up, and I shrivel up like a wet dishrag. So I do the best I can, and I put my feelings down on paper, and send the man an e-mail. Today, I sent him one, and explained exactly how I felt. I will just be so glad when all of this is over. I sure hope that in the future all of this grief will be worth it. I sometimes honestly wonder if Kathy and Sean even appreciate any of this. In the meantime just call me chicken. Talk is cheap, and lately the only worthwhile talking I do, is in my e-mail box.

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