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A Grandmother's Heartache

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by , 05-19-2011 at 05:37 PM
Those that know me personally, know that I have but one grandson. Sean is the only son of my first born son. Sean is the child of two people who have not lived together since he was two years old. There have been times in his life, where he spent time between three homes. Mom's, Dad's, and Grandma and Grandpa's house. I loved the time that I spent helping to raise him.

Sean has always done poorly in school. He has never liked it, and never made the effort. He should be graduating this year, from High School, and instead the school is advising his parents to let him drop out and enter GED classes instead.

I have been accused in the past by Sean's parents of interferring too much, and so when Sean was about to become a teenager, I backed away, and let them deal with any problems that they were having. Well Sean is now 18, and my heart is breaking. Breaking because I see Sean becoming a burden to his parents, rather than a productive citizen of the world that we live in.

Sean's parents have a problem. However, Sean has the biggest problem of all. He has no direction in his life, and no desire to do anything with his life. Yes, parents get blamed for the way their children turn out. They get credit for the successes as well. I used to feel sorry for Sean, but right now I can only feel disappointment. Somewhere along the way we lost the boy. Somewhere along the way we all failed him, and worst of all he doesn't care. There's nothing worst than that in my eyes.

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