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To Blog or not to Blog

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by , 10-07-2011 at 04:46 AM
Sometimes I wonder if putting down my feelings here in this blog is a good idea. What must people think of me and my tales of woe? I do come here lately with more woeful tales than good ones. Most of these people who read this blog will never meet me or the people that I talk about. So why do I do it? Mostly it helps me. If I see my concerns down here in print it makes me put them in their proper perspective. I tend to over react about a lot of things.

For the most part, I have a very good life. It's not perfect, and sometimes I do wish that I could go back and change a few things. However, the older that I get the more I realize that I need to accept the things that are around me that I have no control over. The past is past, and hopefully we learn from that.

One never is too old to learn.

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