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Quick Hits: DVD Review Roundup for the week episode 1

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by , 07-13-2011 at 03:12 PM
Quick hits: Will be short quick little mini reviews of all the movies I saw on DVD or DVR'd.
It will cover everything that I skipped in theaters.

This is what I caught this week

The Green Hornet 2011 7 out of 10

I'm not a big comic book fan in general. So most comic book movies I wait until DVD. Seeing as many movies as I see--I eventually get around to them. Green Hornet started out a little slow for me as most comic book origin stories tend to do. They spend half the movie telling you how they became the Super Hero or in case of some of the early 1990 Batman movies how the villains became the villains.
About 40 minutes into the movie I was getting a little bored with it almost to the point of falling asleep. I was ready to write it off as like the TV show version ---A Batman wannbe with a cooler sidekick....and then the movie hit a turning point for me.....A good action scene followed by the 2 good guys beating the living daylights out of each other in epic fashion that reminded me of the classic alley fight from They Live. See a quick good guys battling each other Top 5 I threw together off the top of my head here.
[url=]Brad's Movies, TV and other random Geeky Adventures: When good guys attack EACH OTHER: Top off the top of my head[/url]....
And then the rest of the movie from that point on really hit a nice stride....The action packed car sequence near the end was original and exciting to watch and really enchanced the status of the film in my eyes Seth Rogan's comic timing and sense of humor served the film well.....( A strange but pleasant casting choice) and Kato kicked ***............I recommend checking out the old TV show with Bruce Lee

The Spiral Staircase 1946 7 out of 10[IMG][/IMG]L]

A nice black and white thriller about a girl who through a tragic event in her past can't speak that is stuck is stuck in a house where she works as a helper to an old dying women while a strangler is on the loose. I've seen many similar movies to this where it starts to become apparent that the killer my be one of the family members....This particular one was very well done keeping you guessing until nearly the end. I really enjoy a good old Black and White thriller every once in awhile....AMC and TMC channels are a great source for old films

Best Laid Plains 1999 6 out of 10

A twisted little mystery that I really can't even talk about without ruining the movie. Let's just say it is the Hangover movies if you took the comedy out and just made them dark movies about a bad series of events....A younger Reese Witherspoon stars in this decent story of things gone wrong. Definitely some twists and surprises if you go into the film cold like I did

G-Force 2009 4 out of 10 (The kids put this one in the Netflix Queue)


Who doesn't want to a see a movie about Guinea Pig Spies ---trying to thwart some threat to Earth? Right? Well that is apparently what Jerry Bruickheimer thought when green lighting this film that was literally the idea of one the producers kids.....(I kid you not watch the DVD extras) I found Tracy Morgan was even annoying as a Guinea Pig. The whole CGI talking animal thing doesn't really work for me (unless it is Scooby Doo---I just love that dog) . I'm not rushing out this week to see Zookeeper because a Gorilla talking about wanting to go to TGIF's doesn't really make me laugh.

It is weird because I love cartoons and animated movies as if I was still a child. No Seriously you can catch me on the weekend sitting on the couch watching Spongebob even after the kids have left the room....But Golden Retrievers that wear gold chains and talk like Gangsters and Chihuahua's that aren't selling tacos at Taco Bell just don't. Zach Galifianakis's talents were wasted in this film --his standup and roles in The Hangover are brilliant. The film had some okay CGI action sequences and it had a plot --I guess I just wasn't into it.....I like the Hamsters in that car commercial more than these Guinea Pigs. I'd much rather watch a TV episode of the Penguins of Madagascar than this CGI talking animal spy flick.

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