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Animation Station #1 Tangled and Rango

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by , 07-24-2011 at 10:03 AM
I thought I'd start off a section of Movie reviews called Animation Station with a couple of DVD reviews from this week.

Rango 8 out of 10
Rango is not your typical Animated movie. I couldn't really place how I felt about it half way through the movie. The characters are all quite ugly. Normally animated movies try to make their characters visually appealing (It sells more toys). I don't see many kids falling in love with an ugly lizard with bent neck like the Sloth out of the Ice Age movies.....I can't really say if I think all kids will love this movie as it is a departure from what you normally expect in a kids movie. I personally liked it. Despite the off putting looking characters the film itself was quite solid.

Johhny Depp as Rango was great as were much of the voice acting. This movie is basically an ode to Spaghetti Westerns. A little bit Clint Eastwood a little bit Bug's Life (The circus bugs as Warriors) A little bit Three Amigos where as Rango claims to be something he isn't -but steps up to the plate when push comes to shove. Being a spaghetti western ode it has some great music by Hans Zimmer.

So in summary it was an odd and interesting animated treat. I can't say whether your kids will like it--but if you love Spaghetti Westerns and can get used to the look of the characters it is a really fun ride. Some of the action sequences were stunning (after all it was directed by Gore Verbinski of the first 3 Pirates films). And the look and style of the film really grew on me by the end of the flick

Tangled 9 out of 10
The poster is on my step daughter's wall.... The movie was magical. I didn't catch it in the theaters , but I have now seen it several times at home and each time I like it a little bit more. (Oh and by the way kids don't think the character's name is Rapunzel they want to go and meet Tangled so I will refer to her as [B]Tangled [/B]for the rest of this review). The film is beautifully animated. The first glimpse of ([B]Tangled's[/B]) tower is inspiring. I've always looked on animated movies as a work of art greater than some of the world's most famous painting. The film paints a colorful picture. The characters are great. Flynn Rider is dashing (I joked with my wife one night asking if I was dashing, her response "Your no Flynn Rider"). The horse is awesome and has a wonderful action scene with Flynn that made me think of a great scene from Emperor's New Groove.

The movie has a little bit of everything. Humor is the "I have a dream" song. Action in [B]Tangled[/B] and Flynn's daring escape from those trying to capture Flynn via a Star Wars Luke and Leia escape using [B]Tangled's[/B] hair. And romance in a truly beautiful scene right up their with "Kiss the Girl" from Little Mermaid where they set afire the lanterns setting them aloft into the air to light up the sky in a magical dance. I think with time this film will go down as a Disney classic. The music was good but not great like the early 1990's Disney films.

You can still meet Rapunzel (I mean Tangled) at the parks ...We did that just recently after watching the film again. It is a bit of a wait but little girls will love it


Coming up next on Animation Station a trip to El Cap to finally see Cars 2 on July 29th
and coming up also in regular movie section.....Cowboys and Aliens (James Bond and Indy together can't wait)

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